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  1. Nothing other than free stuff for holding down R2. The winter event was handing out steamworks tickets to exchange for random decos, which was nice. Still didn't get a Guard Up, mind.
  2. Much like the base game the first few monsters ease you into things quite nicely, but it ramps up fairly quickly. Health boost and maybe divine blessing skills become almost mandatory a few hours in.
  3. I had it all mapped out in my earlier post, with bouts of Monster Hunter World interspersed, but some suspicious, exciting Switchgame-proportioned packages are under the tree.
  4. I should be able to sort you out. Will be on a fair bit after today but can probably hop on for a bit this evening sometime around 7.30.
  5. I can check this evening. I have investigations if you're after mats.
  6. Going to have another stab at Witcher III. I keep picking it up when I'm at the end of some other giant open world RPG and I lose interest quickly in favour of some action - Fallout 4 and Dragon's Dogma are the main culprits I can think of. If it still doesn't take, I have God of War, Spiderman and Titanfall II to look at
  7. The new Defender weapons will carry you right through the base game if you just want to blast through it to Iceborne. (Yes, you need to finish the base story to get to Iceborne) Don't sell or meld the attack decoration you get for free Divine Blessing and Health Boost skills will make your life a lot more comfortable There's a trophy for helping people in LR and HR, so you should get carries from MR folk if you throw up an SOS flare Enjoy Kirin.
  8. New monster announced, landing 5 December. Spoilers: https://mobile.twitter.com/monsterhunter/status/1198514779767410694
  9. I'm not a player, but my girl is and I plan to buy either Sword or Shield for her, for her Birthday. How to choose? Is there a hierarchy here? Will I be banished to the sofa if I choose the Pokemon equivalent of a Honda Jazz? I'd be grateful for guidance.
  10. Edit: This thread was not so relevant-ish.
  11. Anyone tried, or planning to try the RE/Horizon crossover? I'll be pootling about most of the weekend. Currently on the oh so slow grind to MR69 :/ Also, new Monster announcement for a December update coming soon.
  12. Danno

    Pokemon Go

    If the ToS is the same as Ingress there's a specific clause (and accompanying community pariahship) about 'backpack' accounts.
  13. Danno

    Pokemon Go

    The highlight was the anthropomorphic hotdog applying his own ketchup. Should keep me awake a few nights I kinda quoted that badly
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