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  1. I don't think the Disney marketing department had a single thing to do with it, or had any knowledge of it, hence Lucasfilm managing to keep it a secret right up until release. Toy production and other marketing materials are notorious for being the source of many leaks about upcoming projects, and there was nothing on this. I'm sure Hasbro and whoever are now scrambling to make something, but I think it's to Lucasfilm's artistic credit (and evidence that they are very much in artistic control, not Disney) that it's looking highly unlikely there'll be a single toy of "it" available for christmas.
  2. it did occur to me that there's something poetic that a series about the galaxy's scum & villainy will require the assistance of such types in the real world for us to view it
  3. The Mando looks absolutely awesome. Between this, TROS and Fallen Order it looks like Star Wars is going to smash it on three fronts over the next couple of months. The failure to do a deal with anyone in the UK to show it prior to Disney+ launching here 'sometime' next year, though, looks an error. They're putting it out there that the first episode 'contains a huge spoiler for the star wars universe' but leaving vast swathes of the fandom only able to access it via piracy. I guess there's enough further content coming down the line that they're prepared to take that hit and think they'll pick up enough subs long term anyway.
  4. I agree the 3po 'death' will be a fakeout of sorts - he'll be back before the end. i think they'll both be there, but they won't be alone. as much as it could be seen as a re-tread of RotJ, i think a happy band of heroes, plus force ghosts, will be in attendance too.
  5. He's been hanging out with Poe with the Resistance for around 5 years prior to TFA, and at the point of TROS will have been with Rey and Finn for a further year or so. The time gap from TLJ is yet to be 100% confirmed, but we've already got canon stories about them rebuilding the resistance together between TLJ and TROS. I would argue Finn and Rey are his friends simply by extension of the fact they're close with Poe and Leia, who he knows very well, but they've had adventures together since TLJ.
  6. The next trailer is highly rumoured to be hitting with Monday Night Football (american) a week today. Between anticipation for episode 9, anticipation of the Mandalorian starting next month, anticipation for Jedi Fallen order, and the desperate search for a Black Series Mandalorian action figure in the UK, I'm starting to resemble Anakin 'dreaming' in bed in episode 2 season 2 of resistance has begun too
  7. it's just the flip side to "i won't be buying this because i think the developer is a tosser".
  8. Bought and downloaded this on PS4 last night on a bit of a whim, as i fancy the idea of a bioware-esque RPG. Really enjoyed the first hour or so I've played. Pleasantly surprised by the voice acting and atmosphere which are a much higher standard than the few review comments I saw made out, and I've not even left the first city yet. Should keep me entertained until Jedi Fallen Order arrives
  9. Thought the first one was terrible. It bizarrely followed the reboot game plot both too closely and not closely enough. The bit in London at the start was cringeworthy and unnecessary - should've just opened on the boat like the game did.
  10. Justice League. I love Man of Steel and BvS (extended), but recognise why they're not everyone's cup of tea. In a world where Marvel rule the day with light and fluffy superhero movies, I felt the DC movies were differentiating themselves well by being darker and taking themselves more seriously. It suits their characters. So for Justice League to be totally marvel-fied was hugely disappointing. Snyder, for better or worse, had a vision and a plan, but that then got butchered by executives who thought it would be better to try and ape the competition. Well, they got their comeuppance. They doubled the cost of the movie with its reshoots and probably halved its box office. Would've been a lot better if they'd just let the original vision play out. It almost certainly wouldn't have pleased those who didn't like BvS, but that made nearly $900m at the box office so was far from a flop.
  11. The story of the Sith Lord Momin (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Momin) in one of Marvel's Vader comics was a bit of canon groundwork which may point to what's going on, I feel. Momin's spirit inhabited a mask, possessed living people, and ultimately used the dark side to resurrect himself fully.
  12. As a Star Wars fan, having an average to above average game with the license added on has historically elevated those games to being favourites, and I fully expect this to do the same. The force unleashed games were fun, but utter nonsense. Completely out of kilter with what Star Wars is about, they were just wish fulfilment. As third person action games they were bang average, but the fact they had lightsabers, force powers and star wars music elevated them. Fallen Order looks like they recognise people want more of that narrative driven third person action adventure experience, but they are now putting together something with a much better story that crucially fits coherently within canon, while also ensuring the gameplay is sound if not groundbreaking. The idea that you'll ever get a Star Wars game as niche and challenging as a Souls game is fanciful. Enjoy it for what it will no doubt be, a polished and solid game that uses only tried and tested mechanics. Boundaries can and will be pushed elsewhere in the industry.
  13. Depends how loose you are with the definition I suppose. Arkham Asylum i love and I've seen it described as such, but I'm guessing that's more structure than mechanics. I guess it's the 2D side scrolling traditional ones I have no experience of.
  14. So, appallingly, I've never played a Castlevania. Is this a good entry point as a beginner in that series, what with it being a modern version, or will I find it baffling having not had the upbringing of playing the old games?
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