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  1. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is currently at its lowest price ever (£8.99). I'll have a bit of that. Also, Spelunky 2 is on sale. Anyone played it on Switch?
  2. This has been a consistent series but for me there hasn't been a belter yet. Also, Kid/Nap broke the convention that it has to take place in a single location. Not that I'm complaining, it was decent enough.
  3. As soon as Bradshaw gave this two stars I had to see it. What a ride. I can't wait to see it again as I'm convinced I will enjoy it even more second time around. The daughter was amazing.
  4. I don't think anyone has put Resident Evil 4 as their favourite game but at this rate it has a chance of getting top spot, certainly top 3. This is almost as exciting as Eurovision. Edit: it'll be BotW.
  5. Lovely to see Excite Truck make someone's list. It was on my 'maybes'.
  6. Yes, two episodes in and it fleshes out some of the backstory which is interesting. I love the fact they've included the documentary makers. Talk about meta textual.
  7. I messaged MTCGames and they confirmed the codes will be honoured, but not until the service launches in June. Then codes will be converted. So I believe as I am a PS plus member (with 6 months left) my 12 month PS Now code, which is £47, will convert to 183 days of PlayStation Plus Premium, which is worth about £50. Essentially I get no added value as it is worth pretty much what I pay for it. I'd be as well upgrading to PS Plus Premium, which I believe is £99, and not have the worry or hassle of getting the code. Conversion: 12 month PS Now voucher Non-Subscriber: Converted to 183 Days of PlayStation Plus Premium Essential: Converted to 365 Days of PlayStation Plus Essential Extra: Converted to 219 Days of PlayStation Plus Extra Premium: Converted to 183 Days of PlayStation Plus Premium Best Free PS5 Games To Play In 2022
  8. The ones I've seen are on MTCGames website. 12 month PS Now Gift Card for £47. I can add one to the basket and all looks legit. However, after what @Pelekophoros said it does sound too good to be true. Presumably if you buy one of these gift cards Sony would have to honour it to some degree.
  9. So if I buy a 12 month PS Now subscription in the next couple of days, will this grant me the top tier of the new service for 12 months? These codes still seem to be online for £50. Seems too good to be true... Just for clarity, I have a current PS Plus subscription which has 6 months left on it.
  10. That's why I left my list so late. I'm bound to spot a game I forgot about.
  11. Can someone point out any obvious errors. Ta. 1. Manhunt (video game) 2. Bloodborne 3. Batman: Arkham Asylum 4. Freedom Fighters (video game) 5. Metroid Prime 6. Portal (video game) 7. Return of the Obra Dinn 8. Astro Bot Rescue Mission 9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 11. Demon's Souls 12. Halo: Combat Evolved 13. Cuphead 14. Tetris Effect 15. Dungeon Master (video game) 16. Resident Evil 4 17. Super Mario 64 18. Picross S 19. 1942 (video game) 20. Star Wars Battlefront (2015 video game) Manhunt One of those games that was divisive at the time but I played it to completion three times over and it left a lasting impression. Bags of atmosphere, stealth that worked and gunplay that rivaled anything in its day. Bloodborne The sort of game that stays with you in your dreams. An aesthetic like no other and lore that compelled you to play on. Better than Elden Ring, in my opinion (which hasn't made it into this list due to me only hitting the half way point). Batman: Arkham Asylum This came out of nowhere from a relatively unknown developer and has been influencing videogames ever since. The detective mode is basic by today's standards but it's been copied by everything from Horizon: Zero Dawn to Days Gone. The way areas unlocked was sublime and the combat remains magnificent. Collecting the Joker tapes became an addiction. I can't wait to replay this soon with the Remastered version. Freedom Fighters Another game I played three times over. Just when you felt things were becoming stale IO would ramp up the level design and add another layer of complexity. This needs a sequel, but I'd be happy with a remaster. Metroid Prime Another game that oozes atmosphere. I struggled with the last couple of bosses but it gave me that punching the air feeling that i've only experienced with the Dark Souls games. Portal The sequel may have more depth and complexity but this was the one that pulled at the heartstrings. A genuinely fresh take on the physics/puzzler. Plus that song. Return of the Obra Dinn Shows that new ideas are possible in this brilliant art form of ours. I was absorbed and impressed from the first moment to the last. Outstanding music too. Astrobot Rescue Mission The kind of game that makes you grin from ear to ear. Surprised it hasn't made more lists. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The type of game you don't complete, but experience over and over again. Remarkable that it still has a hold over people a decade after release. I'm looking forward to playing it on Switch sometime soon. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild It was a close call between this and Ocarina but while I feel Ocarina has more charm this undeniably has greater depth and breadth. I'm half a century old and getting a bit cynical but this took me right back to being a goggle-eyed, impressionable teenager. Demon's Souls Sacrilege but I prefer this to Dark Souls. Fantastic monster design, tough as nails and moody as hell. Became an obsession for a good three months. Halo: Combat Evolved I will put it bluntly: this shat on all other FPSs when released. So many good times were had. Cuphead I wasnt expecting much from this but I became so addicted it gave me RSI. Wonderful visuals married to an old school design mechanic that was right up my street. Tetris Effect Perhaps the purest form of videogame ever created, the VR version helped me through some tough times and is just a sublime and trippy celebration of Pajitnov's original. Dungeon Master For a D&D fan this was like going from soundless black and white to audio, colour and 3D in one giant leap. The puzzles were magnificent and it had better jump scares than any horror movie I'd ever seen. I reckon it would still hold up today. Resident Evil 4 Beautifully constructed, atmospheric and easy on the eye. It was an absolute blast playing this again on Oculus Quest 2. Super Mario 64 It remains my favourite Mario game. The exploration, the magic, the sense of wonder. Picross S Hours I've plunged into this series. Utterly absorbing. 1942 I still play it today. More than nostalgia this is the ultimate 2D shooter with a charm and escalating level design that keeps me coming back again and again. Star Wars Battlefront I had to include a multiplayer shooter and when I really think about it this is the one that I sunk most hours into. Those silly bottlenecks in the Death Star still make me chuckle. An honourable mention must go to No Man's Sky, Inside and The Witness.
