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  1. They seem to come around if you stop playing/purchasing. I recently got a 30% off one and I'd say it must be 4 months since I used my oculus. Picked up Saints & Sinners for £20.
  2. F1 really needed this rivalry; it's been incredibly dull since the Lewis/Rosberg era. I did enjoy Max's comment that Lewis isn't allowed to celebrate a Formula 1 win on home turf because... he's watching it on hospital TV. What an ego! Brilliant stuff.
  3. I suppose the only silver lining is that the Scots can't say their team is as good as the European Champions.
  4. With the Pizza Hut ads Rashford can dine out on that for the next decade.
  5. I've got to agree. I love this game but it is too hard for me. Having said that, the resurrection of the thread is making me want to try again. I think level 4 was about as far as I could get on a good day. Brilliant game though.
  6. For me The Staircase is the ultimate court room documentary. I watched it after Making a Murderer and while I loved that I started to think the makers of The Staircase had been a bit cheeky in stealing the tone and style. Of course, The Staircase actually predates it by some margin and the stealing (or tribute if you want to be kinder) went the other way. If you like this kind if thing I highly recommend: The Jinx Capturing the Friedmans Who Killed Little Gregory? All terrific, if heart-rending.
  7. I think England could beat Portugal, but we've got no chance against France or Germany in the last 16. Hope it's Portugal.
  8. Moyes looks like his 12 year-old daughter dressed him.
  9. England ending up top of the group would be a disaster anyway. Any decent team will beat us. Best sneak through on the easy side of the draw like in the World Cup. Well done Scotland.
  10. Yeah, that was well duff.
  11. I just bought this too, £12 at CEX. Too tempting not to. Worth it to randomly surf around the user generated stuff. Anyone on here created anything?
  12. I think I may need to to do this too. My Quest 2 has been idle because of the glasses discomfort issue. May I ask what price were these and a link? Thanks
  13. I've been looking for something to watch, so thanks for reminding me of this.
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