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  1. I really hope for their sanity the next editor of Edge doesn't have internet access.
  2. Even a rag like Elephants and Trains could score an interview with John Hurt. Don't you see it, Edge? You could have been the Playboy of transport mags if you'd only tried.
  3. Edge's real problem is that they've spent the last 27 years trying to make videogames culturally relevant when they could have spent that time and energy talking about locomotives. The future isn't digital. It's another print magazine about trains.
  4. There's not enough upvotes in the world to give this post the praise it deserves. Looking forward to that 3 for Cyberpunk 2077.
  5. But I like their reviews. Why are people always suggesting getting rid of the reviews and the scores? I only sought out Edge in the first place because of that delectable Killzone 2 score. That 7 bagged them a subscriber for more than a decade.
  6. I also installed the Criterion Channel and watched The Host last night. The app wasn't available on the PS4. So with GamePass and Criterion Channel it's like an all you can eat buffet of games and movies for a pretty reasonable cost. Not sure if the app is available in the UK or not.
  7. I like how I just spent $300 on next-gen console and have only really played Banjo-Kazooie, a game from 1998. GamePass is nice.
  8. They've now lost two editors and one associate editor in the span of year. Not sure if that's what you meant by "massive shakeup". The ship seems rudderless for now, but maybe they have somebody lined up for the editorial role? Chris Schilling, perhaps? But the job seems extra difficult, given they have like no staff and need to deliver a magazine monthly -- maybe they should consider a quarterly tome? On the job difficulty scale of "how hard is it to do my job as an employee of the Trump administration" it seems like it would be at least a five. Fauci probably has them beat.
  9. Whelp, now I feel terrible. My subscription expired with #351, and, after reading this thread, now I'm starting to think they may not have any subscribers left. Still checked the issue out on Readily. The Making of Hades was a good read.
  10. Do PSOnes Classics look good on the Vita? I've heard some of the PSP games don't so hot on the Vita screen. Not sure if this is true.
  11. They help you see a little bit better in the dark.
  12. You playing the PSOne Classic version or some kind of emulated version?
  13. I really wish Eurogamer would have posted each individual's top five, kind of like the way Sight and Sound shows you the top ten of each voter. I would look to see what Derek Yu and Greg Kasavin consider to be the best of the generation.
  14. How is this in handheld mode on the Switch? I have the PC version already, but this one of those games where it feels like it would be an insult to the developer if I didn't buy it twice.
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