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  1. I miss these covers since subscribing.
  2. From what I remember one tier unlock was an earlier release date. I mean, there's pre-order bonuses and then there's holding your game to ransom.
  3. Probably redundant info for people here but for anyone struggling to get through Scan and Paypal fast enough, try a tab reloader. I had to keep going through the bot check on Scan every ten minutes or so until switching on auto-refesh.
  4. 3070 FE delivered today. The photos really don't do these things justice, can't get over how solid and hefty they feel considering the size. They feel like something worth the price tag for a change - seems odd that they're cheapest models.
  5. Okay the Scan webpage has crapped out but I've received the confirmation email from Scan and Paypal so I guess it's gone through.
  6. Okay on Scan, managed to get through Paypal, just trying to final confirm. If everyone could just quit trying for a minute.
  7. Even Half Life: Alyx couldn't escape this. Your brain is fooled into believing you're in City 17 and you still have to fuck about looking in every nook & cranny for resins so you can craft upgrades in a boring 3D puzzle machine. Hate it.
  8. 01 - Angel Olsen - My Woman 02 - Metronomy - The English Riviera 03 - Daughter - If You Leave 04 - Crazy P - Walk Dance Talk Sing 05 - NAO - For All We Know 06 - New Order - Music Complete 07 - Alt-J - Relaxer 08 - The xx - I See You 09 - Kelela - Take Me Apart 10 - Massive Attack - Ritual Spirit EP 11 - Daughter - Not To Disappear 12 - Savages - Adore Life 13 - Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool 14 - Goldfrapp - Tales Of Us 15 - Bryan Ferry - Avonmore 16 - Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool 17 - Other Lives - Tamer Animals 18 - Róisín Murphy - Hairless Toys 19 - Kiasmos - Kiasmos 20 - Lindstrøm - It's Alright Between Us As It Is
  9. I can't even attemp high scoring without the metronome enabled, the audio/visual cues don't click with me at all in this game. Still really enjoy playing it as an on rails shooter.
  10. Yes, this was one of the things I noticed watching videos of VR before trying it. The accuracy of the motion tracking just makes it work. They don't look like detached floating hands because they're in sync with your arms movements. It's why lack of visual fidelity doesn't bother as much in VR, once your brain is fooled into believing you're in a 3D space it compensates for a lot of immersion.
  11. This is £15 for on greenmangaming atm, if you also use the voucher 'summer12'. Not sure how long the sale lasts for.
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