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  1. Hmmm. Streaming games is a bit shit. I did it for God of War 1 and 2 on PSN very recently m, it was alright, but not as good as native on a machine. Stadia is the best example of it working, and even Google with its billions is shutting that down.
  2. Just read about the CoD deal with Nintendo. Are Nintendo about to release a new console that's at the very least as powerful as a Xbox Series S then?
  3. It's why I didn't bother with a 3x card. My 2080ti has 11gb.
  4. But it has more than double the VRAM.
  5. Slightly more spoilery...
  6. The original God of War games are not side scrolling, but you have no control over the camera. In actual Ragnarok news, latest patch adds Photo mode.
  7. Alright, despite the lack of photo mode I have managed to take some nice shots, mostly of the cinematics, and these go right up to the end (and in no particular order) so if you have not finished the game, do NOT click the spoiler below. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! The game is stunning, and it's amazing it runs on a normal PS4. On PS5 at 120hz it is genuinely sen-fucking-sational. I can actually understand a lot of the criticisms regarding this game. After finishing Ragnarok, I went back through the original trilogy (II is still the best) and GoW 2018 again. 2018 is actually quite lean if you stick rigidly to the main story and ignore the side stuff (but you miss out on some nice character development between the main trio). I'm back playing Ragnarok for the second time now, and not only is it more story-focussed than 2018, but there is more actual story than 2018. That's amazing for me (and others) but isn't going to be for everyone, so I can see why some were playing wishing for it to end. But then I have to wonder, if you're at that point of tiring and wishing it to end, then you're clearly not enjoying it. Why not just stop? I was sort of enjoying Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but I got fucking bored of it. People complain about bloat in Ragnarok, but compared to Valhalla it's fucking streamlined. AC Valhalla is "Excessive bloat: The Game". So I stopped and have not looked back.
  8. Thor

    Instant Noodles.

    Had one of these today and thought it was really tasty. I can see where you went wrong though, you left all the water in! You're supposed to drain the water out prior to adding the sauce and bits - there are three sections in the lid you're supposed to pop to enable you to do this. For me, it was hot, but not overly so until I finished, and then started eating a lemon cheesecake Grenade bar. The tangy acidity of the lemon flavouring was like pouring petrol on a fire! I needed a cold drink.
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