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  1. That must have been some damn bad luck. It seems to me these are the words that trip most people up. Anything with a double letter and multiple options if you don't hit the critical letter early on. Having said that I'm dreading the day XYLYL is word of the day.
  2. Four guesses down and only two letters found. For the first time ever I thought I was going to gump it, but recovered in the nick of time and squeaked a 6. Sometimes the luck just doesn't run your way. 31 streak preserved. Phew.
  3. Sugar's rambling before firing someone has always been there but he's done it so many times now that it's starting to look like early onset dementia (actually, he's quite old so it wouldn't strictly be classed as early onset). He's throwing in lazy phrases such as "I'm struggling with this one," "and for that reason," and "regretfully" like one of his own company's automated telephone robots. Ironically this was something he wanted to put into Room 101 when he went on it. I would've played that Time game if it had been developed by Arkane Studios. But with a 4 year dev cycle and budget.
  4. Jewel Fever 2 (Switch) I picked this up on a whim for about 89p and it has provided me with a good 10 hours of entertainment. It's a match 3 with a... actually it has no twist or narrative or additional gameplay element other than giving you 15 challenges to complete like 'hit a score of 100,000 plus'. It is as basic as they come (I can't imagine what the first Jewel Fever was like given how standard this is) but it is the perfect game when you need some digital crack but can't be bothered engaging the brain. Having said all that It'd still be nice for it to have some ultimate goal or progression system. 5/10
  5. Limbo (Switch) I played this on Xbox a number of years ago and never did get to the end so when it came up in a sale recently I snapped it up. I have mixed feelings to be honest. I love the atmosphere and pared back nature of the narrative and puzzling but towards the end I found it a slog. I can see why I never did finish it all those years ago. I think once you get to the more industrial parts the puzzles become more trial and error and less organic. For the most part you die three or four times attempting to find that eureka moment, but by the end this multiplies considerably and it becomes far more punishing and plain annoying. I also think it suffers in comparison to Inside which contains one of the best narratives in videogames and is a smoother and more interesting game all round. I can see why this got a lot of love when it was first released but the last third tarnished it for me. It's not a great sign when you just want something to be over. 6/10
  6. It was the same ending as Still Game.
  7. Wow, they've managed to scrape the bottom of the barrel and find a trap door that leads into a dunny.
  8. I saw this a few days ago and it feels very apt. Bearing in mind it's now 12 years old. I do still watch The Apprentice from time to time but the quality of idiots has declined.
  9. I don't think this will take off. I got it in 4 but it was too much of a struggle cuming up with rude words.
  10. I found this disappointing. Went in knowing nothing about it and it was so thin. The bus scene was decent but it descended into silliness very quickly afterwards. I think it was the contradiction between all the bad guys getting realistically fucked up and him bouncing back from any injury like he was Deadpool that really undermined everything. (Deep stabwound to the thigh? I'll just put a bit of glue on it and it'll be right as rain by the morning). I suppose you can dismiss these criticisms by saying it wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but I personally found the interesting set up/premise jarred with the fantastical tonal direction it took. Ultimately there was no substance to any of it behind the set pieces. I don't mean to throw a turd onto the dancefloor but I'm surprised it's so highly regarded here.
  11. I change my starting word every time. I don't know if this is a good strategy but it adds a frisson of excitement to my day.
  12. That's made me think: SHITE could be a good opener if it's in the games dictionary.
  13. This was by far the weakest of the three.
  14. Yes, today's is a killer. I scraped it in 6. Let the fun begin.
  15. Sacrilege. The N64 controller was wonderful. The analogue stick nuanced and responsive. Mario 64, 1080 and GoldenEye wouldn't have been the games that they were without it. And the rumblePak was innovative and genuinely added a then unrivalled level of immersion to game experiences back then.
  16. Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned. Ok it looked cool (to a 12 year-old) but it practically forced you to play games one-handed. (But not actually as bad as the Jaguar pad that was like playing a game holding a brick).
  17. It is an incredible story. The doc is up there with The Staircase and Making a Murderer.
  18. Never choose poorly when it comes to the grail.
  19. Resident Evil 4 I finished this at the back end of last year. Here's my review from another thread if anyone is swithering on buying it. (Do). Easily the best narrative / adventure game native to Quest. It feels massive compared to the likes of Vader Immortal and Saints & Sinners. They've done a brilliant job converting it to VR and all the extra hands on lever pulling and gun-loading features gives you a sense of being there second to none. It's testament to how brilliant the original design was that this 16 year-old game still competes with anything else on the market right now. Little touches - such as villagers continuing to stumble towards you even though their heads have been blasted off, and being able to shoot sticks of dynamite out of their hands - makes more modern games like Arizona Sunshine feel pedestrian. If there's one minor criticism it's that a couple of the boss fights have suffered in the conversion to VR. The leviathan fight, for instance, gives you no haptic feedback when you pierce it with spears and therefore felt a bit flat. It was also too easy. Free movement gives you too much leeway to run rings round the enemies and bar a few of the more epic pitched battles I breezed through this. (This latter criticism is probably offset by the unlocking of Professional mode once the first play through is achieved.) 9/10
  20. Untitled Goose Game is £8.99 until Jan 16th. This hardly ever gets a price drop so I'm all in.
  21. That's a great fact. After watching the show I also read that Helen Mirren recommended Scott Ryan to a Hollywood agent after loving the show. He's now been signed up and is exploring several movie ideas. Hopefully we will see more of his work in the near future.
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