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  1. God of War - 20th April, 2018

    The implication is all those games are focused on being cinematic, have a serious plot, share a 3rd person close camera, light RPG and crafting elements and focus on visuals/narrative at the expense of gameplay. The criticism is that Sony games (with a couple of exceptions like Ratchet & Clank) are becoming formulaic, and they're even completely changing God of War to fit this template. A bit like the Ubisoft formula which is mentioned regarding all their games having towers and a similar open world.
  2. God of War - 20th April, 2018

    Incorrect. God of War traditionally had a story and a few cutscenes, but it never attempted to be an interactive movie like the new title. The removal of transitions between game and cinematics further blurs that line. In the clip you show there is the removal of gore with yellow "blood" and on-screen prompts for very simple game mechanics. Further evidence the game is dumbed down for a younger audience. I don't know your level of experience with combat systems in action games, but the new gameplay uses what I call Arkham-combat, as popularised by the Batman game. The weight of your movement has a "sliding" effect, where the game engine automatically slides you towards the nearest enemy when you attack. The effect is to make the game easier and look flashy, at the expense of true player control. The sex minigames were fun, and reminiscent of the erotic tropes in horror films. The new game is being a super serious dad simulator, so of course they were removed. I'm disappointed so many people like this new direction, I'm just tired of every first-party Sony title being shoved into a cookie-cutter cinematic mould.
  3. God of War - 20th April, 2018

    GoW only ran its course if you don't enjoy action games, and basically want an entirely different game. For anyone doubting the new title reflects the Sony trend of trying to make interactive movies, see the trailer below. Looks like a vast amount of effort went into cinematics and gameplay was given less importance. In fact gameplay is barely mentioned in interviews or trailers, everything is a "narrative experience".
  4. Speaking as a designer, the new website suffers from a lack of visual hierarchy between the different elements of the site - everything is entirely too white and the only contrast used is typography size. It's a shame so many "redesigns" remove any trace of character or personality - this might as well be a generic Wordpress theme. It's a video game website! The design should reference that and make it a celebration.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Doom is £10 on most platforms, I'm amazed at the price difference for Nintendo
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Doom is popular with kids.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Early development of Pokémon Switch has leaked (unconfirmed):
  8. I love the look of their console, and the controller appears to have a superior D-Pad than the Switch.
  9. Ni No Kuni 2 - Revenant Kingdom (PC/PS4)

    Apparently it's well optimized and runs well on older hardware.
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Gravity Rush or Gravity Rush 2. Some of the most amazing games on the PS4, they have a truly unique atmosphere and fun gravity-shifting gameplay. Currently on sale through the PlayStation Store, only £6.49 or £10.24 respectively.
  11. Ni No Kuni 2 - Revenant Kingdom (PC/PS4)

    Currently sitting at 89 on OpenCritic. Pre-ordered.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    You would play the same games on your telly with a Pro Controller... Just a personal preference, I'd rather have a cheaper console as I have zero interest in the tablet. I own a Wii U and never used the tablet unless it was mandatory. They made a 3DS without any 3D, it might happen.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch is having a hardware revision, I'm hoping they sell a version without the tablet:
  14. Kirby Star Allies - Out now!!

    Some fantastic news Never underestimate a Kirby game.
  15. God of War - 20th April, 2018

    It looks so slow. I know a lot of people here like cinematic slow-paced games like Last of Us or Uncharted, but I feel Sony didn't need to make God of War into that sort of game too. Hopefully the final game will still be fun, but so far the trailers show lots of walking about slowly having a chat, and cutscenes, not gameplay.

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