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  1. Wonderm

    Google Stadia

    From a major artist's point of view there is a lot of money to be made from streaming, but at a lower level (I.e. 10k or less streams for smaller independent artist), its not really that much money, especially if you look at conversion rates if the product had been sold rather than streamed. Most lower level artist money is realistically made via bandcamp as opposed to streaming services. I suppose you could argue that the steam store is the gaming equivalent but the profit margins are pretty different from what I understand. That said if you're an artist who finds their musical internally playlisted by spotify or featured on home screen--particularly for apple music on the latter, weirdly- there is a significant jump in plays that can seem substantial when it comes to royalties. You do get people trying to cater for those now as well though. Sorry for the digression
  2. It is seamless to be honest. Just a shame there isn't a better skin
  3. How is performance for people like me who don't have a pro? Only got an old base model
  4. Well I think Asphalt is great. Can't all like the same thing. Been playing a lot of multiplayer and its a really good laugh. I am under lots of medical attention to be fair but I didn't equate it to the switch
  5. Asphalt 9 is so good by the way. Got to be the best arcade racer on the system, can't believe its free.
  6. Monkey Ball Blitz HD- is Monkey Target on it and is it the real deal like the gamecube ones where you roll down a hill, or do you get fired out of a fucking cannon?
  7. I hadn't played a resident evil in probably ten years before this week. Couple of lunch breaks and about an hour last night. Great vibe to the beginning of this but it certainly feels old in a way that only ageing 3d games do. Enjoying it so far though i am really really struggling with ammo. Not playing that well at all at the moment. Might start again with a bit more discipline
  8. Time Fighters? It's not a brother and sister but the leads are two kids- they do go all over the world but during different times through the ages etc Its 70s but got redubbed for 80s VHS release
  9. Oh man I would love a retro amiga. Hope this becomes more than baseless speculation
  10. I owned this but never completed it, or even got close I think. Seems like a good opportunity to give it a go. Dolphin should be able to emulate this on a variety of PCs - the wiki gives preferred settings https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Resident_Evil_Zero
  11. Just Everybody's Golf in general. I'd play those courses for the whole of my retirement, constantly being humiliated by the courses I can do in my sleep with a joypad. Beautiful game. Also Shenmue would be a lovely little week away.
  12. Does that pico psu mean I can run a JP Dreamcast without the step down transformer? This gdemu has took over my house to be honest. Only real downer is just how bad the music is in sonic adventure 2
  13. I feel like I say this a lot but why has Cosmic Smash never been ported to anything else. Was playing it for a few hours last night and it's almost perfect. Bit unforgiving in that you will get bumped back to the start if you don't pass a stage but it's the only fault. I definitely used to be a lot better at it though, was struggling with trick shot finishes. Have to get better again!
  14. This was the right answer. What was the bootleg disc called with all the VMU saves on it?
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