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  1. On another note, has anyone tried Arizona Sunshine yet? I'm very tempted but want it to be as good as the original. I understand they've built it from the ground up.
  2. The porthole effect is an odd one. I never noticed it at all until ann coulter pointed it out. I wonder if it's a bit like a magic eye picture where some people see it straight away and are very conscious of it. Thankfully, on both PSVR and Quest, I'm so immersed in the game it is never an issue. I have to actively think about it to notice it.
  3. Yeah, I switched over due to cable madness. However, I still hold onto the PSVR due to the odd exclusive game like Blood and Truth. The bluriness is also more noticeable when I go back.
  4. This was really good fun but not in the same league as Sleuth. I did feel a lot of the build up was mushy and Strong ending though.
  5. It's an important scene because it provides one of the transitions between Frank as family man/driver to brutal enforcer. But, yeah, it was poorly executed.
  6. Got my PS Plus annual sub from Shopto for £31. As much as I complain about the monthly games there's usually something decent every so often. It's not worth £50 since they changed from including indie titles though. Thumper (Switch) - £3.99. Seemed rude not to.
  7. It was a poor scene. The pulled kicks were the stuff of bad British drama from the 70s. Glaringly obvious and completely broke the spell. Enjoyed the rest of it though I've only watched the first half. Second 'episode' tomorrow.
  8. Appalling month. A game that's been on sale for £3.49 and... I can't even bring myself to name the other filth.
  9. Just dipped into Rogue Legacy for a few minutes and ended up having a two hour session. I'm still not sure what's going on but it's super effective!
  10. Should be ok. I broke my ankle last year. They give you a support boot and I was walking/hobbling around within a week. In a month you'll hardly need the boot. Hope you're ok.
  11. Manhunt still remains Rockstar's finest achievement.
  12. Omid Djalili was great in this. I'd like to see him in more stuff.
  13. Scrolling around is definitely the fun bit. Until Better Call Saul.
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