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  1. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Great, thanks Clippa.
  2. Nintendo Switch eShop

    Has anyone got Strikers 1945 II yet? I'm hoping it's a good port after the disappointment of Zero Gunner 2.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    I got a set of tri-wing and tiny Phillips screwdrivers off Amazon for a few quid. Listed as suitable for DS, Wii etc and worked a treat. Foam was from a CPU box I found at work. Follow a YouTube video and you'll be fine, takes ten minutes max. Mercifully it worked fine after and meant my Zelda time could continue without running off a cliff every bloody time!
  4. Nintendo Switch

    I see what you did there...
  5. Nintendo Switch

    There appear to be different sizes though. I'm tempted to do my left joy con myself too, just need the right screwdriver.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Got mine (from Argos) yesterday and the issue is still there for me
  7. I haven't played The Witness, but thanks for the heads up. I used to really like the Uncharted games, but UC4 left me a bit cold, very pretty to look at but I wasn't compelled to keep playing like I am with Zelda. It's really sparked off my love of gaming again, to the extent I've just paid for a Switch at Argos (check your local stores for stock everyone) and am more than happy to start again.
  8. I think you're absolutely right about changing attitudes to games, and what the makers are giving us these days. I've become bored of gaming in the last couple of years, only PSVR reignited temporary interest, and I think it is because of the handholding in modern games. They're based mainly around spectacle, not the kind of incredible experience BotW gives. It's totally made me fall in love again, and like most in here, I'm having a great time just exploring. Genuinely don't want it to end.
  9. Your feelgood films

    The Wedding Singer. Despite loathing Adam Sandler in just about all his other films I've seen,Punch Drunk Love aside, I love this film. It's so cheesy, but fun to watch. I guess it's also my guilty pleasure film, so a double whammy.
  10. Hi all, I'd really appreciate your thoughts, and any feedback, on a uni research project I'm an intern on. Arcade Tales is going to be a series of comics portraying the memories and stories of life in the arcades. Issue one, Goddess of Retribution, (available on the website www.arcadetales.com) tells the tale of the forum's very own super_quincy and his battle with Nemesis in the mid 1980s. Numbers two and three are currently in production, but naturally we're on the lookout for more. Please do get in touch, either by pm here or via the website with comments, or better still, a tale to tell!
  11. I'm just on the train coming back from Arcade Club now. Amazing experience, felt a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of cabs there. Having chatted with Andy (the owner) he's got such a refreshing outlook. Just loves arcades of old, almost mourns the loss of them so created AC. The tenner on the door seems to cover the running costs and he, and his family, just want to make a true arcade available again. Just a shame it's so far from SE Kent!
  12. Hot cross buns

    It's true.
  13. Hot cross buns

    I'm happy to report, they're amazing with bacon. Mmnnnn
  14. Can you identify this machine?

    Thanks Dimahoo, I've not come across it before. Good looking cabinet, was the game any good?
  15. Hi all, can anyone please tell me what machine this is? As part of my final year photography degree, I'm researching arcades culture from the 1980's and gathering images from the time. A lovely old chap has kindly allowed me to scan some of his archive for this and it would be good to identify some of the games in the photographs. Cheers

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