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  1. Nah I'd say his character is a really good element of the movie.
  2. I do not have rose-tinted specs, Sunshine is a perfectly good example of science fiction. Mark Strong's character is the weakest element by a long way, but it's still a good movie. Sunshine is on Disney+ now, for anyone interested. Perhaps @ZOK will give it another chance.
  3. Aye, a decent episode. The stage is set for a good finale, but I can't help feeling they've thrown away the most interesting element of the series...
  4. Getting my PS5 back Monday according to Sony. Same serial number too. I'm sceptical about them having fixed it, but we'll see.
  5. That's got to be the worst trailer for a game I've ever seen. "You want respect, you get respect. That's how it works." Er ... no. Also, WTF?!?!?
  6. He certainly does, but overall they do appear to have made clear improvements. I think I do prefer the overall lighting of the original game, though.
  7. Yeah, I'm hoping they've done that too. They claimed "memory constraints" back in 2012, can't possibly be the case now.
  8. DDUUUUUUDDDEE!!! Mass Effect 1 may or may not come across as a bit shoddy/loose in terms of gameplay, that aspect was never ME1's strong-suit, so I'm keen to see what the devs have done with it. The original ME2 and 3 are still amazing even today.
  9. Can anyone with experience of returning a PS5 console to Sony help me out? Royal Mail says my PS5 was delivered 9th April, Sony's website says it's still in transit and not received. Is that the norm?
  10. Nah, fuck that Batarian twat. He talks too much.
  11. Yep. That dude always gets pushed out the window.
  12. For me worst part of that came later, when Shepard confides in Garrus about it... I'm possibly misremembering little details, but it's a fucking excellent scene either way.
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