  12. I don't have them yet myself but there's some good discussions on Reddit about the relative merits of these conversions. I'm going to get the Baldur's gate package myself because I prefer combat and exploration to reading reams of text. By all accounts the Switch ports are very good if you can forgive the dated graphics. This I took from Reddit: "Thoughts: Eh, ... Planescape is widely considered one of the best-written games of all time. You don't make a character so much as play a pre-made character that evolves however you choose. The mechanics are relatively mind-blowing relative to fantasy and DnD tropes: the main character doesn't wear armor, can replace things like his eyeball, and find upgrades merely through the power of dialogue. Highlights include the portable dungeon, talking skull, and the contents of a particular golden sphere. This game has by far some of the most in-depth RPG writing you'll ever find. Comparable games: Alpha Protocol, KOTOR2, New Vegas, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Dragon Age: Origins. Baldur's Gate has a serviceable plot, but largely sticks to fantasy conventions (hardly surprising if you know Forgotten Realms). It is perhaps the definitive Bioware game in that the staples of party romances, and character subplots really originated here. You customize a single character in a rich world of NPCs and intrigue. Comparable games: Mass Effect series, KOTOR1, later Dragon Age games. Icewind Dale on the other hand is a total smash-and-grab dungeon crawl with the same engine. You create not just a single protagonist--there is no protagonist, you create the entire six person party. This kills some of the interest derived from what made PS:T and BG great, but it allows for a straightforward experience. If you prefer the combat scenarios, this is your game. Comparable games: Old-school Ultima games. If I had to pick ONE game of these bundles to play it would be Planescape: Torment. BG1 is more or less noted because it revamped DnD for the 90s, whereas prior to that it was mostly old-school garbage "gold box" TSR games that weren't very good by any critical standard. The infinity engine was a major step forward, and people were already imagining the power of what the engine could do in later games. Much like how the first iteration of any game in a new engine is something of a tech demo, so to it was with BG1. Meaning, that it can feel rather empty compared to newer games, even later games made with the infinity engine (which is every other game in this list). BG1 is also very rough and is unabashedly a brutal game playing by low-level DnD rules. It's also HUGE, and can feel like a significant barrier or time-sink prior to playing the vastly improved BG2 (if you feel like running a character through both games). But I must say that BG2 has some of the most insane moment's I've ever seen in a tactical RPG; like trying to fight the Demilich that casts Time Stop, Banishment and Power Word: Kill like he's handing out candy."
  13. I personally found that once I'd defeated a boss I was happy to go back to the hub, regroup and have a rest. The runs getting to the bosses were about 30 minutes plus anyway. I totally agree about the load times though. Annoying, but not game breaking.
  14. Children of Morta (Switch) I'd only heard of this game in comparison to Hades, in the sense that it always comes off worse. Which is a pity as it's probably my favourite Roguelike due to the evolving narrative which adds a wonderful flavour and detail to the experience. It also cleverly deals with two of the main flaws with Roguelikes. Firstly, you don't have to start way back at the beginning every time. Get to the end of a certain level or area and you move at least a short step forward. Secondly, the story moves on as you level up so the Groundhog Day feeling never sets in. The way it deals with character development is excellent too. Level up one character and some of the 'family' traits pass over to everyone. And there are some fantastic characters to choose from too. My favourite being Joey, a sort of hammer spinning/wielding strongman who can wipe out anything at close quarters. If Hades is better than this, which appears to be the consensus, then I'm in for a real treat. 8/10
  15. I've been mulling over my top 20 for the rllmuk poll and Walkabout Mini golf is on the fringes of getting in, it's that good. So glad it has some new courses and updates.
  16. I'm on 118 wins with no losses. I missed only one day in the middle due to *various life issues*. Had two or three very lucky close shaves though.
  17. Yes, the window was five minutes. Five minutes.
  18. Smyths have PS5s available for preorder right now, as from 3pm today. Bagged one myself.
  19. The Lost City Better than I had any right to expect. Silly fun that it gets away with due to the meta premise. Daniel Radcliffe is a bit rubbish in this; Brad Pitt steals the show. 2.5/5
  20. Thanks for that. Moviedle is brilliant. Couldn't get the first one but then I'd never watched it so don't feel too bad.
  21. You probably know this but where your PS4 is placed can make a difference with the heating/ventilation. Essentially make sure it is sitting outside of any obstruction so air can circulate freely around it. Otherwise it is likely to be something you can do little about.
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