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  1. Of all the Carry On films they could've remade and they went for this.
  2. I really like this but I need a break from it now. I reckon I must be about 50 percent through it but it's been a solid month of the same loop. Don't get me wrong, the game is ace but there's just so much of it. In contrast I'm playing a season of F1 and enjoying the simple pleasures of hitting an apex. I'll be back next week no doubt.
  3. Yes this makes up for all of us who went for a couple of weeks ago.
  4. To be fair, I don't think we're going to see this movie very often.
  5. Yes, it's entirely possible to play for an hour without any progress, but then progress is subjective. Even if you don't level up, find an item or reach a grace point you will have subliminally absorbed useful information such as enemy placement, movesets and geographical data. It sounds like you're playing it the right way in the sense that if something is bashing you then just come back later. I'm not particularly skilled at all with these games yet I will eventually beat them because you can power up instead of exploring. I think of it a bit like that scene in Superman 2 where Clark Kent loses his powers and gets battered by the barfly bully, only to go back later to kick the shit out of him.
  6. Oh shit, I got three "hugs" from her. I hope they're not cumulative.
  7. I've really enjoyed reading the posts here. Bought this on launch day and I've only just taken down Margit. What a fight! I've been skipping the odd post so as not to spoiler coming areas and bosses but the exploration in this is epic. Can't wait to see what's around the next corner. My old man skills are quite bad so the trick is to go at your own pace and level up if it's all getting a bit too much. Basic starting tip for anyone struggling early game for farming runes.
  8. And a comedy hand back scratcher.
  9. I've never bought a big name game at launch before, preferring to wait a few weeks for the price to go down. But I'm all onboard for this journey. Got the last copy at Hamilton Argos just now. Phew!
  10. This is officially my favourite Wordle-style game, including the original. I love how you have to use judicious deductive reasoning to get them all correct before you run out of guesses. I do wish they'd spin the letters around with a bit of animation though.
  11. That is very satisfying. I found it a bit easier than Quordle because as long as you play it safe, deduction alone will give you enough guesses.
  12. I bought this for Switch recently and it's excellent. I've never played a Roguelike with a narrative before and it transforms the experience. The weakness of Rogue games are the feeling that you're chipping away endlessly at something so these interludes work brilliantly to keep engagement up, plus once you complete a section you can begin at the next stage. Added to this is the odd randomly generated trial or unlockable character. But all this would be nothing without the minute to minute combat which is crisp and satisfying. A real Diablo addictive vibe. It's beautiful to look at too. It's a shame Hades has overshadowed it because Children of Morta deserves a lot more love.
  13. This was my favourite moment in season 4. I agree with a couple of others, I wasn't quite feeling it until the last three episodes and then it went into overdrive. They handled the various emotional touchpoints incredibly well. Even Robbie's acting is getting better! Teared up a bit at that part.
  14. To use a Scottish term, this is mince.
  15. This is an odd one. The two star reviews are definitely on the mean side but I can see why. It lacks real heart. All the characters around Drake are cynical aresholes and the constant double crossing gets old very fast. And the humour, which misses the target on every occasion, needs a new writer for the follow up. I think if this aspect had been nailed this would have hung together a lot better. Having said that I still enjoyed portions of it, being a sucker for treasure hunt movies. 3/5
  16. I should add I was a bit rubbish at this game. It took me double the amount of time to solve than for most people. Though I do think there was a last coconut on the island element to it in that I was sucking everything dry. There will be frustrations for sure, but I treated it like a good detective should, going over every element with a forensic obsession. Opening doors in this is even brilliant. All doors should open this way. Edit: minor tip. Watch as many fates as you can before trying to solve. It will increase your enjoyment and cause fewer blockages.
  17. That almost ruined my day. 50/50 on the last try and I went for the lesser used letter believing, probably correctly, that the NYT is out to get us. Wordle paranoia. But success.
  18. Return of the Obra Dinn (Switch) Lucas Pope is a swine. He creates this game and then I discover he also composed the music for it too. Bloody ridiculous. Judging by this majesterial soundtrack, which intricately plots the mood of each diorama, he could easily be composing big Hollywood scores. Is there no end to his talents? I'm suitably envious beyond belief. Onto the game. What an antidote to gaming drift this is. I've been flitting from game to game in recent months, never really getting my teeth into anything. 40 years I've been into this hobby of ours and we all know how rare a new idea is. And bang. This is a whirling waltzer of a title taking your breath away with its depth of narrative and character at one moment then making you smile at its cascading logic and systems the next. How one mind conceived this I will never know. Here's the irony: the thing I love most about it - its originality - is the one thing I crave to be broken time and time again. Having absorbed every beautiful nuance of this over the last few days I want it, nay, need it, to be copied again. The deductive detective system is far beyond anything attempted before and makes LA Noire look like a pull tabs picture book. Lucas Pope. How about a game based around a Wild West ghost town? An accident in a mine? A nuclear disaster? A gumshoe investigating a sex trafficking case? I don't care. I need more of this in my life. But from what I've just read online Lucas Pope is far too talented and creative to churn out more of the same. The swine. So I'm left hoping Return of the Obra Dinn will influence the art of detection in videogames for years to come. I'll be buying whatever he makes next of course. 10/10
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