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  1. I’d travel to 2057 and bring back some sweet, sweet Nintendo AR/VR games - where you can customise your entire life to look like levels from Mario World.
  2. Surely we are heading to point (whether in this series or another spin off) where we meet Luke again. The only interesting (and unresolved) thing about the sequels is how the Jedi Academy went tits up. In the right hands that could be really interesting and a good way to retcon what comes next. They will either recast or use:
  3. That fucking sucks tbh. What is the thinking behind that? Each level is pretty massive and makes me not want to go back.
  4. Question? I keep losing my progress on CE if I’m playing it in co-op (either on line or local). It loses my check points and I only have the option to start each chapter from the start. Even o pick right back up after a reload I will have to start the chapter from the start. Is that correct, or am I doing something wrong?
  5. The PS4 pro vs PC videos make the game looks very similar which is great news for next geners.
  6. What is the reason Sony haven't told us which SSD's we can use to add internal storage? Is their an ETA form them on that?
  7. Im a bit scared of this game. I'm not going to be playing it until December 25th- but have never touched a demon game before. Are there any new fans of Demon Souls - that have never played it before? Or are you all old hands?
  8. My elite 2 controller disconnecting all the time is a really passing me off. It’s definitely a software issue with the series X - as a reboot fixes it, and I wish they’d get an update patch out soon. Also Quick Resume is a crock of shit based on my experience of it - and I cant see why the games press were all fawning over it.
  9. Just play it as one life stream this Dec. And then another life stream for the proper next gen update. Although I suspect the next gen update is just going to mean more FPS rather than anything major for the consoles. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. Anyone else having their Elite 2 disconnect randomly? Has worked fine on the One X. But will randomly not connect to the Series X without a full restart. Also, Quick Resume not working atall anymore. MS need another system update ASAP.
  11. What are the chances of some other version of DLSS coming to consoles? A very optimised version of that sounds like the only way consoles are going to hit 60fps with Ray Tracing (before we get pro versions of them)
  12. They are an unusual absence of impressions of this game in here.... I’m guessing more of the same (which is not bad thing).
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