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  1. Out of curiosity, what format was Cuphead tested on? Haven't decided if I want to buy this on the Switch or the Xbox.
  2. I wouldn't feel too bad about not being able to figure out how to get into that place on your own. The same thing happened to me, and, from what I can deduce, a lot of reviewers who played the game before guides became readily available. Some reviews remark about getting stuck on a late game puzzle that, I would imagine, had something to do with this.
  3. That doctor is about to get the ol’ Sebastian Shaw treatment.
  4. I hope I'm thinking of the right thing here I know this is vague, but it may give you enough to work with to solve the reel.
  5. Not that anyone cares, but I manage to finish it. Amazing DLC, but one of the problems that can crop up in open ended (no handholding) games like this is that the developer runs the risk of having a player miss a vital clue because the player didn't behave exactly as they assumed they might. In this case it was something I had done multiple times, but didn't realize by standing closer to it that it would beam a vision into my brain. Doing that earlier would have saved me about five hours of meandering.
  6. Anyone beat this without looking anything up? I'm pretty far in and can tell I'm near the end, but some of this shit is just so hard. The drip feed of solving each puzzle gets slower and slower -- it does have the added effect of making each discovery feel even more revelatory -- but goddamn if I haven't spent the past few hours getting no where. Each of the beginning zones are telling me there is still more to explore, which I find rather hard to believe since I've been pottering around them for what feels like years.
  7. This game is ugly as hell. I am sure Nintendo know this. They also know I'll probably buy it anyways.
  8. Since I was a victim of the New Nintendo Switch conspiracy, I think I'll have to temper my expectations and say that we get a trailer for BOTW2 that shows off gameplay and gives us a release date of Summer 2022. If that isn't "one last thing" in the trailer, I say we either get Mario Kart 9 or Pikmin 4 for Winter 2022. Mario Kart 9 has probably been in development for the better half of a decade, and I'm optimistic that someone at Nintendo finally found Pikmin 4's source code in a desk drawer somewhere.
  9. New Super Mario sold to the tune of 30 million copies on both the Wii and DS, so it's easy to see why Nintendo has become so fond of the moniker. Adding the "New" to the Nintendo 3DS didn't exactly doom the 3DS either. Edit: I think it's worth mentioning that the name gets straight to the point in a way that something more abstract like the Wii U didn't.
  10. You can trade in a Switch (v1, v2). I suppose it makes sense if you're trying to pawn it for a Series S | X or a Lite, so my logic doesn't really hold up.
  11. Also, why would you trade in a Switch for a new (not New) Switch? Who the fuck does that?
  12. Not just once but twice. I suppose the author could have accidentally hit their caps lock key twice just as they were spelling out "New", though. Also, I think it's a better name than the Pro. I mean, it's not earth shattering or anything, but I don't know who exactly Nintendo would be trying to appeal to by making a "pro" version of the Nintendo Switch.
  13. Thanks, deKay. Was scrambling to figure out how to take a screenshot, crop it, save it, and upload it but got a little flustered.
  14. It's called a New Nintendo Switch. Looks like GameStop may have accidentally leaked it with this in trade-in value promo. Here's the link (I don't know how to post an image but I'll figure it out): https://www.gamestop.com/trade/
  15. Maybe Microsoft bought Valve, and the message that is supposed to be delivered at the PC gaming show is that Valve is shutting down Steam.
  16. I mean, they did show off Splatoon 3 (from the same team who delivered Animal Crossing right at the start of the pandemic, no less) not that long ago. Ubisoft has over 18,000 employees, which is roughly three times the size of Nintendo, and that number probably doesn't even include their contractors. Nintendo's individual project teams are significantly smaller and mostly in one building, which probably makes it much easier to get a project back on track after a major setback. I am sure at some point Ubisoft forgot to send a laptop to the guy whose job was to make soda cans in Watch Dogs.
  17. I mean Ubisoft doesn't reflect every company in the industry: They are larger than most developers; their studios are scattered across the globe where they were varying levels of Covid outbreaks/lockdowns; their employees are under a constant siege of harassment by their management. I am sure some other companies are similarly constructed (to include the harassment) but Nintendo probably isn't one of them.
  18. Was thinking the same thing. Went back and watched gameplay of the original, and I'm only seeing some minor (no different than any other sequel) visual upgrades. Maybe it's running at 240 fps or something.
  19. This is just an assumption, so please take it with a grain of salt, but Sam Barlow (Her Story; Telling Lies) tweeted a teaser for the reveal of his new game on the 13th, That is the same day as Microsoft conference. Possible Game Pass game?
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