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  1. Yeah, I enjoyed the nordschleife in VR. It's just a shame you can't do actual racing, just time trial against a ghost.
  2. Maybe it can be both? PCars2, which I'm playing at the moment, is very sim. But the dev team took on some of the developers of Driveclub, most notably rllmuk's very own Rushy. There's a good chance this will please the arcade/pad racers as well as the sim racers.
  3. This was fun until I lost the back end and got punted off. I had to call it a day after that as I was soaked in sweat. I've got a mini aircon unit coming tomorrow. I've got the pace to win at Imola, I just need better consistency. Also, is it me, or is the racing line in PCars2 a steaming pile of shit?
  4. Have updated the thread title. I'll eat my hat if this update is playable in VR. It's well known David Braven doesn't give two shits about VR, and that's a shame. So, space legs and atmosphere on some planets.
  5. No no no no no. I played it sat down, with move controllers. Playing Skyrim standing up becomes very tiring very quickly I found.
  6. Yep, beat saber's campaign is a bag of frustrating shit. Thankfully the track dlcs are pretty decent.
  7. Lockout It gets two stars for Guy Pearce clearly having fun, his quips made me laugh several times. But the actual film was rubbish, with some really poor effects. Lennie James didn't have much to do, and Peter Stormare was clearly only there for the paycheck. 2/5
  8. *hugs extended edition blu-ray box set* Yes, in fact it's that particular version that made the track so famous.
  9. Any stealth game released since Metal Gears Solid (yes, 1998) that doesn't offer you the ability to make a noise to draw an enemy or enemies to you. Any development team that does the above, is a team of wankers and dickheads. Ubisoft has had several teams of wankers and dickheads over the years. Splinter Cell nailed it, no wankers or dickheads in that team. Then came Assassin's Creed and ... what, did they not have whistling in the 12th century? We didn't see whistling in the AC games until III. Lolwut. Wankers, dickheads. Then they took it back out for Unity! Colossal wankers, colossal dickheads. Now we're back to whistling with Origins, and Odyssey. No wankers, no dickheads. To any devs reading this, if you're working on a stealth game, don't be wankers, don't be dickheads.
  10. Suddenly my pachinko theory sounds a lot more plausible.
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