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  1. An index if you can afford it (or find one!) - but otherwise I think the Oculus quest is the best all rounder at the moment..
  2. Half Life: Alyx - if you love Half Life its just got a whole lot more immersive!
  3. Be under no illusions, HL: Alyx is fucking mega. And just based on my five hours with it - very, very deserving of a 10. I could not have had any of the experiences I had with it in any other medium other than VR, and the way it all hangs together is downright magical.
  4. Huge thanks... that seemed to work.. I think. Bit laggy at the moment, but I am running both connections overs wifi - so will try and connect the router to my pc. Love the idea of this game untethered though! It's fast becoming my favourite game of all time.
  5. Really good review...No real spoilers.. but don't watch if you want to go in totally clean.
  6. Anything less than Outrun 3 and I’m gonna be disappointed..
  7. My Quest has been sat in a draw for six months - but man I am happy to have it in these isolated times!! HL: Alyx maybe my favourite ever game (piping HL 2), and just bought Moss and Vacation Simulator for my kids... totally marvellous. Such an all-round wonderful.
  8. yeah load times haven't been much of issue for me... maybe 10-15 secs (on an apple ssd). just wish I could get Virtual Desktop working...
  9. If it is still launching this year, they must have some games that are ready to show... Even just a tease..
  10. Playing HL: Alyx in flatscreen, would be like watching Star Wars in black and white, with no sound, and one eye closed. Only worse.
  11. Just got to the: And the gunplay is really sublime too. I have never felt this completely immersive in an experience before. And its a shame so few are getting to experience it now. Re: Virtual Desktop. I’ll try installing again. Played tethered tonight, but would be great to try this wirelessly and completely unrestricted.
  12. Followed the instructions to the letter, but once I got into virtual desktop via the quest - it cant see my headset so won't boot steam vr etc.. Just says steam Vr can't find headset and offers to reset it, same for the oculus software.. any ideas?
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