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  1. Inspiration. I asked the new artist guy to have a look at these books (they're great) and do some sci-fi stuff that looked kind of similar. They're far too close for me to be comfortable and it'll need to change for the final game, but to show the direction we're heading I think they're good. We want the world to feel a bit like Vostok Inc imagined by Simon Stalenhag.
  2. Ooh. I've not played Inside. I'll play inside, outside.
  3. Certainly sound effects wise But phantom menace can eat one.
  4. Posted a shot yesterday on Reddit and apparently a few news places covered it.
  5. A bunch of the planets in Vostok Inc are named after fans of our last game
  6. I'm hoping it's even more so. Not using idle mechanics as such, more RPG levelling and loot grind systems, but in a genre you might not expect. It's shaping up really quite well. Just need to find a publisher (or some cash).
  7. Um.... really sorry about this but.... ummm... there's a patch and the final boss drops a shed load more loot making getting more stuff a bit easier... also, there's another "cutscene" at the very end. It's a bit crap but it's an homage to some of my favorite games. Sorry. (also thanks for playing)
  8. Thought I'd pop in and peddle my filthy wares. Vostok Inc. is on sale on Switch right now and has 20% off. Demo also available. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Vostok-Inc--1312755.html
  9. Good spot. Can'tremember what happened to the planet then, if it was removed or if we renamed it.
  10. Doing an AMA on reddit, if anyone at all cares...
  11. Can't remember. Isn't it the name of the Sun? I'll have a check in a bit. Definitely in the last system though.
  12. I usually do, but for some reason this one tickled me. I guess because it's such a ridiculously expensive car in the first place, and the number plate was still anonymous plus sort of nerdy in a way. That and it's one of the few that's correctly spelled rather than D4VE 15 CO0L
  13. Not a username but a few years ago I saw an Aston Martin with the number plate "A 007 FAN". Tickled me.
  14. Bully was pretty good for minigames. I was surprised GTAV only had 1 game and nothing on the player's phones.
  15. I loooove minigames in games. We put a shitload of extra stuff in The Hungry Horde my personal fave being the end credits... basically the credits scroll was on a tv screen and if you moved the sticks you'd realise you were in an FPS on a nice desert island. All of us devs were there and you could shoot us and we'd turn into zombies and sort of attack you (though there wasn't really any gameplay. At the end of an island there was a tiki hut with pong in it, which you could then play. Also we had a twin stick zombie shooter in the game, so tyou were a zombie playing a game where you're a guy shooting zombies.... and in that minigame there was a weapon upgrade system, the final mystery upgrade was a breakout game. A minigame in a minigame. Playing it unlocked the Gameception trophy. Obviously Vostok carries that on with 13 minigames. Here's the FPS
  16. Go to system 1 and get into a battle with one of the static turrets. Then go make a cuppa. Sorted
  17. Just cosmetics. We did have different inertia values but I HATED IT! and am the boss so we removed it!
  18. We do quite a few things to intentionally frustrate the player and then give them a thing to buy that alleviates the frustration, for example having to follow orbit lines to find a planet, then you discover you can track them on the radar, having to go to planets each time to collect earnings, then you discover the ATM and so on. It's that feeling of "maaan, I wish this game had *something*, oh... it does!" we were going for. The multibuy option on planets was almost an upgrade. Can't remember why we didn't do it.
  19. None taken, and I can totally empathise. The game doesn't do the same for me but gambling definitely does. There's a definite end point if that helps, but thanks for the purchase either way. Yakuza 5 I've abandoned somewhere in the second chapter after Really, really enjoyed what I'd played but for some reason playing stuff on PS3 feels like taking a step back (despite having fully replayed Shenmue on Dreamcast last October). I think I'll go back to it at some point. Tiny Metal I bought it for an advance wars fix. It's functional in that respect but there's loads of stuff that feels off. Taking turns feels unsatisying, important text is illegible, the feedback for doing stuff just doesn't feel right. Bloodborne it was free and it's infuriating. I keep being told that I (me specifically) will love it by some close gamer friends and that I just need to give it a few more hours, but... I ... Just can't bring myself to boot it.
  20. Heads up. Xbox one version is heavily discounted in the sale at the moment. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/p/vostok-inc/bxnjj4g254n3
  21. A folder of the babble talking SFX http://s000.tinyupload.com/download.php?file_id=12779862372266623630&t=1277986237226662363059031
  22. Nice of BadLand to let me know ffs. This is news to me. Cheers. I'm not nice, friendly, yes, but deep down I'm an awful bastard. I can send you some MP3s of the voices for your daughter if you like though. My fave is the 5th system's queen. Some tips/pointers: - If you get killed enemies level down by 5 or 6 levels for about 5 minutes. If you're really struggling with a boss one tactic is to save up double what you need (maybe disable an ATM in the system as it's like a piggy bank, fight the boss and if you're killed try again as soon as possible while they're still levelled down. - As soon as you have execs, you'll notice your MPS drop constantly. It's because they're always after more stuff. Best way to get their food is just shooting stuff during normal gameplay. Minigames don't reward that much. - Buildings get 20% (iirc) more expensive each time you buy one on a planet, however you can also buy multiples of 10, 100 and MAX (however many you can afford). If you've noticed them jump up really quickly that's probably what's happened. Just press triangle/Y/X (depending on platform to switch your build amounts. - super advanced tactic if you're short on cash ... go cook dinner, do some chores or go for a pint, and leave the switch on. - super duper advanced tactic - once you have the stowaway upgrade, find somewhere with loads of enemy spawns and kill stuff, BUT DON'T collect any manager spawns. Let them sort of float about until they've got hardly any oxygen. Hopefully you'll have more than one manager on screen or at least close in terms of spawn time. With the way the system was written, when there's a manager active, all other manager will be that same type, and if you end up with 2 consultants (the 777X guys), because they stack, you can get a huge boost for about 30 seconds. It's quite rare but I've had 3 stacks before. - super secret player trolling. There's a few stupid things I added just to troll players. My faves are: a secret room in the FPS minigame. It does nothing, and if you've got the lightsaber weapon there's a 1/500 chance each time you use it that you'll get Kylo Ren's crossblade things come out. -
  23. Did you give the Vostok demo a shot?
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