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  1. I feel your pain. I'm currently playing Origins (really enjoying it) after Odyssey and it's noticeable that Ubisoft ramped up the level you need to be to complete the main missions. In short, they force you to either grind up levels or buy an XP boost. Although I'm still early in Origins I'm not feeling the same grindyness that Odyssey submits you to.
  2. Although he will get the money returned if he doesn't breach the bail conditions. But that's a big if.
  3. Same here. In episode 1 they kept saying how drug testing was the least sexy aspect of a crime investigation, as if to say... but wait, what about this? Nah, it really is tedious.
  4. Great shout. I just watched the first two episodes on your recommendation and it's chilling, fascinating and compelling in equal measure. The press really have no shame and while part of me recoils at their ghoulish insensitivity they're also responsible for the amazingly salacious footage we're watching.
  5. I enjoyed it but I have some sympathy with Gotters view. It's the only episode that I've predicted pretty much every plot beat: Maybe I got lucky but none of these issues were as bad as: But, yeah, BCS is brilliant. I just thought this episode stretched credibility. I guess it's because it is starting to merge with Breaking Bad now. (My all time favourite show but in terms of tone was big, bold and brash).
  6. I'm now also wanting to upgrade and try link my Quest to a PC. Am I right in saying Virtual Desktop only works well if you have a good wi-fi connection? I'm still on standard broadband because fiber is still not available on my street. If so I'm happy to get a link cable but do I need an adaptor to plug it into a PC? Any tips on the best third party cable? Thanks!
  7. Highly recommend Three Identical Strangers to documentary fans. It gets straight to the point and delivers some genuinely heart-wrenching moments.
  8. I'm a football fan but have no idea what's going on in the third tier so it would be a shame to spoil this excellent series.
  9. Sunderland 'Til I Die season 2 is fantastic. Perhaps not quite as watch-through-the-fingers calamitous as the first season
  10. Brilliant news. Still play the first one on Switch.
  11. You're right. Episode 5 and the look on the guy's face in the office. Also
  12. Mawdlin

    Nintendo Switch

    Let us not forget the sublime Super Monkey Ball on GameCube.
  13. I've been subscribed to PS+ for 2 and a half years and this has got to be the best month yet.
  14. I got a win today but I felt filthy afterwards. I found myself with full shields, full health and a full gas mask inside a chopper. The final circle was over open ground and I just hovered above until the final five offed each other. The very last opponent was driving a truck so it was just a case of biding my time. I knew the chances were high that he had some damage and so it proved to be. The gas gave me a win. Hardly fired a bullet. I've been in the final ten quite a lot where vehicles are just going around in circles playing the odds. As much as I've exploited the loophole myself they need to limit fuel or some such.
  15. Ah, I never knew that!
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