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  1. In fairness, that's gonna have you washing dishes and taking washing off the line as Kara - I did find that tedious. It gets better. But I get the feeling you (and high percentage of this forum) have already made up your mind about this game.
  2. Yep, I'm proper hooked on this. I'm liking the Conner/Anderson sections the most.
  3. Ah, but you don't have to... edit: Or not, looks like I just got to your spoilered section. Whoops.
  4. Well I'm really enjoying it, but one scene has been absolutely terrible: Also, the title screen is crap - terrible lip-sync. It's better in the game.
  5. I disagree. And the term child-man or manchild or any other derivative used is part of the problem. It's implying that adults are enjoying something meant for children, and in turn implying embarrassment at doing so. The irony being the use of those terms in an attempt to put a little distance between yourself and what you enjoy, is inherently embarrassing and childish. So you like Amiibos, bobble heads, comics and board games. Many like playing guitar, going for walks, running marathons, painting etc. If it's something that you enjoy, what does it matter? Don't make me bust out the CS Lewis quote again.
  6. @K Was with you until "child-man". The general perception that this medium we enjoy so much is essentially for children absolutely must stop. 90% of the games nowadays are specifically not for children.
  7. 3:10 to Yuma is excellent. I wonder if this film will have the same actor from Yuma and Logan being a massive twat about water supply.
  8. I also enjoy his games. Will pick this up today
  9. Thor

    Destiny 2

    Aye. "let me just get out my sidearm"... said no one ever.
  10. Thor

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Just watched The Matrix 4k UHD. Yep, that's how to do a 4k disc alright. Some of the effects shots do indeed look pretty crap now, but overall this is the best I've seen this film looking. Shame they never made any sequels.
  11. Thor

    D2 Work night raiding. This week

    Everything looked alright my end. Which could very well mean it was my connection messing things up... As for tonight, I could probably do with an evening away from the game. Though you may catch me late on for some heroic strike action.
  12. Thor

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Out October 26th 2018

    https://gamerant.com/exred-dead-redemption-developer-speaks-rockstar-san-diego-dr-58257/ http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/RockstarSpouse/20100107/4032/Wives_of_Rockstar_San_Diego_employees_have_collected_themselves.php https://gamerant.com/rockstar-layoffs-red-dead-redemption-benk-29653/
  13. Thor

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Out October 26th 2018

    Yeah, we'd already seen him in the trailers.
  14. Thor

    D2 Work night raiding. This week

    I'll be home shortly. Can jump on if there's space.
  15. Thor

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Bought it earlier, may watch tonight depending on what time I get in.

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