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  1. I’ll try this next, then give up if it doesn’t work!
  2. Seems this is where I’m heading.
  3. Where am I going wrong then? I always get a card unreadable error once I’ve pasted the Nintendo folder over.
  4. Sorry to ask a question I’m sure will have been covered (that I couldn’t find on a search), is it possible to copy the contents of my existing micro sd card to a larger one on a Mac? Google suggests a few workarounds but none seem bulletproof.
  5. Thanks, I do indeed. Worth a go at that price.
  6. What’s Layers of Fear Legacy like? It’s on sale for £3.59 and looks like it’s got potential.
  7. My current best is 3:14.50 so we’re pretty close. I’ll try to chip away and see how to improve
  8. That doesn’t ring any bells, but will try to find it.
  9. It has been quite a while, so I may be in for disappointment then.
  10. Black on the original Xbox. Still one of my favourite shooters, which I must dig out again.
  11. Which one, Reloaded or Anniversary? Not that I know the difference...
  12. Haha! Love the laziness! I'll give it a try sometime with a beef joint, as that's typically around seven hours.
  13. A relative cheapy from Amazon, Crenova I think.
  14. Do you find it does relatively short cooks ok that way? A friend found it overcooked his steaks if he left it to warm up.
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