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  1. I didn't. it got very repetitive and I hate the controls. Mushy and imprecise. Not to mention the world just feels like a set.. no real interactivity its all just for show. I know I'm alone but I find the series really, really shallow. I love RDR2 though, so go figure.
  2. The day after finishing it - it is still with me. Ellie and Abby, I miss them already. The think this game is much like Aliens to Alien. The first a smaller more contained film, and the second more ambitious and grandiose in every way. I look forward to the inevitable TLOU part 3 a lot - but fear Part 2 is going to be very hard act to follow. Much in the same way: Alien , The Godfather 3, Superman 3, Return of the Jedi and Uncharted - could never quite get back to greatness of their second instalments.. I'm going to leave it a bit, then rediscover the whole thing on the PS5.
  3. That’s by design. Keep going if you are even the slightest bit interested in bold creative choices. And if you aren’t, fair enough, there will be another Ubisoft explorathon along in a minute.
  4. Wow. How amazing that we can have such a nuanced and intelligent discussion about a video game. A FUCKING video game! When I first finished TLOU in 2013, I found Ellie to be the first video game character that I actually felt a real emotional connection with. I have felt that with characters in films for years, but that this character didn't really exist in any tangible way - kind of baked my noodle. I felt a parental bond to her and she wasn't real. At the time it seemed that this kind of tech was just getting better and better - but having recently replayed it - Joel and Ellie's relationship has not been bettered. Nothing has come close. And now the sequel. That paternal bond is still there with Ellie when we first remeet her. But this isn't the same girl. She is hollowed out and traumatised. The girl we knew four years before has gone - and just like being a parent that has watched their child's innocence slip away, there is a tremendous sadness that comes with that. Especially as it seems you can't help Ellie. She is on her own journey. Abbie is easier to like, despite what she does in the prologue. She is less hard work, less effected by what she has done, and crucially more fun. Ellie is a troubled mess, where as Abbie seems more compartmentalised, but equally complex, and more mentally healthy. They are mirrors, and whilst some might find this challenging to engage with (I found seeing Ellie as the villain very, very uncomfortable) - I think this is a watershed moment in interactive narratives. Game won't be the same again. Everything will be measured against what ND have achieved with this game. I believe this is the only video game series that can stand side by side with the best of film or TV. And part of me doesn't want it to be shared with HBO - and just become another TV show about the undead. This is game series first and foremost - that deserves to be recognised for the piece of ground breaking art it actually is.
  5. Just finished. That was incredible. The end.
  6. I so pleased I can still enjoy AAA interactive entertainment, without the nagging doubt that it should do better all the time. I get this with films and it’s fucking exhausting. 8 year old me is still in awe that a game like this exists atall.
  7. That bit was fucking terrifying.
  8. I don’t think i could agree with you any less. You should properly stop playing, because this bit isn’t going to get any better for you.
  9. I have an 11 and 8 year old and held off them playing Fornite for years. But resistant is futile once all their friends are on it. I have to say during lockdown it has really come into its own as a way of them playing and socialising with their friends. Id still rather they were on Zelda (and personally think its a shit game) but it is kinda heartwarming hearing them form little teams and allegiances - and basically use it like a digital playground. They have an hour or so a day, and only get that if they do their school work. God knows what we'd do without video game time, as its the only bargaining chip that seems to work these days I think its so easy to become our parents and forget what its like to be a kid. I'd much rather they play something that they are actively mentally engaging with, than passively watch shite cartoons on Netflix.
  10. It's not console wars or concern trolling, you dolt. I will buy both - its drawing attention to ms creating marketing problems for no good reason.
  11. What’s going to be the difference between the X and the series S? Is the X more powerful? (And Jesus Microsoft you have made this convoluted and confusing. Lord knows how the general consumer will navigate your naming conventions.)
  12. Deep in the second half now... This game is incredible. I don’t think I could take anyone seriously that hates it, as its the very pinnacle of the art form and has taken the story in a direction I didn’t expect atall. The set pieces and design just gets better and better, and to be honest I don’t want it to end. Game of the generation so far.
  13. That’s so sad.. he didn’t seem that old and is th mean behind the music of some of my favourite shows.
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