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  1. The difference between the new stuff and the prequels is pretty clear. The prequels had interesting stories that were poorly executed. The new stuff has poor stories that are executed well. And at some point someone will make a SW story that is both interesting and well executed. But by the looks of it, not for a while.
  2. most likely that its just fatigue with the franchise. In the same way the SW EU quickly became a sea of garbage - so are these films. The biggest mistake Disney made with SW is proceeding with no clear plan where any of it was heading - and just pumping out as much content as possible. the marvel universe feels like there is a strong overarching narrative at work. As should SW. Instead what we have is a random mess of big budget fanfic that contradicts and conflicts and has no clear direction. We are 2/3 of the way through a new SW trilogy. And what was the narrative point of any of it? Its a mess.
  3. What a bland and plodding film. I liked Han And Chewie a whole lot - but pretty much everything was dull as. The first boring Star Wars film I have seen. Star Wars is dead my friends. And Disney are going to ride this horse's lifeless corpse right into the ground.
  4. who really gives a shit anymore? TLJ wasn't for me, TFA isn't for you. You say tomato etc. Maybe these films aren't really for any of us now. My 38 year love affair with SW is finally over, and I'm ok with that. Personally I'm looking forward to Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 far more - than anything on the radar from Lucasfilm. Words I never thought I would have written this time last year.
  5. Repeated viewings won't make it any better. If you didn't like it, they will simply entrench you more. For me its a deeply dissatisfying film, made by someone that isn't as talented as they think they are.
  6. You can feel the gears of Spielberg’s once great formula, creaking along like they are about to give up for good. His hearts just not in it and he seems completely bored with the premise. Poor guy just wanted another blockbuster hit, it’s not like anyone in Hollywood is going to turn down Spielberg. That’s the golden ticket. Such a shame as this could have been a really fun and intersting film in the right hands.
  7. Ive had a bad feeling about this, ever since Ron Howard was announced.
  8. I'm am editor by trade, and have gradually gotten into Cinema 4D over the last 6 years. As petrol girls says its a great package - powerful - yet intuitive. Nick @ Greyscal Gorilla pretty much got me started and is great at explaining the program in layman's terms: https://greyscalegorilla.com I'm still learning and would love to get into Nuke sometime soon. I know and love After Effects and it's a great program - but very frustrating in someways. Anyways here is a spot we did last year (also kinda featuring LeBron!):
  9. I am really beginning to find these a drag. I just want Mr Plinkett to review it.
  10. Anthony Daniels always seems very self important in all the behind the scenes stuff I have seen. Like if C3PO was programmed to be a c*nt.
  11. I appreciate she is not for everyone (I think she is great) but here is her latest video on Solo:
  12. I don’t think being good looking disqualifies you from being a loser. In fact I think that added to the pathos of Matthew’s character and his mental wellness issues.
  13. I loved this, and it really was a Ben Chaplin vehicle that became very average when he left. It used to be on after Bottom on BBC 2 and both had teenage me crying with laughter. Was beautifully written and I was completely in love with Sam Janus at the time. I remember thinking Ben Chaplin was going to be massive off the back of it - but he never seemed to get the parts in the US.
  14. The fanboy in me was kinda hoping for a Jabba set piece in this - but I guess they have to save something as they are planning a trilogy - so I guess part 2 will be a Boba film, and part 3 will be the Jabba one.
  15. JJ will almost certainly make Rey the second coming of the chosen one - which doesnt contradict anything in TLJ and explains all Rey’s super special abilities (and narratively justifies a new trilogy).
  16. If Disney threw the originator of SW (George Lucas) under the bus to appease fans - then Ryan’s trilogy doesn’t stand a chance. Expect that series to quietly go away.
  17. Sorry iPhone typo - I meant: mystique mɪˈstiːk/ noun a quality of mystery, glamour, or power associated with someone or something.
  18. TLJ won’t age well imo. It’s a film that feels like a downer and unlike every other SW film doesn’t have the repeatability of all the other Episodes (including the prequels). While it contains some great performances - the plot is stagnant and it’s revelations are dissatisfying. And I think it’s going to be remembered as the film that robbed SW of its mystique and was the start of turning the saga into any other sci fi franchise. See you in ten years!!
  19. To be fair to some of those comments above regarding "The Other" - that could have been (and was meant to be according to Gary Kurst) a whole other story thread. But Lucas's wife left him for a hunky carpenter and he wanted to wrap this Star Wars shit up quick and make it go away - as it had been the cause of a lot of problems in his life.
  20. Wow. Another Nintendo home run.. two boys (who fight a lot!) working together as a team to build a cardboard fishing rod...
  21. Is the person he knows and trusts - called Ron by any chance?
  22. A good friend of mine does a lot of marketing for the bods at Disney. He has done stuff connected to every SW film since Rogue One, and also the Marvel releases. And even though he is dealing with the same people in the same office - the way they approach approvals on both properties is very, very different. Anything connected to the Marvel universe is a nightmare to get pushed through and signed off. Disney are all over every little detail. SW on the the other hand is much looser and they let his company have more fun with the property than you might think they would. They are willing to try new things, almost as if they aren't sure what it is yet. Which is actually interesting when you consider that is the approach they seem to be taking to these films. This is a great analysis of the evolution of SW music and what it reveals about the different approaches taken to the trilogies.
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