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  1. Is the Hidden Ones out today? Would love some impressions.... never really invested in expansion packs before - but totally up for it with this game.
  2. I saw this a month or so ago. Really enjoyed it - but Woody's wife really threw me - and took me out of the movie. Just seemed really out of place and a very unlikely mate for a mid western sheriff. Otherwise I loved it.
  3. Totally anecdotal but its amazing how many of the kids in my son's class (he's 8) have gotten Switches (So far 6 of 30). There are friends of his begging their parents to trade in their Xbox One S's/PS4's for a Switch as they perceive the GFX to be better, and that's what all there friends now have. I'm pretty amazed that is has caught on so quickly.
  4. Hi all. Just joined Rllmuk after lurking along time. Finally finished the main story of this game tonight. Got to level 40 and enjoyed every minute of it... Kinda feel like I might be done though after getting to the end of the story. Has anyone kept playing?
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