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  1. Oooh, I forgot abort Good Omens, I loved that.
  2. Agreed with everything. Watched TLJ earlier. Canto Bight is absolute pants, everything else is great. Looking forward to Wednesday night.
  3. The Jedi Fallen Order score appears fair when you consider the console versions are proper dogs dinners, even on the One X. Performance issues aside it's an excellent game.
  4. If that guitar riff is playing, it's all good.
  5. Also... The Boys The Expanse S4 Stranger Things S3 The Witcher (perhaps, it's out Friday). The Mandalorian
  6. Er, Cher-fucking-nobyl. HHHEEEELLLOOOOO, MCFLYYYYYY!
  7. What's intereating is this is all bullshit, Sony are pretty much silent while MS is starting to give details. There's a quote from Horizon Zero Dawn, 'confidence is quiet'. That said, this could also signal Sony having fuck all in their hand. Until we have full details from both parties, there's no point in all this shite. I want proper specs from both sides. The key point for me will be how the developers feel about both consoles, at the start of this gen the developers loved the PS4, and fucking hated the Xbox One .... that changed the developers mindset this gen. Last gen it was the Xbox 360 that developers loved, it could swing back to MS next gen. Sony can't get complacent, but we know from the PS3 they can be guilty of just that. 2020 is set to be very interesting.
  8. I do believe there are NG+ versions of all armours.
  9. Nah, get your ears looked at. I clocked him the moment he opened his mouth. Its the fucking Kurgan!
  10. That looks alright apart from the trench run, which looks really boring.
  11. Sure it wi... ... oh, no it won't. I have nowhere to currently put that, but I know exactly where Phil Spencer can shove it sideways.
  12. It's definitely 'biddy'. But yes, an astronaut from the now 21st century accidentally sent through time to the future, where there are robots. I'm game!
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