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  1. I had a blast on this yesterday - and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Feels quite nice skidding around corners. And as mentioned above - the US commentators and cheap Forza Horisoness of it - is really grating though.
  2. This is on Gamepass as of next week? That was quick...
  3. i bought one of these kits based on this image!!! It was absolutely feckin lush... the meat was soooooo much nicer than what I get from my local butcher.. really wish I could get just that (rather than the whole kit) but I suspect it’s exclusive to burger and beyond. But whatever they are doing it’s delicious. Also where do you get real American cheese in the UK? The cheese single packs are not the same atall - and again this burger and beyond kit had legit American cheese that was soooo much nicer. They must be sourcing it somewhere in the UK?
  4. I keep watching that thinking how much it would have blown my 10 year old self's mind back in 1986. We is in the future.
  5. Really? For cheap maybe, but I think they could have done a lot more than that for £50.
  6. Great - there is another one coming. Id have just thought that co-op story driven games were more of a thing, considering how much fun this (pretty average) game was. It's a genre of its own and feels ripe for experimenting with and taking further.
  7. What an interesting game. Love the idea of a cinematic story driven dual player game and despite some clunkiness this felt like it was doing something genuinely new. Played it through with one of my best mates who’s only recently come back to gaming (after 20 years!) and it was the perfect game for that. is there anything else out there like this? (Dual player cinematic game) as this is a genre that I feel there should be alot more of, but I can’t see anything obvious..
  8. Grey Jedi sounds about as exciting as the colour implies.
  9. We haven’t had an aerial for like 15 years and I don’t miss it atall. So much time wasting shit that we would just stick on because it was there. Actually choosing the content you want to watch is much more valuable to me. I hate live sports and bake off so maybe that explains why it works for me.
  10. Its never happened before in a franchise this big, but I bet a lot of options are being talked through internally. Its never really good when you have essentially lost the interest of a large number of your hardcore fanbase.
  11. Has anyone got the link for that twitch channel that alerts you to UK stock?
  12. I remember playing the (at the time) super secret Halo 2 - 3 weeks before launch in French ..
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