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  1. Watched Tumbbad last night, really impressed. Not usually into the Fantasy genre and think IMDb has it rated a little too highly, as always seems to happen with foreign cinema and the snobbery that comes with it, but it was a fun ride. 7/10.
  2. Did you watch it? I'm only going off the thumbnail but looks not great. Is it worth dipping in for a view?
  3. Hah. I was only winding you up. Let it go. But there is a thread for Prodigy. And Lower Decks.
  4. Take it to the nu-trek threads. We'll have none of that here. Been to see TMP at cinema tonight. It looks GLORIOUS in 4k. Hadn't seen the directors cut before, only noticed a couple of sort scenes that weren't included in the original release. There were probably more than I realised though. Is there a list anywhere which would tell me? I'd also forgotten just how much 'not very much' there is in this movie. So many long external shots of ships sloooowly moving around. It's wonderful, but having worked a ten hour shift I admit I did struggle to keep my eyes open towards the end. Excited for WoK in a fortnight now!
  5. I wasn't totally sold on it. I absolutely adored both Get Out and Us so I think I was tarred by massive expectations. Enjoyed it but felt it was bloated and wouldn't describe it as a horror whatsoever, wasn't the slightest bit scary. Sci-Fi thriller maybe. It was....fine.
  6. Just finished episode 7. This season has been great but fucking hell they should've kept it to 45 minute episodes. Way too much filler in every ep. Great plots and great themes but the extra run time makes them feel like a slog to get through sometimes. Wouldn't be against the odd ep being longer if there's enough plot to justify it but stretching out every one just feels unnecessary and indulgent.
  7. Watched A Tale of Two Sisters this week. Korean horror, genuinely moving. Don't want to give much away but one of the best horrors I've seen in a while. 9/10.
  8. Once again, Leclerc comes on the back of his teammate. Lol.
  9. Personally I enjoyed Sinister a lot more. The problem with a movie set predominantly in one location is you need to keep introducing new elements to keep it fresh and I don't think Black Phone did that very well. It all felt a bit like it had been done before and got pretty repetitive. It's not a bad movie, worth a watch but I'd not be rushing to see it.
  10. Aye, I have no pride in my nation.
  11. Yeah I was hyped for herring when he was announced but he was dull in the series. He was ace in this one off though. Tarbuck as irritating as ever. Gamble only funny when he has a breakdown. Others fairly anonymous. We were proper spoilt for the first champion of champions though. Can't win 'em all.
  12. Enjoyed this series a lot more than the last one. Really back on form. Last week's cup snake task has to be one of the most boring of all time though. I was expecting a nasty twist double task but nope, that was it. What did they expect to happen other than 4 people making a snake out of cups? Bridget's madness did a little to save it, mind.
  13. Watched Possum tonight. Been wanting to see it for ages and noticed it's been added to Amazon prime. Amazing, slow burn unsettling horror. Right up my street. Highly recommended.
  14. Anyone seen 'Men' yet? Heard different reviews from shite to most disturbing film ever. Need a rllmuker to tell me if it's worth spending a tenner to go see at the cinema.
  15. Enterprise s3 and 4! But yes it's the best since then.
  16. Sent you an invite a week or so ago, I'm Mr Magpie on Steam so you probably didn't realise it was me Anyone else getting fucked off with the red envelopes in this event? Particularly in solo queue it just seems to involve all your teammates spending the first couple of minutes hunting extra BP. Get on gens you cunts!
  17. Watched Freaky last night on sky store. Goofy comedy horrors are not normally my thing but this was a thoroughly enjoyable romp. The cold intro was undoubtedly the highlight. Some excellent gore. It bounced along nicely after that though, some genuine lolz along the way.
  18. Anyone want to add me to their friends list for some swf? I'm no pro but I've got about 600 hours under my belt so I can hold my own against most killers. I've got a crew that I play with most afternoons but in the evenings I'm getting tired of solo queue matching me with teammates who spend the whole game urban evasioning round the outside of the map instead of doing gens or taking chases!
  19. Yeah a lot of this resonates with me though I'd not yet thought about it in such depth but I'm fully in agreement. It's got me feeling like a bit of a hypocrite too if I'm honest. Now I think more about it I've a couple of friends who are poets. Poetry isn't my thing so I can't even say if they're good at their craft but if they share stuff on Facebook I'll often give it a like to show I support them persuing their art, but I very rarely read what they've produced. A friend is in a band that's getting regular gigs in the local area and when I see them post something new I'll usually give it one listen but not often offer any feedback and then forget all about it. They're loads better than the stuff I've been making too so if I don't get engaged with that why should I expect anyone to get further than 20 seconds into my tracks before going back to something they actually want to hear on Spotify. I guess this ties in with what @idiwa said about target market too. The poetry guys are posting in poetry groups and gaining a bit of traction in there. My mate's band are playing the sort of pubs where people who enjoy new local music are going, and I'm trying to shill my stuff onto family and old school friends I don't talk to anymore who have their own tastes and interests which are more readily available now than ever. I suppose it just makes me a wee bit sad that when I wrote songs as a teenager, which were shite, I'd burn them onto CDs and hand them out to friends and family and get loads of good feedback. Now it's so much easier to share and access with just a click and nae cunt can be bothered. But they don't owe me a well done or even a listen to the intro to see if they like it so I probably just need to take more joy in the creative process and be less bothered about likes and plays. Global domination was never the aim anyway.
  20. Haha I appreciate that but I've done it under my real name, which I'd rather not reveal on the forum for...reasons. I'll definitely take a look at the other places you mentioned though thanks! In better news the track I uploaded today has already smashed yesterday's effort with a magnificent 3 listens
  21. Aye with so much free music being added to Spotify every day by people more talented and with better gear than me I'm not expecting to go into anyone's daily playlist, just be nice to hear something faintly patronising like 'you must have worked really hard on that' from someone other than my mum.
  22. I'm getting a bit fed up at the moment, having fractured my foot I'm pretty much housebound and can't work for a few weeks so I've thrown myself into recording music and made some stuff I'm really pleased with. I know it's not brilliant but for my skill level I'm proud of what I've achieved, then I share it on Facebook and get the same 3 likes from my mum, my aunt and my girlfriend and weirdly only get 2 listens to it on SoundCloud so at least one of those three hasn't even bothered listening to my work. I enjoy the creative process enough that it's reward in itself and I'm not a good enough song writer that I expect to gain any 'fans' or make any money but a few new listens and some feedback from people I know would be a start, then maybe even a few people I don't know...but that's by the by. Anyway, any folk got tips on how to get your work out to a wider audience, even if it is just for some critique?
  23. Anyone else watch this? I was initially put off by the trailer looking shite (how do they so often manage to make great shows look shite in trailers?!) But the weight of good stuff I heard about it made me give it a go and i was not disappointed. Surprised I didn't hear anything about the story while it was in the news as it wasn't so long ago. Some of the decisions they made in episode 1 were absolutely bizarre and had me intrigued for more. Odd subject choice for a comedy and I thought it got stronger as it went on and the shit jokes between the detectives tailed off. Great show! Would watch again!
  24. This is how I felt about the first three seasons.
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