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  1. Bought one of these for me and my nine year old for Christmas and just seen the “not for children under 12” warnings all over it. bought it for Astrobot mainly. Is anyone else letting younger kids play this or am I going to have ruin his Xmas * should have done more research...
  2. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Was hoping to see that somewhere. This has been a much better series than series 3 or 4.. back to laughing out loud as opposed to mild chuckling.
  3. This film would have done so much better if it was coming out right before Christmas. Feels like there would have much more appetite for it.. God only knows why Disney didn't delay it (well licensing obligations I guess). I was getting very used to a new Star Wars movie every December.
  4. The problem I have with the Scott and Bobby theory is how damn convoluted the explanation is. And Bobby and Scott don’t seem like they would have been educated enough in DNA to pull off that framing convincingly. Also you can bet that ‘how to fake DNA evidence’ would have been over their search history based on the other stuff. That’s the problem for Steven really, nothing explains the case easier than he did it. So it’s either the police or a very, very smart killer. And nobody is in the frame for that atall.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this.... I am thinking about setting up a freelancer and would love to start get a web site created.. something in the mould of this: http://katereiddop.com I have all the content - just need someone to put it together and make it show up easily on the search engines.. Its speculative and haven't got a fortune to spend.. but just wondered off any of you kind and talented folks might be able to help (or point me in the direction of someone that can)! Many thanks in advance.!
  6. This sounds like a mighty fine idea!
  7. I admire the fact they all have made this happen atall as that is no mean feat. But unfortunately it did feel really dated. It’s like it’s trying to be a cheap panel show from 15 years ago. And the humour was really forced and inauthentic - like they were trying to be people they weren’t. Would have been better to create something that wasn’t so reliant on the a dated format and fake personas imo.
  8. The Dangerous Brothers were pretty much the first thing that made me cry with laughter from TV... I was 9 when I first saw this..:
  9. I don’t think I will even torrent this series, let alone pay for it. why don’t they make a TV show on what went wrong at Luke’s Jedi academy to bridge all the holes in the new trilogy’s logic? De-age Hamill and show us why he turned into such a prick - he ain’t that expensive, or going to be with us forvever. Instead the whole thing is turning into sub-Star Trek. George Lucas would turn in his grave*. *if he was dead
  10. He was awful in Rogue One, completely miscast and unconvincing. Like he had strolled onto the wrong filmset. This is a bit like watching Disney ride the corpse of George Lucas - until all the bits fall off.
  11. I really don’t buy the auteur’s myth. I think its just an excuse for directors to act like arseholes. So many people, so many skills. A good rule of a filmmaking is to always work with people more talented than you are.
  12. Dan Stevens was pretty awful to the point I wondered if Evans was paying homage to Edward Woodward’s over acting in the wicker man (or even Ash in the Evil Dead). But then I realised it was just unitentionally bad. The setting and tone is great, but the script and performances are a mess unfortunately. And that is on Gareth Evans.
  13. This is also a pretty amazing one:
  14. TV series make more sense than films for the SW side stories. Disney can take risks and not risk killing the entire franchise with one bad film. It should have been the subject of episode seven - but i'd still be up for a de-aged Mark Hamill show about how he fucked up the academy and why Snork springs out of nowhere and is suddenly important.
  15. For me this is the most fun open world game I have ever played. Usually I get bored of actually having to traverse the environment - even in Zelda BOTW (which is my favourite ever game). And I can never be bothered to do more than a couple of the side quests. But in Spider-Man its just so much damn fun to get from one place to the other that I cant stop playing. Combat is also sublime. Game of the year for me. And the first ever game I am tempted to 100%.
  16. The thing that is kinda weird - is the little boy from the original Jurassic Park is John Deacon.
  17. Played a some of this at EGX - and really loved it. Not got a PS VR yet - but this might be the game that makes me get one. Feels like playing with the best toy box in the world.
  18. its more healthy than obsessing over some stranger's post counts. weirdo.
  19. Its definitely not just a corporation trying to explain away - some bad strategic decisions to its share holders.
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