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  1. *Must have 20,000+ Youtube subscribers to be eligible to purchase.
  2. Blast 40 litres of crackle paint from a hose and call it done
  3. It's halved the buyout prices and as I'm writing this there's a listing at £170, with 0 bids, expiring in under an hour. I approve.
  4. That's definitely how it reads: £4 a month for what is effectively a poor version of battlescribe and £25 per army to turn it into merely adequate battlescribe (but still £4 a month and oh yeah psychic awakening II or the equivalent no doubt starts in 2021 so get ready for another £25 per book reckoning and new codexes are already confirmed). I will happily admit I could be missing something. Teeny edit: best part of £50 a year as a starting point.
  5. And I expect action against Battlescribe before long.
  6. I cannot think of a more fucking cynical cashgrab. And I wanted this sort of idea, rules-in-one-place-wise, to happen, in this very thread.
  7. The new box set looks excellent. I don't collect either army but I'm definitely buying one. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/13/warhammer-40000-preview-whats-in-the-boxgw-homepage-post-1/
  8. I can see them trying to balance the first turn advantage a bit more via the strategem phase The Crusade system sounds fun - with the caveat that it could get bogged down in rules upon rules quite easily: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/02/join-the-crusadegw-homepage-post-1/
  9. Yes, I can't remember where I saw it, but GW clarified that it would remain that way. I guess it could be inferred by how firm they were on 9th being an evolution rather than a revolution.
  10. Denying traffic to certain outlets is a pretty good reason too, tbf.
  11. Here's a starting point https://www.reddit.com/r/TTSWarhammer40k/comments/e5oa0y/psa_if_youre_new_around_here_please_read_this_post/ I started fiddling about with it today and it's far, far (faaaaaaaar) from intuitive. If you'd be more comfortable learning the ropes with someone else that has no idea what they're doing I'd be glad to team up
  12. I like Battlescribe, a lot, but I find it clunky to work with for rules. I don't see that getting any better as it's barely avoiding a takedown order as it is Also I could easily spend half a day building my list, before I look at what my buddy might play to get a fix on what kind of nonsense he might bring along. After which I'd like to adjust my own nonsense. Plus something where you can quickly type in, or start typing "Plasma Gun" (for the sake of example) or "Butcher Cannon Array" and the weapon profile appears would be neat.
  13. I'd like an online rules repository, on either a subscription or a season pass model. It's not perfect, but neither is potentially hundreds of £s in books (which they update annually in the form of Chapter Approved). It's really messy. See my earlier post about Chaos' faction rules being spread across £200+ of literature. For the business aspect, I think there would be enough of a take up for it to work for them financially, and I'm definitely not the only player frustrated at this, so they would generate some goodwill to boot - I'm certainly not arguing that the books should go, just that another, more streamlined option can and could exist alongside them.
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