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  1. 16 hours ago, Broker said:


    At Zero Latency I played some Zombie shooter and a VR escape room. I've also played about two hours of superhot, a few tries on beat saber, a fair bit of minecraft and some skyrim.



    I'm not buying a £500 piece of hardware for four games, two of which I played years ago and seem to have no actual VR specific features whatsoever. The games I played all looked shit compared to the versions of those same games I've played on other platforms. The movement is incredibly glitchy, especially with anything that's tracking your hands.


    It's great that you love it so much, but the idea that this IS the future is preposterous, especially when there's headsets on sale now, which the evangelists are constantly telling us are just magical experiences that everyone should be trying now, but that a tiny fraction of the market are buying and barely anyone is making games for. It looks exactly like Kinect, big plastic guitars and 3D TV's at the moment. There's a small group of people, all of whom have sunk a large amount of money into VR, who are obsessed with VR obviously being the future. The rest of the world, including most people making games, don't seem to give a shit. 


    Like Kinect and 3D TV, there's also this weird idea that because this stuff is in a lot of sci-fi it's somehow inevitable. And yet these things show up to great fanfare after years of us waiting for the perfect version that will change anything. And then they die away until the next time some billionaire decides they might be able to make some profit on it. You know what else sci-fi movies have a lot of? Flying cars. But despite them looking cool in movies, they're actually a completely shit, utterly lethal and totally impossible idea. Or space colonisation. Which is a great idea, and obviously beneficial, but not even remotely viable with modern technology. The reality is that just because something looks cool in Star Trek or Blade Runner, that doesn't make it an actual good idea for a product. 


    The holodeck is a cool idea. I'm completely immersed, can feel, head and touch things in the simulation. What we have at the moment is a phone screen strapped to our faces. Even if there's a holodeck in the future, it's shit for loads of things. What if I don't want to be my size? Or shape? Or limited to my physical abilities? It's hugely limited. It's a cool idea people might buy one day, but the only people convinced that the current VR offerings are THE inevitable future are people who've spent money on it already and have a vested interest in that not being wasted.


    Still, maybe Half Life will swing things. You only really need one great game, and Kinect and 3D TV certainly never had any.

    That sounds a bit like you are stuck in the past before the future has even begun. The future isn’t some inevitable road map that’s been laid out by blade runner. It’s bubbles of innovative thinkers that set out to change the world - one step at a time. 

    No it’s not there yet- but AR/VR (which at some point will converge) will get smaller, lighter and more immersive until it’s basically the main way people experience content. And I can see it dividing a generation in the same way email or computer literacy did. Lots of older people won’t take to it, but that’s not going to stop the generation below them.

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  2. Actually it wasn’t originally leia (as in the original shooting script). It was a reference to a mysterious other that was supposed to turn up in an Episode 8 treatment (circa 1980). Lucas just decided to wrap that thread up into Leia when he was sick of Star Wars in 82 and didn’t want to make anymore. 

    Because of this, I've always felt it was pretty vague in ESB, and could be a possible opening for Disney to create new stories post the skywalkers.


  3. Rian was never coming back after the TLJ backlash.. whether he knew it or not. He was either in-denial or enjoying trolling the people that hated his film.
    I suspect the latter.


    I quite like the Rey and Ren scenes, but those aside, I really don't think he did anything especially original with the film, or even made it very surprising. His remit seemed to be anti-drama, which is about the least satisfying way you could approach a space opera imo. So I, for one I'm pleased he is no longer part of the plan.




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  4. 1 hour ago, Flams said:

    Quick question, maybe it was obvious but I'm not always good at paying attention or "getting" patently obvious things.


      Reveal hidden contents


    Baby Yoda question/theory



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    Could it be a clone of Yoda? Maybe he got a clone made on Kamino before all that went south and could explain why the imperial chaps knew of his existence.


     I think...


    its all a bit of misdirection... The imperial doctor (hanging out with Wernog) apparently had a Kamino cloning symbol on his coat. So who knows? But truth is Yoda's species hasn't been explored at all in SW so they can do quite a lot with that part of the story without resorting to cloning.


  5. 2nd one is out. Just watched it.


    I am enjoying it, but not sure I would be if it were not for the nostalgia. The Rocky music doesn't fit at all though.


    I guess this would be termed a filler episode in any other series - but despite this it was pretty spectacular. The narrative does feel like it has been adapted straight from a video game script - and totally took me back to playing Super Star Wars on the SNES (you will know why when you get there).



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  6. Could some one please explain to me how you sent up a child’s Xbox account without an email address?? Funnily enough my eight year old doesn’t have his own email address yet, and just wants an account that contains his own saves when he’s at home.

    As an aside - using the Xbox One’s UI is one of the most confounding, frustrating experiences possible. At the moment I’m ready to smash it up with a hammer.

  7. 12 minutes ago, bridger said:


    Do you know if they're genuine 4K scans of the films or are they just upscales of the previous 1080p versions? Just because something says it's 4K doesn't mean it's genuinely 4K.


    George Lucas had the originals rescanned and regraded in 4K in the 00's. So I imagine Disney will have had those digital masters handed over with the everything else.

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  8. I think the way Disney/Lucasfilm handled the fallout of TLJ was poor. As a result they aliened a lot of very vocal, passionate people that their SW business relied upon. Most of those people weren’t trolls, or racists or masochists. And to label them as such was wrong.

    Perhaps rebooting SW was always destined to fail. It’s not like you can make a film that is going to please everyone (and with this saga more than any others) the fan base react loudly, and for years to come. Uncle George effectively torched his cinematic legacy making the prequels, and probably regrets creating them atall (because of all the abuse he suffered), so it must be like playing with fire.


    Sad as it will be not to see anymore films for a while, I can see the future of the franchise working well in big budget TV. Creators can take more risks and the audience will be more open to it. And of course there will be more films at some point.

    I look forward to reading about what actually went on behind the scenes during this period one day. With George. With the filmmakers. With Kathy, and with the story group. The politics of the boardroom, the shareholders, and a mob like fan base. It’s got it all. It should be a textbook cautionary tale of what running a one of the biggest franchises in the world is really like. And maybe the most interesting Star Wars story yet.

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  9. I think it’s clear B and W made some great choices - not least of which was pushing for Game Of Thrones to be a TV show.


    And they seemed great at picking and editing GRRM’s storylines and characters. They also selected a top notch cast. 

    However it is hard to ignore that Game Of Thrones’ writing quality fell of a cliff as soon as the books ran out. Sure they had some spectacle, but the series became decidedly shallow and lacked the depth it had had before. And the last season was a narrative joke, that didn’t (or couldn’t be bothered) to understand any of the wonderful themes that had made the series great.


    And I think B and W’s actions are revealing. They seem to have been pretty unscrupulous about moving to the next biggest pay check without much loyalty. At least thats how it appears.


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