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  1. I personally prefered the monster/enemy design and Nexus hubworld of Demon's Souls to Dark Souls but both are brilliant.
  2. Oh come on, the miners were naked. (Context, I know).
  3. What a whisky chaser this is after Chernobyl. It's so refreshing to see some grown-up TV where you're invited to fill the gaps with your own interpretation. The way it gradually reveals, and unravels, is sublime. There's a palpable tension in every scene; almost unbearable at times but compelling nevertheless. I now need to go watch everything Shane Meadows has ever done.
  4. This show is great and the concept is right up my street but it is reliant on the candidates. Poorest contestants so far though I quite like Lou, but have no idea who she is.
  5. That is so heart-warming. I haven't played No Man's Sky for at least six months but I keep hold of the disk because of this kind of loyalty. I'm looking forward to seeing how it's evolved.
  6. I loved the original TV series. Hollywood threw CGI at it but failed to capture the humour and charm.
  7. Will give it a try.
  8. Smithereens was one of the best BM episodes for me. I thought the brooding atmosphere and acting were first class but like a lot of Black Mirror's once you know where it's heading it loses momentum. At least in this one the reveal was pretty late on. I thought all the stuff about the social media company overriding anything the law enforcement agencies could do was at its heart rather than the 'other' theme. Striking Vipers and Miley Cyrus were very watchable but not classics. I was rather glad my expectations were lowered because I still think this series is better than pretty much any drama out at the moment. Chernobyl excepted.
  9. Statik is great. I would do one puzzle roughly every few days. It's a unique experience and a nice change of pace.
  10. Peerless drama. I will watch this again but maybe in a few months. Too soon, as they say.
  11. Couldn't care less about this crappy, crude and outright creepy character. And then you mention the people behind The Detectorists are producing it and I can't wait.
  12. I have sympathy. I've played some truly excellent games in the last five or so years but the last game that really clicked for me - gave me that wonderful videogame high and kept me hooked like crack - was Bloodborne. Before that it was Batman: Arkham Aslylum and Demon's Souls. What clicks for one person isn't going to be the same for everyone but I'm still waiting for my next high. As much as I appreciated and loved BoTW and Mario Odyssey they didn't quite give me that trancendental feeling. I think too much choice is not always a good thing. Let's face it, if you have any disposable income we all gorge on as many sweets in the sweety shop as we can and regret it later. I've been trying to finish games but I have so many and so many of them outstay their welcome.
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