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  1. I think this episode feels more like GRRM than anything else has done for a while in this show- and that's properly because it does come from the end he's heading toward. For record I enjoyed it more than any episode for along time - but I can understand the criticisms and see that D&D didn't successfully build Dany to earn this moment. Ideally she should have descended into it - not flipped out of nowhere. But Dany turning bad was clearly there from the start (maybe more obviously in the books) and should have been the ultimate turn for the show. I think the writers may have misjudged that, but possibly it will feel less abrupt in the years to come.
  2. I enjoyed it - but still wish that episode had been the dead from beyond the wall - rushing a frozen kings landing...
  3. Really haven't liked much of this series - so my expectations were super low - but I really enjoyed that episode. Thought Danys turn to the dark side was foreshadowed reasonably well (although would have preferred a whole season of this) and it was pretty shocking when she did.
  4. I think you are entirely missing the point. It's not that JJ should have done them all - just that the trilogy should have been planned out (by Disney, JJ, anyone) ahead of filming. Rather than just letting each film maker do whatever they wanted with their instalment. Its led to a messy, incohesive narrative - that yes has disappointed a large number of fans. Whilst it sounds good on paper, this film maker led approach hasn't worked for DC (which had the same idea) and didn't work for SW either. Hence the slow down and rethink.
  5. This x 1000. Humans - Death is coming regardless of all your petty squabbles, and inconsequential attempts at immortality. The end.
  6. George RR Martin hasn't met with the producers since series 4 allegedly. And if you read his interviews doesn't have the whole thing mapped out at all (see his comments about architects and gardeners). He likes to discover the stories as he is writing them. I'm sure he had parts of the ending that he was heading toward - but I think its safe to say a lot of what we are watching is pure D&D, which is why it feels tonally off. This last series has got to be the biggest motivator to GRRM to actually finish his story, and not have this version be remembered as to how it all ends.
  7. Looks like this is being quietly put out to pasture: https://movieweb.com/star-wars-trilogy-rian-johnson-cancelled-rumors/ Was always going to happen based on his relationship with the fans that hated his film. Just wasn’t good business for Disney.
  8. That is a great performance from a well written script. It oozes atmospheric detail about what is to come. Shame none of that has been realised. Shouldn't King's Landing be in the depths of Winter by now? Its like none of them could be arsed and were too busy writing Star Wars.
  9. I have now watched this episode twice, and sorry to be “debbie-downer” but i think it might be my least favourite episode of the show ever. There is this amazing shot early on, where you get the sense of a HUGE tsunami of undead that engulfs everything it touches. And for a few seconds there, it looked unstoppable. Three men tall waves of the the undead scrabbling over each other to hungrily kill the living. It all felt so doomed at that point - and like this episode would deliver on the promise of the series. This ancient 8000 year old existential death wave that washes through Westeros bringing it to its knees, before silently retreating into the long spring (As it properly had many times before, long forgotten). The fall of Winterfell should have been a gut-wrenching and tragic story. To give this threat beyond the wall weight, we needed to feel loss. Everybody except those that could get away on overloaded dragons should have be consumed by this unstoppable death. And then we know its on its way to Kings Landing with only a few vital characters in play to bring this story to a close. What we got was shallow, and superficial, and something I feel George RR Martin will treat very differently. This 8000 year threat was actually so poor it fell at the first hurdle. And the reason I dislike the episode so much, is not because of the excellent direction, awesome cast, and sheer craftsmanship on show - its because a piss poor script betrays the spirit of the best of what Game Of Thrones has done before. Subpar/10
  10. I watched a 6gb downloaded version on a LG C8 oled and the picture was very, very, very dark. It was stylistic choice for sure. A shit one.
  11. I was getting really bored of the “fill in the blank” character getting into Certain death peril - only to have a last minute offscreen character, coming into save them. It happened again and again to the point of parody.
  12. It was a good episode (except for how fucking dark it was) but...
  13. Superhot VR feels like it should be an amazing game, but the move controller’s tracking is so awful (on my system) that it ruins the game for me atleast. And is the only reason I haven’t bought Beat Saber yet. The Vive however tracks pretty much perfectly so I imagine the oculus is the system to buy it on if you have the option.
  14. Apologies if posted before - but i came across this on YouTube and I have never seen it before... very funny and perfectly sums up The Phantom Menace (It’s also properly the reason they recast Maul for Solo!)
  15. That threw me to start with... but yeah no nuts and bolts and I’d pretty secure once you actually get it to sit properly. That was the trickiest part for me - as it feels like it shouldn’t work - but have faith - because it does..
  16. I agree, and as much as I don't like TLJ - I don't think it's that film's fault, or Ryan's fault either. Its Disney's. The buck stops there. They announced the release date of Episode 7 before the ink was even dry on the contract. With no director. No working script. And no plan. George (and his treatments) were almost immediately thrown under the bus - and the shareholders needed to see a product. Quality was secondary to getting, something, anything made. And lots of it. Star Wars was the saga that started huge epic, multi-film narratives. Every huge budget film series that came after it owes it a debt. So that Disney pushed on with no one running the show, or a singular vision of what this new series of films should be - is a crime against the history of cinema (well almost!). I imagine lots will be written about this period of Disney, and the internal politics that created this mess.
  17. Not sure how anyone can think Disney had a plan for this trilogy - when its been the MOST open of secrets that they had nothing (except for release dates). Hence the various members of the cast, and Ryan Johnson saying as much, as well as JJ saying he had to start from scratch with Episode 9. And its the single biggest problem with this trilogy. Here is an extract of his Fast Company interview from this month about taking over Episode 9 from Colin Trevorrow: Of course these facts won't mean much to people like @KevvyMetal. Now they have gone back to development rather than hitting deadlines, I'm sure these films will get better. Its just a shame they had to rush this trilogy at the expense of its story.
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