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  1. Thor: Ragnarok

    And this, @Illyria, is why I'm taking issue with linkster's posts in this thread. His post are insults to those who really enjoyed the film, thinly veiled (if at all) as critique. Linkster, you're borderline trolling now.
  2. The Expanse - Syfy

  3. The Expanse - Syfy

    Hmm, to me that screams "Freespace".
  4. Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

    I believe season 2 is now available.
  5. Elite Dangerous

    Speaking of the which. RLL Mukhang Symposium are now in "expansion" and are offering a fair few planetary scan missions.
  6. Thor: Ragnarok

    His argument was that the jokes were signposted. That one wasn't, yet he listed it as a "case in point". And it is funny. I'm also very calm. In fact, I'm positively serene. Unlike linkster, who's probably spitting bile right now.
  7. Thor: Ragnarok

    Not funny for you, linkster. That's great. Great for you. Nice one. Thanks for letting us know. No, please, keep us updated on what else you don't find funny. Especially stuff that everyone else finds at the very least somewhat amusing.
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Can't you now buy the data at a broker?
  9. They're all great apart from the The Incredible Hulk, and Thor: The Dark World. Hulk is absolute shit, Thor TDW is okay ... just.
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Not really getting on with this DLC. I'm up to a point where the next main quest is lvl 50 recommended, and I'm level 44. That's just putting me off. I have errands and other bits I can do, but that's boring. I want to continue the main ... er ... what was this DLC about, again? The story has been rather pants, just when it was about to get interesting it veered back into petty clan bollocks (again) with a woman clearly designed by a gimp with the mind of a teenage boy going through puberty: barely any clothes while out in, you know, the frozen wilds. I may finish it at some point, but this has not held my interest. At least it was only a tenner.
  11. Meanwhile my 7 year old nephew loved the film and can't wait to see it again. My nephew is unequivocally awesome.
  12. 4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    For those buying The Last Jedi, early reports on AVForums are that the UHD doesn't do much, if anything, better than the standard Blu-Ray. I'll still be buying the UHD, mind you.
  13. Sorry guys, while it turns out I don't need to do any work stuff, I'm not feeling up for racing tonight. Defo next week though.

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