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  1. Dirty Harry Potter

    Ghostbusters - Jason Reitman to direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2

    I think the opposite. Expectations are going to be at rock bottom after the last one. And Jason Reitmen is a very respected and talented director. I doubt he'd go near it unless he had a pretty good idea of how to do something good with it. Tully was one of the best films of last year. And he knows how to do characters really, really well. And a comedy (especially one in this franchise) is all about that.
  2. Dirty Harry Potter

    Ghostbusters - Jason Reitman to direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2

    Jason Reitman is a very talented director and you can bet his involvement will bring on Murray etc. Personally I think this could be really great.
  3. Dirty Harry Potter

    PlayStation VR

    Virtua Fighter <3
  4. Dirty Harry Potter

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    I’m not saying Episode 9 is going to flop. I’m sure it will do just fine. I just don’t ever recall antisipcation being so low for a new SW movie in the whole time I have been following them. And I think a lot of that blame rests with how disjointed and poorly planned the big picture of the story is. It sort of feels like the story is already done. Anything else is just going to feel like JJ milking it. I’d love to be wrong though. And yeah i think you are right that a big slice of TLJ’s box office was perhaps due to fans going back to check if they really hated it, as much as they thought they did. I was one of them. And I’m sorry to say I hated it more each of the three times I watched it. And I don’t think I was alone. Hence Solo’s box office - which must have lost ALOT of money - when you factor in massive reshoots and marketing. I thought it was forgettably alright, but normals just didn’t see the appeal - and didn’t turnout. And a lot of fans had just had enough of anything Disney SW - especially with the way it handled them in the aftermath of TLJ. The short term future of these movies is far from certain - precisely because of TLJ - hence Disney doubling down on new TV series (which sound completely unappealing to me) - but i guess we’ll see.
  5. Dirty Harry Potter

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    @MawdlinThose figures are not adjusted for inflation. And if they were TLJ would be number 43 on the list. https://www.filmsite.org/boxoffice3.html There are ALOT of very vocal fans that really HATE The Last Jedi. And Disney will have noticed. It's their business to notice. The fanbase are the bread and butter of any franchise. And everything else is a bonus. So its really not wise to split 50% of them, and I doubt anybody at Disney wanted that or saw it coming. In 2015 the Star Wars franchise was movie grail (and a license to print money). In 2019, Episode 9 is less anticipated than the new Avengers movie. Or Jumaji 2.
  6. Dirty Harry Potter

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    The Force Awakens is all over the shop in terms of its plot. But boy is its heart in the right place. And the new cast shine. Then TLJ comes along and tells you fuck those guys. And fuck that heart. I think this film trilogy will go down in movie history, as a text book lesson in how NOT to handle an entertainment franchise.
  7. @CrashedAlex I don't doubt you are 110% correct.. but its nice to dream....
  8. id love a new Outrun game with next-gen physics (but arcade style). Thats the bit that seems lacking on newer games, the physics and chaos haven't progressed much in the last 13 years. Something akin to this:
  9. Dirty Harry Potter

    PlayStation VR

    As the owner of a VIVE I really never expected that much from the PS VR. And hence never tried or used one until this Christmas. HOLY SHIT! It’s great and I soo easy to use. I actually much prefer the optics over the vive and cant see much or any screen door. I also find the tracking of the headset much more reliable. And I’m blown away by the games. Astrobot is the VR game I having been waiting for and is like having your own huge digital playground. And all this for £150.. everyone should have one - and genuinely surprised at how great it is. Next question... I have one old move controller from my PS3. Is it worth it to get another for this? And for which games?
  10. Dirty Harry Potter

    Bird Box (Netflix Film) - Sandra Bullock

    Thats exactly why I watched it! Haven’t read the book, but quite enjoyed the film.
  11. Dirty Harry Potter

    PlayStation VR

    Bought one of these for me and my nine year old for Christmas and just seen the “not for children under 12” warnings all over it. bought it for Astrobot mainly. Is anyone else letting younger kids play this or am I going to have ruin his Xmas * should have done more research...
  12. Dirty Harry Potter

    People Just Do Nothing - BBC3 mockumentary

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Was hoping to see that somewhere. This has been a much better series than series 3 or 4.. back to laughing out loud as opposed to mild chuckling.
  13. Dirty Harry Potter

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    This film would have done so much better if it was coming out right before Christmas. Feels like there would have much more appetite for it.. God only knows why Disney didn't delay it (well licensing obligations I guess). I was getting very used to a new Star Wars movie every December.
  14. Dirty Harry Potter

    Making A Murderer - Netflix True Crime Documentary

    The problem I have with the Scott and Bobby theory is how damn convoluted the explanation is. And Bobby and Scott don’t seem like they would have been educated enough in DNA to pull off that framing convincingly. Also you can bet that ‘how to fake DNA evidence’ would have been over their search history based on the other stuff. That’s the problem for Steven really, nothing explains the case easier than he did it. So it’s either the police or a very, very smart killer. And nobody is in the frame for that atall.
  15. Dirty Harry Potter

    Dumbo live-action remake by Tim Burton

    That looks absolutely banal.

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