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  1. High five! I've seen them live just twice, once at the ill-fated download I have already mentioned in other threads, but also a year earlier at Reading. At the time I thought I'd missed the boat on them playing anything from Justice other than One, so imagine my surprise and sheer fucking glee when, after playing Battery and Puppets, they bust out Harvester of Sorrow! And then they ended the main part of the set with Blackened. They put a really good show on that year. Christ, that was seventeen years ago.
  2. That I'd be happier with, as there is a little break in between where you can take the headset off, and have a drink. However, I know many really like the longer races and would even like to go longer. Please don't change anything for me, I'll likely race anyway, I plan on putting some practice in tomorrow to learn the track (completely new to me). The heat will have to be ridiculous for me to back out.
  3. @jimmbob Mentioned justice, and that's still my favourite album. Sorry Jason!
  4. Have to be honest, if the heat gets worse I may just give it a miss this week.
  5. Absolutely this. I wasn't keen on his story in the first series, but he was one of the highlights this season, funny as fuck!
  6. Thor

    Mass Effect 3

    Apologies, I have no news of the fabled remaster. But I just started playing this on PC for the first time, and I'm shocked there is no mod to fix this: Seriously? Game is amazing in 4k60. However, I was playing ME2 at 1440p and 120fps, that is fucking glorious! Shame the higher framerates in ME3 break the game - can't use powers from cover unless you're aiming, and enemy AI become super accurate making the game much much harder. Still, at 4k60 it really is wonderful with all the high res texture mods.
  7. I stopped reading there. You and I clearly have very different interpretations of what an RPG is, especially a good one.
  8. Oh man, your analogy there is a huge false equivalence. I'm not even going to touch that. However, if you say those games aren't RPGs, then what are they? I'd argue that Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, many of the Assassin's Creeds (especially Odyssey), and indeed Witcher 3, all fall into the "action rpg" category, they are all very similar games in many ways. What about Mass Effect? Everyone calls that a sci-fi RPG, from Bioware at their peak no less. However, it's essentially a third person shooter with RPG mechanics. How about the forthcoming Cyberpunk? Is that an RPG, or an FPS? Word is the shooting in Cyberpunk is akin to Destiny, which has some of the best shooter gameplay mechanics in the history of the FPS genre. So is it an FPS with RPG mechanics? It sounds to me that, because the games I am comparing the Witcher 3 to don't fit your interpretation of the term "role playing game" that said games should not be compared. I say that's foolish. In all the games I am comparing the Witcher 3 to, and indeed Witcher 3 itself, you assume the role of an already defined character, you embark on stories and quests in an open world where you can interact with many characters, and make dialogue choices and other choices that have an effect on the game as a whole. Is that not an RPG?
  9. Aren't they? Also, your question is invalid. The debate here is about combat in an open world.
  10. Well I'm willing to give it a fair shake when the free beta is available.
  11. Whoa, you finished the main story but not those? I reallt like those side stories, particularly Sensei Ishikawa.
  12. Someone needs to go to Specsavers.
  13. I don't like sekiro. Though I do like Bloodborne. But you only have to look at Horizon Zero Dawn, and now Ghost of Tsushima, to see combat in an open world done right. The combat in Witcher 3 is serviceable enough in its own right for the purposes of the game it's in. It's when compared to other games that the combat is shown up to be crap. Of course, Witcher 3 outclasses many of those games for storytelling and writing.
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