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  1. Spielberg's busy, Ford's ready and itching to do it, Mangold's a good directing choice. I really don't see any reason to be fearful. If anything, not waiting around for a gap in Spielberg's schedule probably gives by far the best chance of the project actually happening.
  2. Despite the successes at the end of Fergie's era, this is entirely correct. There has been a steady downward trajectory since the Glazers took over, just as we expected at the time. The chickens are now coming home to roost, because they've tried everything in the book - youngish but experienced british manager, highly experienced but old continental manager, ridiculously succesful hardline manager, and now inexperienced young manager who's a club legend. Every single move has been a fucking disaster, and all essentially for the same reason. None of those managers have been fully backed by the owners. They've all been restricted from signing players they wanted, and handed players that they didn't really ask for. They've also all been prevented from binning off players that aren't good enough. Nothing at United will change under the current ownership unless they change their approach to recruitment. But that won't change because it doesn't need to for them to get what they want, which is to continue extracting vast sums of money out of the club. As long as they continue to get rich despite the club performing like shit, they'll change nothing.
  3. That's entirely it I think - the build options are basically the same so you can build your in-game saber at GE or 'import' your GE saber to the game. I imagine stat differences weren't allowed because that would have canonical implications. Making single blade and double blade different, and each one more appropriate than the other at different times, however has no such implication. There's a definite and interesting clash between the need to make SW games 'gamey', and the need to make them coherent with the canonical universe.
  4. The original point was the the Lando/Jannah thing was a bad edit. I'm pointing out that it, i.e. the removal of that story beat is actually a good edit. I don't see anything in the movie suggesting that Jannah is the child of anyone we know, just as in TFA there was never any suggestion that Finn was the stolen child of anyone we know. While both those characters stated they'd been taken from their families, neither expressed any interest on intention in trying to get back to them - setting them apart from Rey who still held her lost family in her heart, harbouring memories that we were even shown on screen. The opinion on the edit of the movie as a whole is different as that's very much down to taste. I can see why it doesn't work for everyone, and I certainly don't consider it to beperfect, but I've loved the film more each time I've seen it. It's not an objectively bad edit or an objectively bad movie. People who think it is should go and watch some truly bad movies before throwing such accusations at it. Ultimately it does what I needed it to do and it leaves me incredibly happy. I'm sorry that's not the same for everyone, but that's the nature of the beast.
  5. At no point whatsoever did I insinuate that the quality of the TROS quest is up there with one of the greatest films of all time. National Treasure, for example, is also "Indiana Jones-esque" - it doesn't mean it's anywhere near that good. The point is that it's a genre, where suspension of disbelief surrounding the "clues" is a pre-requisite of enjoying the movie. That said, the whole idea that someone built a miniature model of an ancient city just so that a staff could be held up to the sun at a very particular point of the day to reveal the resting place of something that they never really wanted to be found - that's an example of the 'pulp nonsense' i was referring to, and it's not a million miles from the dagger. It's something done for the convenience of keeping the plot moving, because this is an adventure movie, not a documentary. This kind of stuff does not bear over-analysis, even in a movie of the quality of Raiders. There's no setup for Lando/Jannah left in the movie - the only place it remains is in the visual dictionary. A point was made previously that this was evidence of bad editing. My point was that it has been edited out well. At no point does anyone watching that film think "oh they were hinting Lando was her dad but all of a sudden he's not". It's simply not there and has been removed, so that's an example of good editing. Other parts of the film may not be edited as well - it's got its pacing issues at points, and i would've preferred some more downtime where characters got the chance to take a breather and talk, but that's simply not JJ's style. The one about Finn telling Rey something is, to me, a running gag not a excised story line. The film shows that he has discovered force sensitivity, but it plays on the trope of someone declaring romantic interest in the face of certain death. It's part of the comic dynamic of the three heroes together - keeping secrets, etc. I did not reach the end of the movie thinking "what was he going to tell her?" because, by the end, it was obvious that he wasn't romantically interested in her, but instead could feel the force.
  6. Kylo obtains the first wayfinder at the start of the movie, so he has no need to use the dagger. He knows nothing about at that point. The only reason he does have the dagger at the midway point of the movie is because Chewie was carrying it when he was captured, and he already has the wayfinder installed in his ship, granting access to Exogol. Yes, it's pulp nonsense. But so is every Indiana Jones-esque quest to find the missing something by following the conveient clues on the something that lead you to the something where the other something is. It's a genre that never stands up well to over-analysis. It requires a bit of head canon-ing until such time as a full canon explanation is given (if ever), but i find that quite simple given what we know already that Palpatine had a contigency plan ready to go, knowing that he might die over Endor.
  7. it was a story beat removed from the film, probably because they filmed it, viewed it, and thought "that comes across trite and shite" so they cut it in favour of the much better and very touching "let's go and find out" ending. The visual dictionary does not confirm that Jannah is Lando's daughter. The book will, by necessity, have been written a long time before the final edit, so it hints towards it. Everyone needs to take a step back and bear in mind the process that goes into making all films of this size - lots gets shot and then discarded, and stories change on the fly while filming/editing. So the film is actually edited very well, because it removes that storyline, despite it having been in the cut until relatively late on (that she was Lando's lost daughter was in the 'leaks' pre-release).
