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  1. Just out of interest, what Breaking Bad mis steps did you see? I still rate BB as the best drama ever but after watching it for the third time started to notice a few flaws myself.
  2. I really quite like this programme but one thing that bugs me is how everything is pristine. I mean, there's not a speck of dust or dirt on anything. It really breaks the immersion for me. All the suits/costumes/gadgets are straight out of the poly bag props department. The vehicles are beautiful but not a scratch or dent on any of them. It just has a pristine sheen that screams made in the 21st century. Anyway, despite that I'm looking forward to more.
  3. I've enjoyed quite a few Tomb Raider games over the years but I think Eidos should just put her to bed now. By all means make a 'Tomb Raidery' game, but start from scratch with a new character and setting.
  4. Wait. The sentinels are gone? Hurrah. I never understood the purpose of them except to slow down progress and irritate. I get that they add some background texture and work as a kind of police force for excessive behaviour but they were on every planet. It really spoilt the sense of discovery. It felt like going to the west coast of Scotland for an adventure and being attacked by midges for having the temerity to put up a tent.
  5. What a weird movie, even for Tarantino. Enjoyed it. Interestingly, about a dozen people went to the loo during the 8 year-old scene. Just thought I'd mention that. Like they knew it was going to add nothing.
  6. I'm really stoked about starting this again from scratch. I actually really enjoyed one of the early builds - I think I came onboard about a year after release and loved the feeling of vulnerability. Awaking on a hostile planet and surviving those early moments trying to figure out a way to find resources and get airborne. My main problem with the game was a lack of motivation when it came to exploration and narrative so I will be looking forward to seeing how the missions or story play out. The VR is going to be a huge bonus. Interestingly I seem to remember picking this up from CEX for about £8 once all the hype had died down. It's now trading at £18 - more than Read Dead 2.
  7. Nice one! Challenging but fun. The only bit I found a bit fiddly was the jump from the fast moving platform to the column. I liked how you put an optional star in a separate room before the boss.
  8. One of those movies I have to watch every few years.
  9. Reflected Dreams is ace. I had to try it again from the start to check out both sides, though I know you can shift between both. Love how the music changes to suit the atmosphere and the lovely dreamlike ripple effect as you go between worlds. I haven't even started experimenting with music yet. I noticed the symmetry is out on the last screen. It's this just because the final flag pole can't be shifted?
  10. Hang on, Half Life on Quest! Must check that out. How..?
  11. Thanks for your help. I'm starting to realise that making a moderately challenging course isn't always best for likes and footfall. I must admit that when I see a course with a low clear rate then I skip on by. But I ended up making the same mistake myself. My next one I'll be aiming at that 30 to 40 percent sweet spot.
  12. If you tweak your course do you need to take it down then upload it again? If so how does this affect stats? I will give yours a try tonight.
  13. I also saw Dead Man's Shoes recently and it's incredibly powerful. There's a reveal in it that I just didn't see coming, which made it all the more affecting. There's also some thematic crossovers with The Virtues. I'm now a fan though I don't think I could watch more than a couple of his works every year.
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