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  1. Anyone that wants to add me please do... I don’t have any VR Friends I think my Oculus ID is: VR_Nick
  2. Damn. It was on that Legend Track at full volume... and every time it did something bassey it sounded like a blown speaker ... which I hoped was just a glitch...
  3. Yeah Ive got the good evening thing. Obviously redirecting to a west coast clock (instead of your internal) and has been forgotten in the rush to release. The speaker distrortion thing is more concerning, as I have that in Beat Saber (on bass)... does anyone else have that?
  4. Wow.... just come up for air, what an amazing device. It feels like a little piece of the future. Tracking is is pretty amazing considering there are no external boxes. And the controllers are great, not quite as good as the vives, but not far off. And night and day compared those pieces of garbage - PS moves. i do get crackerling in my speaker, usually on anything with any base (bear saber and Vader definitely had it). But it is so much better than I thought it would be. just played the demo for Apollo - which a real surprise. Is the full game as good?
  5. As a reader of the books I had looked forward to a dark side Dany for long time. But the way D&D handled it was up there with Anakin's Skywalker's immediate turn to killing younglings. You have to earn that kinda decent for it to be dramatically creditable. If that was what the writers knew was coming - she should have taken the Iron Throne at the end of the last series . That would have given us enough time away from her to believe her character had completely changed in these new circumstances. And then when we caught up with her this season - we would realise the throne wasn't what she thought it would be, and ruling people fairly is difficult... and slowly that would have driven her mad with paranoia and fear of losing her position - in a liberated city that didn't want her in power.. Then over the course this season she gets to the point she starts burning people alive in the streets... As is we got the early reader version.
  6. Writers for Game Of Thrones Season 1-3: George R.R. Martin is AMAZING Season 4-5: Is he EVER going to finish his next book? Season 6: Fuck this, we can do this ourselves. Season 7: Actually this is really hard. Season 8: Let's just get it over with and move the fuck on. I’m sick of Guinness anyway.
  7. Pleased it's over. Season 8 has been all over the place. Poorly paced, poorly written and (other than some decent action) blandly executed a lot of the time. Which is perhaps its worse crime, given what came before.
  8. Really into this now after initially not feeling it... currently level 29. The graphics are beautiful, but the only thing that lets it down is the animation, that feels pretty janky and awquade after Red Dead. I hope the next title or next gen really nail this.
  9. I can really seeing this being a Wii style hit over time. Especially if it gets the support it deserves. There is something so transformation about being placed inside a VR environment - that it never fails to impress the first timers who experience it. And to do that at Room-scale without wire sounds like a game changer.
  10. its a step. I don't think it will be the big time until its in a pair of these:
  11. Goddamn it! I just ordered one of these. (I already have an HTC Vive and PSVR - but travel a lot and the portability just sounds so great I talked myself into it...)
  12. Pattinson is being reported everywhere. Other than Joker, DC really don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing. I’m sure he is a fine actor, but as a life long Batman fan I have little or no interest in seeing him in that role. He seems COMPLETELY wrong.
  13. The “most unrealistic character development” award so far this season goes to...... Jamie shagging Brian. Thats about as likely as Sensa doing the Mountain.
  14. Yeah that’s unfair. That accolade should have gone to episode three. Or four.
  15. I think this episode feels more like GRRM than anything else has done for a while in this show- and that's properly because it does come from the end he's heading toward. For record I enjoyed it more than any episode for along time - but I can understand the criticisms and see that D&D didn't successfully build Dany to earn this moment. Ideally she should have descended into it - not flipped out of nowhere. But Dany turning bad was clearly there from the start (maybe more obviously in the books) and should have been the ultimate turn for the show. I think the writers may have misjudged that, but possibly it will feel less abrupt in the years to come.
  16. I enjoyed it - but still wish that episode had been the dead from beyond the wall - rushing a frozen kings landing...
  17. Really haven't liked much of this series - so my expectations were super low - but I really enjoyed that episode. Thought Danys turn to the dark side was foreshadowed reasonably well (although would have preferred a whole season of this) and it was pretty shocking when she did.
  18. I think you are entirely missing the point. It's not that JJ should have done them all - just that the trilogy should have been planned out (by Disney, JJ, anyone) ahead of filming. Rather than just letting each film maker do whatever they wanted with their instalment. Its led to a messy, incohesive narrative - that yes has disappointed a large number of fans. Whilst it sounds good on paper, this film maker led approach hasn't worked for DC (which had the same idea) and didn't work for SW either. Hence the slow down and rethink.
  19. This x 1000. Humans - Death is coming regardless of all your petty squabbles, and inconsequential attempts at immortality. The end.
  20. George RR Martin hasn't met with the producers since series 4 allegedly. And if you read his interviews doesn't have the whole thing mapped out at all (see his comments about architects and gardeners). He likes to discover the stories as he is writing them. I'm sure he had parts of the ending that he was heading toward - but I think its safe to say a lot of what we are watching is pure D&D, which is why it feels tonally off. This last series has got to be the biggest motivator to GRRM to actually finish his story, and not have this version be remembered as to how it all ends.
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