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  1. The white PC Engine is probably my favourite looking games console of all time. The definition of small, but very powerful.


    Also loved that the games were on credit card sized carts.


    Don't need one at all, but very tempted by this.

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  2. Cant see another thread on this. This seems like it’s started shooting and here is the first official still of the production:




    Starring Naomi Watts and takes place thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones, the series chronicles the world’s descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour. From the horrifying secrets of Westeros’s history to the true origin of the White Walkers.


    Personally I think I’m pretty over Game Of Thrones - and not sure what else I want to see in that world. But happy to be surprised by it. 


  3. Bought the Lego expansion to play with my 7 year old.


    So far (after the spectacular opening) a bit underwhelmed. 


    Can an you make all the other cars Lego cars? As otherwise feels very similar to normal Forza - bar the Lego car you are driving. I wanted to be in a completely Lego world - and the real cars really take you out of it.

  4. Hmmmm yeah maybe. It was a horribly conceived presentation though. From the greedy spin the press were able to put on the Xbox One announcement to the fact it was very overpriced and underpowered.


    MS hadn’t listened to their customers and Sony had.


    Would love to read an account of what happened behind the scenes the day after that E3.

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  5. On 05/06/2019 at 21:43, JPL said:

    I wonder when film makers are going to realise that shoehorning ‘all new female versions of the characters you loved, but with added sass’ into existing films really isn’t addressing the gender imbalance in hollywood.


    Just write some new stuff that is female focused from its inception, rather than creating opposite sex versions of characters we’ve already got.


    Maybe this isn’t that and I’m ranting over nothing, but it definitely feels that way!


    Cant wait to see future versions of “Bob Jones’ Diary” and “Thelma and Louie”. 


    I’m sure the fans of the originals will be equally as excited.

  6. 1 hour ago, PeteBrant said:

    Why would he do that? It was great.


    Not sure how anyone could define Solo as great (unless they have a very low bar).


    About the best praise that can be bestowed upon it is - it was competent. Which is best thing you can say about any of Ron Howard's work (and why he got the gig).



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  7. Rise Of The Skywalker will do fine critically and commercially. But the nostalgic love affair with SW is over. 


    I feel TLJ really damaged the SW brand for a lot of people. And that isn't just about one film. The film's lack of cohesion and poor structure, exposed a deeper truth we all should have known. Disney didn't really give a shit about legacy. Nor creating a story worthy of what had come before. It cared about impressing its share holders. And hitting unrelentingly short release windows at all costs. And all that with no one shepherding the franchise.  The "gigantic multi-generational, multi-film beast" that defined the idea of what a cinematic sequel should be - was running out of control with no clear idea of where the story was headed - or what should happen next....


    That was always going to end badly.



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  8. Amazing lack of insight there from the director. 


    Delude yourself all you want Ron. But it was a movie that was released four months after a film, that completely fractured the fanbase - and as a result no-one was in the mood for any more Disney EU bullshit.



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