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  1. @Mitchell Thank you:) I know that movie but don't know where I could watch it.
  2. Thank you:) Tbh I'm not quite sure if "at which hour" expresses exactly what I wanna say. I thought about "when" at first but Shakespeare didn't use this word. And thank you for your advice but I know me and her, let's say, impossible :(
  3. Is anyone here remember Yõnlu? The Brazilian boy who made wonderful music . I saw his posts here and wanna know more about him. If anyone knows something about him, could you share it with me? Someone in off topic tell me it's better to ask here. So I created two topics for the same question, I hope this won't be deleted
  4. The day quickly passing by, And we do waiting for the night. All can be done in the night is, Nothing but wondering. Is tomorrow a good day For joy ,or a day For waiting? Never will we know. But we do waiting for a day To wait for the night. Sounds kinda psychiatric Just something stupid in my messy mind Totally meaningless
  5. At which hour wake from love’s sweetest dream wilt thou, the blossom of friendship wither as well ? I'm trying a Shakespearean style... To my friendship haha
  6. Hello, everyone. I'm new here as you guys can see it haha Jiahong Liu is my name, yeah my real name. I'm 17 but soon turning to 18. And I'm from China. I like Yonlu's songs very much and I feel that we are almost the same in some ways. And I found here because of him. It's very cool to join this forum which has existing for a long time. I was about 5 when you guys have talked here? haha hmmm... That's it? Forgive my poor English haha.
  7. Thank you so much ! I have showed this to my friend last month and she said she likes it. But maybe she also laughed at my poor English? Who knows hahah Thank you agagin:) And Happy Valentine's Day:)
  8. Thank you! In some lines I feel the incorrect one sounds better than the correct one. But in some lines I know the grammar isn't correct but I don't really know how to make them right. Could you please tell me?
  9. I wrote this last month for a friend of mine. Does this sound too... valentine's style?
  10. Where Is The Sun In Your Eyes To a young lady Where is the sun in your eyes   Was it dry   Or raining inside   Outside the window   You walking alone Under the moonlight   Of the dearest zephyr   You standing in silence   Where hidden your cheery smile   Was it tired   Or blue in your eyes   Look at the shining stars   They’re bright as your eyes And the night   Colorful as your mind   Keep dreaming   And keep smile I like the sunshine in your eyes
  11. Hello I'm new here and actually I don't really know the rules in rllmuk well. Forgive me if I did something wrong. I wanna share some of my stupid writing and ideas here. Forgive my damn poor English skills btw
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