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  1. Killzone, and dare I say even Knack, looked like a big step up from the PS3 though. The way both Sony and Ms have both managed their respective launch games is bizarre.
  2. I honestly don't know. Maybe in the hope it recaptures some of the launch day vibes from consoles of the past...... it just a shame there aren't actually any games that I couldn't play on what I already have. That's definitely a first.
  3. Amazing this has taken 2 years to surface (doesn't look very next gen at all to me but my wife will love it): Original leak 2 years ago:
  4. He does a run a bit like he's shit himself. (But then I suppose Demon's are pretty scary to deal with..)
  5. It’s a bit of sobering thought that by the time either of these next gen consoles is beginning to fire on both cylinders - that the PS5 Pro and Xbox Series XXX will be looming. Also that a PC with 3080 is basically the Ps5 Pro and Next Xbox in one package - right now - with access to both sets of games... But who I’m I kidding?!? I’ve preordered one - it’s a next gen (kinda) PlayStation!
  6. The LG’s render every other TV I have seen or owned as shit. The picture is really exceptional.
  7. I’m gonna assume you are talking about games. There wont actually be any launch games though will there?
  8. I expect this to be bad PR week for Sony. I think MS have sent Sony a curve ball on price (which they had to - considering the very real lack of any next gen Xbox software). And I cant see how Sony won't come out of this looking like the much more expensive option... They aren't going to drop their prices to match MS - because they don't really have to. This is properly the week they have been preparing for the whole summer - where they give us the bad news.
  9. Yes I had one of those too. Found out on Christmas Day 2013... Sony replaced it though, it just took a while.
  10. I felt the exact same way, but trust me it opens out into something glorious. It just takes its sweet time to get there.
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