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  1. As a Star Wars fan, having an average to above average game with the license added on has historically elevated those games to being favourites, and I fully expect this to do the same. The force unleashed games were fun, but utter nonsense. Completely out of kilter with what Star Wars is about, they were just wish fulfilment. As third person action games they were bang average, but the fact they had lightsabers, force powers and star wars music elevated them. Fallen Order looks like they recognise people want more of that narrative driven third person action adventure experience, but they are now putting together something with a much better story that crucially fits coherently within canon, while also ensuring the gameplay is sound if not groundbreaking. The idea that you'll ever get a Star Wars game as niche and challenging as a Souls game is fanciful. Enjoy it for what it will no doubt be, a polished and solid game that uses only tried and tested mechanics. Boundaries can and will be pushed elsewhere in the industry.
  2. Depends how loose you are with the definition I suppose. Arkham Asylum i love and I've seen it described as such, but I'm guessing that's more structure than mechanics. I guess it's the 2D side scrolling traditional ones I have no experience of.
  3. So, appallingly, I've never played a Castlevania. Is this a good entry point as a beginner in that series, what with it being a modern version, or will I find it baffling having not had the upbringing of playing the old games?
  4. pretty sure they've showed off a character creation tool before, so i'd assume you'll be able to adjust the look to your heart's content.
  5. I believe that RDJ actually said the filming of that scene was his favourite day of any MCU filming, as it involved everyone being in the same place at the same time - no stunt doubles, just all the stars. That's not to say that nobody was cgi'd in, but the inference was that it was truly filmed as seen.
  6. the 'let the past die' message was Kylo's, not the film's. I find that a lot of the time people don't like it (for legitimate reasons, not dickhead ones) are fixated on the messages Kylo gave out. They think the film is all about killing the past, when it's not - that's what Kylo wanted to do, but the conclusion of the film is very pointedly about NOT killing the past - luke is NOT the last jedi and the rebellion is reborn. And they believe wholeheartedly Kylo's telling of events about what happened between him an Luke. So many arguments 'Luke wouldn't try to kill his nephew'. It's like they totally missed the point of the reveal of how things actually went down, in favour of believing kylo's version.
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