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  1. there's a theme developing
  2. more weirdness in IGG comments...RCL are telling backer 'mrcoops' that they've contacted him, but that he has "declined" his refund. - he flatly denies this. any response on twitter yet from O'Dreary?
  3. cutting edge sex doll? sounds painful... btw I now make that over 50 different backers who have posted on IGG since yesterday voicing their displeasure at the 'update'
  4. so RCL say the reason for this stack of updates is because "A lot of people asked for this and so on balance we decided to finally share this information" hmm yeah, definitely, judging by these 20 different backers' responses today: lol! edit - 32 different backers have now posted on IGG saying how pointless they thought today's updates were.
  5. exactly! it really is as simple as that.
  6. yeah why would he say that... so many rabbit-holes to go down here!
  7. tbh it's one of my fav speccy games too (probably in my top 10) , and I didn't catch that typo... oops. just remembered something else...more persons of interest: Oliver Twins. what's their involvement here, they seem totally pro-vega+ from what I've seen? the thing is, RCL said they attended the infamous 'launch party' on Oct 20th 2016... on 21st Oct they posted: I was already suspect about the campaign then then, and remember looking at Oliver Twins twitter page at the time. not only do they mention nothing about attending the vega+ launch party, but from the 19th to the 21st Oct '16 they were apparently "very busy" attending some academy award ceremony in Wawrickshire or something, and posting pics/updates of that... it's still there to see on their twitter page but I don't know how to embed twitter stuff here. just thought that was odd...
  8. according to RCL he was. from the retro-computers.com daily blog page: interesting to see if he remembers?! edit - sorry didn't see you just found that post as well...
  9. had to be done! - reminds me, wasn't Dermot O'Leary bragging about having been given his own personal vega+, ages ago? wonder what happened with that.
  10. arf. and I guess it must've been done, but I haven't seen a single 'Suzanne Vega' joke anywhere since this all began... highly disappointing if not.
  11. just seen update on retro-computers site about lee fogarty now piping up to slam RCL for all their incompetence and suggesting he should take over the project. does he not realise everyone knows he's a liar, and was telling everyone how GREAT the vega+ was going to be, well into May last year and beyond - then when he suddenly went rogue he claimed he played a vega+ in APRIL and knew the project was doomed cause it was so crap. all his WoS posts about it are archived. he is a liar. the end.
  12. fair enough...obviously it was never the lateness that vega+ backers were angry about, it was rcl's lack of communication and attitude. btw I like how RCL say their email gets spammed with 10K troll emails a day (!) whenever they post an update, yet they also keep on pointing they are "overwhelmed" with positive emails thanking them... must have literally the busiest inbox in the world!
  13. "about to ship", same as the Vega+ since sept '16 then! just had a look, they seem to be more on the ball than RCL. but is that hard? this backer comment from 1 day ago though.. tbh I've never been tempted by crowdfunding and don't think I ever will be...
  14. I remember they were responding to just about every backer asking for a refund using their first names a while back. it looked dodgy then as well!
  15. haha, MrCoops last reply there completely hangs them out to dry...

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