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  1. How is the gamecube support coming along? Framerate was pretty slow the last time I looked into it, outside of the usual suspects.
  2. Wonderm

    Nintendo Switch

    Its just a shame it'll be the same recycled NES games that have been knocking round for years. Price is hardly prohibitive but first impressions just seem lazy- at least open up the relatively untapped market (for Nintendo VC anyway) of GBA games or N64 rather than the same old same old. Seems bizarre to me that it's easier to play something like Metroid Zero Mission on my vita than Nintendo's actual hardware. Oh well I'll still pay it anyway and just moan
  3. What's the n64 emulation like? Only want the thq wwf/wcw games really, although a generalisation will do
  4. Are there any good games set in the Vietnamese conflicts? Maybe not the best thread to ask that but oh well it's done now
  5. Wonderm

    Nintendo Switch

    Sorry to go back in time a bit but there's a demo of this on the Japanese e-shop if you want a look. There's very little text so you can get a feel for it.

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