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  1. Mawdlin

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I had no interest in Sunderland football club whatsoever but Sunderland Till I Die was utterly brilliant. Haven't binge watched something for a long time but I gobbled this up. I thought Chris Coleman came across very well and like a lot of football docs it was the more ordinary, everyday people who delivered the best drama. Don't know who Jack Rodwell is but he came across as a right bellend.
  2. Mawdlin

    Stan & Ollie

    Absolutely, it was a lovely film. Gentle is the right word but I suppose I was hoping too much for at least one proper guffaw, the kind evoked by the original duo in nearly every scene of their movies. I feel bad dissing a movie I actually thought was very good but laughter was sadly lacking in a movie about two of history's finest comedians.
  3. Mawdlin

    Stan & Ollie

    Was it funny though? I loved the Laurel and Hardy repeats (I'm not that old) when they were on TV as a kid so I was looking forward to this. On a dramatic level it is brilliant and I really enjoyed it. But the comedy bits fell flat. And if the rest of the audience I was with are anything to go by they felt the same. Not a titter for the entire movie. I agree the performances were great, the wives in particular but the best comedy bits were at the end when they showed original footage. Reilly and Coogan just didn't quite have the charisma, timing and general magic to make this funny.
  4. Mawdlin

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Ferrari F355 Challenge. Driving around the first corner of Suzuka without binning it on Dreamcast seemed impossible at first but after slow, slow progression finally managing it. This is with the aids turned off because I wanted the experience to feel 'authentic'. Eventually I could do an entire lap without crashing but don't think I came close to winning a race.
  5. Mawdlin

    Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland

    Having lived both north and south of the border this programme made me feel exactly the opposite!
  6. Intelligent, witty and beautiful from beginning to end. My ten year-old son thought it was 'ok' but I think a lot of the abstract stuff was a bit over his head. Also, it was very powerful and affecting in places. I would happily gobble it up again.
  7. Whoa, Broker. Replace the word Destiny with heroin and it sounds like you've had a debilitating habit over the last few years. ;-)
  8. Mawdlin

    Brexit: The Uncivil War (Channel 4)

    What didn't come out very clearly (emphasised by the 'we're too late' comment by the remain team leader) was how most of the country, bookies included, fully expected a remain victory. Polls and general feeling in the news had a remain victory for most of the campaign, apart from one blip about a week before the vote. Bookies had a remain victory at roughly 75% the day of the vote. As much as I loved this drama they had it on a knife edge presumably for dramatic purposes. Also, Cummings came across as a disruptive genius whereas I reckon his contribution was overplayed. But bloody great TV nonetheless.
  9. This is a problem, far too many things I've watched recently far outstay their welcome. I guess a combination of the economy of shoots (may as well stretch them out and get your monies worth) and streaming. For instance, I quite enjoyed the first episode of Trust on iPlayer (Danny Boyle etc.) but I just can't be arsed watching another 9 episodes when the story was done so well in All the Money in the World.
  10. Are many of the creative people who made the first few Halo games still there?
  11. I loved Halo for a few years and Destiny for a few years but it would be strange if creative people didn't want to move on. For me Bungie get the *feel* of shooter better than anyone else even if some of the narrative stuff can be a bit naff. Excited to see what they'll come up with and hope it'll be fresh IP.
  12. Mawdlin

    You (Netflix Series Thriller)

    Yes I enjoyed that line too but then I thought, hang on he must have been about 15 back then.
  13. As much as I've enjoyed Destiny I'd much rather see Bungie develop something new. Doubtful.
  14. Mawdlin

    What is Metroidvania?

    Or Adventure on Atari 2600.

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