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  1. Hopefully they are huge Outrun fans and get @S0L and the team back on that franchise for a number 3!
  2. My predict: a huge mess - that MS spend years throwing money at/updating/fixing, until sometime around 2028 it’s finally decent.
  3. id love a decent robocop game. its one of my favourite movies.
  4. Superman 1 and 2 are two of my most cherished childhood movies. RIP and thanks for those movies Rich.
  5. Fucking hell, there is alot of talking in this game.
  6. He looks suspiciously like Gary Glitter in that thumbnail....
  7. Why the fuck aren’t 343 playing the actual game for us, rather than talking about clips from the trailer?
  8. I'm pretty sure 1080p 120 fps is part of the HDMI 2.0 spec. So if your TV has that, it can do it.
  9. This would have won E3 for me. Come on Phil Spencer just finance it - and get your gaming priorities straight! @S0L Please make it happen
  10. I wish Disney had made “Solo” with a de- aged Harrison Ford.
  11. I did . Forza Horizon 5 looked decent - but the rest was a bit meh (for me anyway).
  12. Sony’s showing off the new Horizon Zero Dawn was the only thing that gave me any tingles this year. the rest just looked like the same old games (graphically and gameplay wise) that we have had for the last ten years. I miss the times when E3 meant lots of exciting, shiny new things.
  13. Sorry to be a Debbie downer but I thought that was a pretty crappy showing. Loads of old games and reiterations of others. And no new hardware. BOTW 2 runs on the exact same engine, and not much to see after five years. Impatient.gif
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