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  1. I agree to a point, clearly Scorsese is a massive influence on Joker, just watch that as the support band to Taxi Driver.
  2. Thought I was having a deja vu moment here with your post. Then I remembered reading it on the instant pot FB group!! Sounds lush so will definitely give it a go soon. With a bit more spice
  3. Totally genuine, it’s great fun, and as Daley says, one of the best Marvel’s.
  4. You’re in for a treat as Ragnarok is amazing!
  5. Re. Possessor, is it streaming on any UK sources, or only on the high seas?
  6. Neither for me. Will wait for good exclusives next year.
  7. I’d be interested in your opinions on the image quality on both of those, especially Dredd as the BD is iffy.
  8. Thanks very much. We’ve enjoyed both of those, so look forward to your tv one
  9. Enjoyable, but can you please post the answers so me and the missus can see who won!
  10. Thanks for the tips you lovely people. Going to close soon as bed beckons.
  11. I can open again for a bit. Dodo code is 4CV0C.
  12. Turnip exchange 8e155fa0. 3 visitors at a time and I’ll probably be afk. Please don’t run through the flowers
  13. Sorry, battery died while I was walking the dog. Will sort it now and post a new code.
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