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  1. What is wrong with everyone? Jesus. Its just a teaser trailer. I think this team will produce about the best Ghostbusters film you can expect in this era... It might not feature a bunch of dudes retreading the same old story tropes - but I think will give us a hugely enjoyable family film that might actually have some great new characters. And who knows where they go from there.
  2. It looks like a lower key, small town story - but that maybe exactly what the franchise needs. Jason Reitman knows how to do great small stories with really great characters. And let's face it - he properly knows more about Ghostbusters than anyone currently working in Hollywood (having grown up on the sets of the originals). I think this film is going to surprise everyone.
  3. Jason Reitman is great director in his own right. I, for one, can't wait to see what he does with this.
  4. That sounds a bit like you are stuck in the past before the future has even begun. The future isn’t some inevitable road map that’s been laid out by blade runner. It’s bubbles of innovative thinkers that set out to change the world - one step at a time. No it’s not there yet- but AR/VR (which at some point will converge) will get smaller, lighter and more immersive until it’s basically the main way people experience content. And I can see it dividing a generation in the same way email or computer literacy did. Lots of older people won’t take to it, but that’s not going to stop the generation below them.
  5. That demonstrates some of the sparkle that was missing from TLJ for me. I like.
  6. And done. Totally enjoyed this game and was sad to see it end.
  7. Actually it wasn’t originally leia (as in the original shooting script). It was a reference to a mysterious other that was supposed to turn up in an Episode 8 treatment (circa 1980). Lucas just decided to wrap that thread up into Leia when he was sick of Star Wars in 82 and didn’t want to make anymore. Because of this, I've always felt it was pretty vague in ESB, and could be a possible opening for Disney to create new stories post the skywalkers. Maybe.
  8. Where is the Tarantino version of Shatner going medieval on a Clingon's ass?
  9. Really liked the cinematic look of the previous 2 episodes - but some of episode 3 looked really cheap...
  10. Rian was never coming back after the TLJ backlash.. whether he knew it or not. He was either in-denial or enjoying trolling the people that hated his film. I suspect the latter. I quite like the Rey and Ren scenes, but those aside, I really don't think he did anything especially original with the film, or even made it very surprising. His remit seemed to be anti-drama, which is about the least satisfying way you could approach a space opera imo. So I, for one I'm pleased he is no longer part of the plan.
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