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  1. Dino Crisis Dino Crisis 2 MAKE THEM HAPPEN, CAPCOM!!!
  2. On cartridge, Robotron 2084, Defender, Millipede, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jnr are all excellent arcade conversions. Mr Do! Is also very good, but not on cartridge, sadly.
  3. Series version is only £3.54 more in the sale.
  4. Yo! Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen!
  5. Horizon ZD & FW A signal! Minerva! Gaia?? Functions…. Sub functions…. Backups?!? WTF??? I spend enough of my REAL life listening to people spout bollocks and meaningless buzz words! Give me giant robot dinosaurs to KILL!!!! Or, better yet, dinosaurs!!!! Give me Dino Crisis, Capcom, you bastards!
  6. My 512gb arrived today!!!! Get the fuck in!!!! It is truly a thing of beauty
  7. Any kind of new Dino Crisis FFS! Sigh… I know my dreams will be crushed again
  8. This looks batshit crazy and right up my street…. But, for the love of God, just give us a new Dinocrisis, Capcom!!!
  9. Oh, I’m a lot older than that
  10. This! Because it was ground breaking waaaaaay back in 1980
  11. In Times Square, NYC this morning…. Not in game footage
  12. This x 1000!!! If you’ve never used one, you have zero idea of how truly awful and unreliable they were/are. Everything else just pales in to insignificance in comparison.
  13. Adventure - Atari 2600 Defender - Arcade Strider - Arcade Elite - BBC B Disc Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe - PC
  14. Yeah, inside it was a bit layer upon layer of black plastic trays, but overall some thought had gone into the box itself, which was a classy touch.
  15. Mine just turned up via DPD! Nice packaging
  16. The one I got for my daughter in October, via a Curry’s code, took 7 days from going to the shop with the code till it arrived. 2 weeks seems to be a more common timescale though.
  17. I absolutely loved this, it was right up my street! I enjoyed it so much, that upon completion I bought both the previous 2 instalments and played them through back to back on Series X. Think I’d put House of Ashes top of the pile, then Little Hope, and finally Medan…. Although it’s a close call for me between the top 2. Really looking forward to the next instalment.
  18. Yeah, sorry, my bad. I meant it’s a shame it’s not available digitally, I don’t do physical games anymore…. But may make an exception for this one!
  19. I bought FEAR 2 (and all dlc) after FEAR 3 was removed from sale. Thankfully, I nabbed 3 before it was taken off the store. Sadly, the original (and best) hasn’t been available at all for ages
  20. Indeed it was on there last week, but now it’s no longer available to buy digitally on the UK or US stores
  21. Picked up Ridge Racer 6 and Raiden IV from the US Xbox store, simply turned the region to US to run them on my UK Series X. Both are lovely, but a real shame they’re not available on the UK store. Was also a bit gutted that F.E.A.R. and King Kong are not available digitally…. Oh well, can’t have everything, I suppose.
  22. I redeemed my code and paid on the 17th and the console arrived for pick up yesterday, so fingers crossed that it’s pretty imminent for yours also
  23. @JoeKYep, got a call from Currys at 15:00 today to say it had arrived. Picked it up and one very happy daughter (many thanks to @SeanRfor the code)
  24. @SeanR I’ll take one please, if that’s ok? My daughter is desperate for one for her birthday.
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