  8. Really enjoyed the movie. It's not perfect, but overall it's a fun, exciting and emotional end to the saga, and perfectly wraps up the brilliant sequel trilogy. I'm very confused by people peddling the narrative that this in some way shows Episode 8 and Rian Johnson the middle finger. To me it was the complete opposite - it embraced that movie wholeheartedly, leaning on it for its most imporant plot devices, calling back to it numerous times. The Luke line about respecting the lightsaber was funny on the meta-level, but i don't see that as a criticsm of the film but an in-universe criticism of his own past behaviour. It's like people totally ignore the resolution of TLJ and just focus on where he was when it began...
  9. I'd actually prefer it if they left all the jokes for the film. Far too many films give away their best gags in advance and you end up seeing them so many times before the film's out that it ruins the gags in the actual viewing. I would expect that, like the original, they will be going for a vibe that is not a 'laugh a minute' outright comedy, but an action/adventure film punctuated with great comic moments.
  10. The rush to decry films as garbage based on a TEASER trailer is really maddening. The tone of this trailer was different to what I was expecting, but at the same time very intriguing. How it ties in to the original 2 movies will be interesting to see - the stuff in the trailer may well all be from the first act of this film so it's very likely not be representative of the movie as a whole. The main thing is it looks like it has come from a place of reverence and love for the original, rather than the 2016 reboot which was just bizarrely bad - it neither had reverence for the original, nor an understanding of what made it funny, meaning it ended up being a bad film - no nostalgia, no drama, no comedy. If this takes the original more seriously than you think it should have been taken, fine, but that doesn't mean it's wrong to do so. Given those involved i would say it's much more likely those making this understand the original correctly than a bunch of hot-take nobheads on twitter. The film won't succeed off the back of reverence and nostalgia alone, though. It will succeed by getting the kids of today interested in a way the kids of the 80's were interested in the original 2, and it will do that by simply being a good, exciting, fun adventure movie.
  11. I'm really hoping that at one point in the series he'll get captured and held prisoner in a garage containing a broken speeder, things easily used as armoured plating, some welding equipment, and all the materials necessary to create home-made balistics and explosives
  12. It looks...fine. But I don't feel there's any reason to care at this point? For me the strength of the MCU has been pushing forward with the ongoing narrative. When they went backwards in time with Captain Marvel, they'd just shown us the Captain Marvel tease (even if that ended up making no sense) at the end of Infinity War, so it was clear why we'd want to find out about Captain Marvel because she was about to play a large part in the ongoing story. Black Widow is, quite clearly, not going to play a large part moving forward. I'm sure that Feige will work in some kind of small tease towards whatever the next big storyline is, but I just don't feel a great deal of excitement for this knowing that the events and characters are highly unlikely to be of much future relevance. In the grand production of the MCU as a whole, I think this will be a little like a deleted scene - fine, but utterly disposable.
  13. No need to wait at all - it has been pretty comprehensively explained over the last 4 years using a combination of books (the aftermath trilogy, Bloodlines) and the Battlefront 2 single player campaign. There's very little that we don't know now about the First Order's origins. The biggest question is how Snoke came to be in charge, as he wasn't when those who started the First Order headed off into the Unknown Regions, but even that is fairly obvious now reading between the lines of everything we know. Ultimately, how they came to be was not vital to the story of the trilogy, just as how the empire came to be was not vital to the story of the OT. But the explanations are all there, and have mostly been there for some time.
  14. to be fair, there's little reason launching in the UK when just about all their content is still under license to Sky. With the service in its infancy there's only a tiny amount of original content so, while it's frustrating for the fans and does push people to piracy, it actually makes more sense than launching a service where there's naff-all available to watch. Anyway, I thought the episode was great. Watched it with my 5 year old and he loved it - totally into the action but also enjoyed seeing the peaceful parts of the village with their kids playing with The Child. He was over the moon to see the lego set he's asked for for christmas in action. And that's what this should be all about - a weekly serialised story that builds the wonder and intrigue in the young while entertaining the old. I thought it was a welcome change of tone after three fairly dark opening episodes. While the story was a slow-down and more of a side-quest to the main thrust of the series, it enabled them to add more character and lore to the Mando. Once again it looked and sounded fantastic. It was good to get some lush greens in the series after a series of harsh environments - it really added to the feeling that he had found 'sanctuary'. I thought Cara Dune was a great addition, surprisingly well acted, and I look forward to her inevitable return at some point. Thought this type of episode was perfectly placed at the season's mid-point. Cannot wait to see where it goes next - will be interesting if we get one more 'side quest', or whether it's back to the harsh realities of the main story straight away.
  15. It's slightly disingenous to compare that aspect of gamepass with PS Now. Making 1st party exclusives available on launch day as part of that package is a massive loss leader, and an act of desperation when needing to claw back as much market share as possible in an effort to get people into their eco-system. It could also be argued it's reflective of the relative value of those 1st party exclusives. I'd say it's much more likely that microsoft cancel that policy or start making big exceptions to it next-gen, than it is that Playstation copy it. Why would Sony 'give away' the likes of TLOU, Uncharted, Spider-man, God of War, etc at launch when those games sell like hot cakes in the traditional way, and to the largest install base?
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