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  1. Have they really made a mess of monkey target? It would be 90% of the reason i would be buying this
  2. In weird timing we were talking about an Earthbound remaster the other day on Teams so im going to go for that And a new cosmic smash Can't see another racing game from Nintendo unless its excitebike really
  3. Type 4 is obscenely good on duckstation. It could almost be an early ps2 game
  4. What's that one on the top row with the mad looking kid on it
  5. I think you right click on the game (i dont know what this would be on xbox), memory card editor, import save? It converts it for you
  6. Infinite retries means i might actually finish expert mode for the first time, all for it. Fucking level 7
  7. Its been a long time but im sure you used to be able to change/trick the bios on the system with DC-SWAT? I don't know if that works if you're not using discs though Have you thought about changing the bios? It would probably be cheaper than getting a gdrom clone Sure theyre only about 15 quid
  8. I played through metal gear and metal gear vr with this and I still can't quite believe how good a job they've done with it. It's like witchcraft! I should probably dust off some more of the classics tbh, went down a golf black hole recently though
  9. Deciding that PlayStation 3 is retro now, thought I'd update the thread. Been playing sega golf club a couple of evenings this week Don't really like the stream too much but very few good videos of it on YouTube there. It's a bit clunky in places but still pretty chilled out, and got some nice challenging holes in places. Doesn't seem like there's a huge amount to it but not bad at all Not sure how I didn't know about this one but I've forgotten a lot of things. just playing through emulators at the moment now I have a better pc.
  10. Do you mean lode runner? It is pretty good
  11. That's what I thought, oh well. Wish there was something with the form factor of the vita that could emulate upto dreamcast, it's just right for everything else Or up to gamecube even. Maybe one day
  12. Is it not the atari empire strikes back game? Not quite a spaceship but fits all other criteria God I'm old
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