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  1. Which one, Reloaded or Anniversary? Not that I know the difference...
  2. Haha! Love the laziness! I'll give it a try sometime with a beef joint, as that's typically around seven hours.
  3. A relative cheapy from Amazon, Crenova I think.
  4. Do you find it does relatively short cooks ok that way? A friend found it overcooked his steaks if he left it to warm up.
  5. I don’t think so. You can start the heating before you get home, but I boil a kettle and get it pretty close so I’m not starting with cold water straight from the tap.
  6. @bear £63.74 as deal of the day here. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anova-Culinary-Precision-Adjustment-Circulator/dp/B074ZMKVWW?ref_=Oct_DLandingS_PC_613bd6de_NA&smid=A12X8THQPNHQNV
  7. I'd say so. Cooking sous vide has been a massive hit with me and my partner. Steaks, chicken and especially duck breasts are amazing. I started off with resealable bags but soon got a vacuum sealer, which again has been excellent.
  8. Me too, when Bride of Pinbot was the high score table. Great place isn’t it!
  9. Ah right, thanks. Will check Norway when I'm home.
  10. What region has it for £9? Ta.
  11. Ta muchly both of you, will take a punt on one
  12. I’m guessing some of you lovely Switch owners have the Hori compact playstand, so can you safely place it on upright for tate mode in various shmups? Ta.
  13. It's grabbed me more than the other shooters I've got on Switch. Will try the harder difficulties later.
  14. I just picked this up, and it's certainly enjoyable so far. I do like a shooter but am normally pretty poor at them, but easy mode (don't judge me!) is luring me in nicely.
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