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  1. I actually rather liked setting up my portal to be powered by solar panels and a battery, the latter to keep it powered at night. Someone has also produced a combination lock for their base.
  2. No idea, but here, have some more 4k shots of my awesome ship.
  3. Yep, this is now pretty ace in VR on PC. I did indeed start a base on that verdant moon. Looking up the planet it's orbiting, and seeing the sheer scale of it ... that's not getting old any time soon.
  4. Love flying this thing in VR. The long nose makes it very X-wing-like. The ship is actually mostly yellow, it's the lighting on the planet that made it look like that. Might set up base there. It's a verdant moon of the planet you can see in the pic. edit: Here's a 4k pic of her in photo mode:
  5. I don't know if it's HG's latest PC patch, or me activating low latency mode in nvidia's latest drivers buuuuuuuuuutt ... IT'S WORKING IN VR! Not only that, it's working to the point it's enjoyable enough to just get on with playing the game. Only the odd bit of weirdness, and two hard crashes. Definitely a lot better now. I have a lovely ship, not the biggest, but that's what a freighter will be for (still haven't had a free one yet), and have been enjoying the Artemis storyline.
  6. Awesome! Thread updated, and for the first time I've properly updated the first post with all the info on this from that thread. I wonder how much they'll cost. It's got to be over a billion. I have 1.4bn cr ... I have work to do!! Is there a PC squadron?
  7. I watched in HDR* and didn't really notice anything out of sorts other than the fact that overall colour palette was a bit yellowish, but I believe that's deliberate. *I actually found it to be a rather dark HDR image, but otherwise pretty good.
  8. Yeah, I posted a pic the night I built it. This pre-lego...
  9. Yeah it's been a relatively duff year for game releases. The major AAA multiplatform release this year was Anthem. Days Gone is easily the best game out so far this year. There's also Sekiro, Crackdown 3, Yakuza 5, Mortal Kombat 11, Devil May Cry 5. All good games, but not exactly setting the world alight, are they? Control is out next week but that's not likely to be revelatory either. Later in the year we have The Outer Worlds, Star Wars Jedi, and another CoD. So ... yeah.
  10. Elite Dangerous in VR aside, why else do you think I built mine? I can't see me ever not being excited about new releases of games. When I'm in my 70s and Elder Scrolls is due for release in "actual reality*" I'll be pissing myself in anticipation. At least, I hope it's anticipation, and not incontinence. *Terms and conditions apply. Use of this product is at your own risk. Injuries to the knee via stray arrows are a strong possibility, as is maiming, dismemberment, or decapitation of a family member if in the vicinity of a swinging weapon. Prolonged exposure to inclement climates within the game can cause hypothermia. Appropriate defence against dragonbreath is the player's responsibility. Bethesda is not liable for any fires, injury, or death arising as a result player negligence. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  11. I may be wrong, but I think it's only worth 5mil once you have made all the relevant repairs. I switched to a ship worth 2mil, but my trade in value when negotiating with other Captains for their ship is only 800k
  12. Cheers Sharky, might give it a whirl.
  13. Just finished Lone Echo. Superb!! Sure, the puzzles are basic and some of it got a bit repetitive at times, but the sense of atmosphere is astounding, that moment was brilliant and terrifying, and the relationship between Jack and Rhodes was well done. Loved the ending, day one for the sequel next year.
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