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  1. Perhaps this was a bit ropey at launch on a standard PS4. I don't know. I played it patched on a Pro, and it's a nailed on 8. Spidey and Boy! Are 9s, easy.
  2. I think that's it now, isn't it? What a great fucking game. This did not deserve anywhere near the amount of stick it got at launch.
  3. I needn't have youtubed it, I just got the scooby doo ending. Also done Lisa.
  4. Thor

    Beat Saber

    Pardon me, but I actually rather like Imagine Dragons, or at least that album with Radioactive and It's Time on it. Is it a free update or paid dlc?
  5. I had something similar last night, I realised that I could just stand back watch the carnage.
  6. The one I've got says something along the lines of "if you're up against a horde, you could do worse". And yeah I did use that to clear out the sawmill. From a thematic/visual point of view, the hordes are fucking fantastic, and what can definitely be described as a clear and present danger to the player character. Seeing them all charging towards you, with that horror violin riff playing, is fucking terrifying. I just find, in practice, dealing with them rather tiresome - it's shootmans, writ large. My favourite encounters were with the humans, the AI wasn't exactly amazing, but all the camps were really fun to tackle, and there were many ways to do so. :)
  7. Er, not sure. I have got a special that a heavy machine gun, but I wasn't keen.
  8. Oooohh, I'd read it was done by clearing the hordes. Well, if i see it when playing all the better.
  9. Scooby is done by clearing all the hordes. I'm never doing that. I watched it on YouTube. If the the others happen, they happen. I'm happy with how it all ended.
  10. A little over a week, yes. Captain Nolife strikes again.
  11. Credits have rolled, I think I'll do some of the post endgame side stuff, but I googled what some have already described as the "scooby doo" ending, because like fuck am I doing any more of those fucking hordes. What an utter chore they are to deal with. Otherwise, loved it, liked how at all panned out. My only major gripe is not getting to shoot this cunt:
  12. I cheesed it another way. There's a section in the "mission area" where there's a narrow gap you have to squeeze through. So I shot a load of them until my ammo ran out, then squeezed through the gap and reloaded while they ran around the other side. Rinse, repeat. Only, I had to drop to easy to do it, on normal I kept running out of ammo. The mission moved on after I killed every last one. Glad to know it's the only duff one you came across.
  13. Eeehh, I'm hitting some bullshit in the design choices now. I'm unexpectedly up against a horde while in a cave, it's scripted not random, but I'm not set up to deal with a horde, my special is a sniper rifle, and I have no materials to make any of those tasty molotovs. The guy on the radio is telling me to get out, but if I do that I get "leaving mission area". Well of course I'm leaving the mission area, I'm trying to get out of the fucking cave away from this fucking horde. But no, the game is demanding I take on this horde. It's total bullshit. Time to drop it to easy.
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