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  1. So far so good, played Spidey for over an hour and no issues.
  2. I played Ghost of Tsushima just fine for a long while, went back to Spidey, and it crashed again after a stint. This was after two database rebuilds. I've now hit the nuke button and have reinstalled the PS5 OS from USB - essentially factory reset. Spidey and GoT are downloading now, I'll see how I get on with them.
  3. Yeah, it's a replacement I want. Hmm...
  4. Has anyone successfully returned a faulty PS5 to Argos? I decided to get stuck into Spidey again, but I can't go 15 to 20 mins without a hard crash where the machine just shuts itself down. I had the console delivered from them at launch.
  5. They're swords built-in to your arms, freeing up a weapon slot for another gun. They're also incredibly fun to run around with.
  6. @ZOK HDR is under Settings -> Visual. Should be at the bottom and state "None" if you have turned HDR off in Stadia. Edit: Also, your drowned man quest is just a little Witcher 3 Easter egg...
  7. Yes, I too would like moar Cyperbunk.
  8. The main campaign is very short if you mainline it. But overall there's enough meat in the rest of the game to make it all worthwhile. Plus, the more you do, the more options you have when it comes the to the end point.
  9. I'm right at the end now. I love how confident this game is in what it does. Typified by this Pro tip on the loading screen:
  10. Third episode was great, all the jokes landed for me, and I like where it's going.
  11. @hmm Great post! I don't believe we're comparing apples and oranges. You're correct in that HDR on PC is a bit shit, but the calibration options are the same on both PC and consoles, to my knowledge it works the same way. The fact remains the HDR implementation isn't 'optimal' on any format. I've used the word optimal, but to me it's genuinely shit. To my eyes the game looks so much better in SDR than HDR, and I am a huge fan of HDR ... when it's done right. One thing, though... Is that true? I'm not a game dev, but I thought assets would need to be developed with HDR in mi
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