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  1. Inspiration. I asked the new artist guy to have a look at these books (they're great) and do some sci-fi stuff that looked kind of similar. They're far too close for me to be comfortable and it'll need to change for the final game, but to show the direction we're heading I think they're good. We want the world to feel a bit like Vostok Inc imagined by Simon Stalenhag.
  2. Ooh. I've not played Inside. I'll play inside, outside.
  3. Certainly sound effects wise But phantom menace can eat one.
  4. Posted a shot yesterday on Reddit and apparently a few news places covered it.
  5. A bunch of the planets in Vostok Inc are named after fans of our last game
  6. I'm hoping it's even more so. Not using idle mechanics as such, more RPG levelling and loot grind systems, but in a genre you might not expect. It's shaping up really quite well. Just need to find a publisher (or some cash).
  7. Um.... really sorry about this but.... ummm... there's a patch and the final boss drops a shed load more loot making getting more stuff a bit easier... also, there's another "cutscene" at the very end. It's a bit crap but it's an homage to some of my favorite games. Sorry. (also thanks for playing)
  8. Thought I'd pop in and peddle my filthy wares. Vostok Inc. is on sale on Switch right now and has 20% off. Demo also available. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Vostok-Inc--1312755.html
  9. Good spot. Can'tremember what happened to the planet then, if it was removed or if we renamed it.
  10. Doing an AMA on reddit, if anyone at all cares...
  11. Can't remember. Isn't it the name of the Sun? I'll have a check in a bit. Definitely in the last system though.
  12. I usually do, but for some reason this one tickled me. I guess because it's such a ridiculously expensive car in the first place, and the number plate was still anonymous plus sort of nerdy in a way. That and it's one of the few that's correctly spelled rather than D4VE 15 CO0L
  13. Not a username but a few years ago I saw an Aston Martin with the number plate "A 007 FAN". Tickled me.
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