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  1. Shittest episode ever. As a lover of theatre I can confirm the banal 'jokes' were not improved by referencing Commedia dell'Arte. I only enjoyed the twist at the end when@sandpainter1471z came up in the credits.
  2. Quite an accusation. You say it is a 'blink and you'll miss it' reference and you demand damages for plagiarism? I have some sympathy but when you don't back it up with any evidence what you end up doing is defaming two writers who have achieved the success you haven't.
  3. Anyone used the 25% off mobile purchase offer recently? I'm wondering if it is still running. I never did get round to using it as I've been moving house...
  4. At the end of series 3 Matthew 'Dot' Cottan
  5. Twin Breaker - A Sacred Symbols Adventure (Switch) I've always enjoyed a bit of Arkanoid so when I spotted this Breakout clone for sale I snapped it up. Ultimately the basic graphics, uninspiring music and samey levels left me a bit cold. There's one neat trick where you have to control four bats (or in this case interstellar ships) at the same time resulting in a lot of rubbing head and patting tummy coordination mayhem but even this becomes repetitive quickly. It was only £3.50 so I can't complain but it lacks pizzazz and personality. 5/10
  6. Buckells isn't the mastermind known as H, he is the 'forth man'.
  7. This series has teed up the next beautifully so that Ted, Kate and Steve can investigate bent coppers through time and space in their magical glass elevator. Classic BBC.
  8. Who are those two guys who wrote for Edge? Never heard of them... certainly not around in its Double Dash heyday.
  9. I'd forgotten the horrible shaky-cam from season 1. They soon ditched that. As for the plot I reckon Mercurio watched too much 3-2-1 as a child.
  10. Very happy with this month's games. Never tried Battlefield V but always fancied a go. Stranded Deep looks a right laugh. A budget Subnautica. I do think Wreckfest as PS5 only is a bit of a PR blunder. It does rather get your hopes up if you haven't upgraded yet. But not complaining, as I really enjoyed it when it first came out.
  11. Greedfall @Gabe, you did well to put this in the What Games Did You Complete This Year thread. I ploughed a good 25 hours into it but the balance between talking and action tipped too much towards the former. I've never enjoyed tapping through dialogue trees but here it often felt like a forest. The plot and writing were good but, as you said in your crit, structurally this game asks you to do more tooing and froing than a Cherbourg ferry. I didn't really like the weird fast travel system either, which forces you to warp to a staging point (camp site) before
  12. I'll eat my WSP if it all ends next episode. The BBC needs this more than David Attenborough if it wants to keep going in its current licenced form. Watch as Mercurio releases a statement in the next ten days about the next series. *Warm Scalp Protector
  13. I also want her to play Servalan in the remake of Blake's 7.
  14. I loved Charmichael's smug turn in the last series, but it was turned up to 11 here and just became risible. I hope Kate's motivation is cleared up in the next episode because it didn't make any sense, apart from triggering a car chase that didn't go anywhere.
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