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  1. I think I'm going to pick this up over the weekend. I'm not a fan of the original, it was one of the few n64 games from Rare that left me cold, but after reading this thread I'm a bit excited for it (also I really want a game for my 360 since I haven't used it since finishing halo 3 :s ) Does anyone know if the Japanese version will be available in English at all?
  2. I got this yesterday. The commentaries are quite good aren't they.
  3. http://www.bravia-advert.com/includes/vid/...50_sec_high.mov you can download the big version from here and the music: http://www.myspace.com/josegonzalezmusic
  4. Who do you think makes them for Toys R Us? they don't just magically appear from moon beams! I have to run this sweatshop full of goddamn elves 24/7 B)
  5. can someone make one for me? I'm busy making toys and checking my list.
  6. What was the whole list like? was Phil Silvers in it at all?
  7. And that stupid fish who let you shoot him, you know - just for practice. and the pirates
  8. If you liked/ loved Mario Tennis 64 then you will feel the same about this. Just ignore the stupid extra levels. I think this game is way above average - especially in multiplayer. But does nothing really to improve on the last game.
  9. Seeing that scene in a cinema was fantactic - i the new ones seem to lose alot when they go to the small screen.
  10. I just got my the dvds of the old films and they are fantastic. I quite liked episode one - but i think the reason the news ones aren't quite as good is because the characters are not as interesting anymore - they are missing a Han Solo or Lando. all the good guys are too nice! (aside from Anakin)
  11. how did you get over 3k in the whale level? i am still addicted to this game, going back through the levels figuring out high combo routes is great fun. I love the way it gives you tips too - some of them are very handy.
  12. I have just started playing this (and Doom 3) recently. Pretty good in most places, but i do find the buggy and hovercraft sections are really boring. And i think, after reading everyone elses opinions on this, it doesn't live up to my expectations - much like Halo. But i guess that's what happens when you join in late with a game. Doom 3 is ok too - quite scary.
  13. That shopkeeper in starfox adventures is very annoying and the voice acting in operation flashpoint is very very bad. The typical londoner commentator for nigel carver in waverace bluestorm is funny (especially the way he says buoy) and Conker's voice is good
  14. Well, I know if I couldn't master a game within three days i'd sell it too.
  15. The lava dungeon was fantastic. I find it hard to believe anyone who like any of the previos 3D versions of Zelda can discribe this game as the biggest pile of wank nintendo have come up with since yoshi's story. All the same basic game play elements are there. Admittedly, i found the story lacked something after the playing Majora's Mask, but it's still a fantastic, utterly absorbing game. The game world is totally convincing, i think it's nice that nintendo have given it a unique style, rather than just adding toon shading. I think it has a alot of charm to it
  16. That link is pretty cool, but he seems a bit off at the start
  17. Metal Gear Solid and the Philosopher's Stone.
  18. Aren't they just. I am surprised that anyone with the internet still buys Edge.
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