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  1. Haven't seen any of these but In Fabric is on sky movies so I'll give that a try this week!
  2. Aye but someone would only scoop up a ball of magic jizz and stylishly fling it through the bulkhead where it will transform into some sort of space lifebuoy.
  3. Looks like the NZ episodes have been pulled from YouTube, shame as I was enjoying them. Might watch the rest on the Google drive link but I usually can't be arsed watching stuff on my laptop.
  4. Aye, and Disco have decided to go a thousand years into the future to get away from all that, yet STILL manage to shit all over the legacy of what came before. And get universally positive reviews. I don't understand this world.
  5. The jagged design specifically? Never knew they drive with their helmets out either.
  6. Sorry if it's already been covered but what is that mercedes windscreen about? I assume it's just there to look cool, can't see that it's offering any kind of aerodynamic assistance.
  7. Absolutely. They tried to counter me by saying how you saw Picard upset in Family and Generations. As if my point was they should all be emotionless robots. That's two examples in, what 170 odd episodes? Burnham's got the waterworks going at least twice every episode. It totally loses all impact when it's so frequent. That's before you even get to the scenes without crying where EMOTION is being desperately injected in with dramatic music and hushed voices where it's completely undeserved and unwarranted. I'd say let the stories speak for themselves but...they don't k
  8. Aye, I made the mistake of getting into twitter debates with fans of the show. They love all the FEELINGS and apparently I'm a dinosaur for daring to suggest that quasi military officers shouldn't be crying every five minutes. Thank fuck for the bastion of hatred that is rllmuk.
  9. I agree on that, it is at least laughably bad. Other famously shite episodes of trek like Spock's Brain tend to be so bad they're just bad. And Disco is just sent to torture us.
  10. Fucks sake man, this thread eats through my daily allocation of posses way too quickly. Have a +1 instead.
  11. You've already exhausted all my posses for today. I'll come back and pos this tomorrow.
  12. Fucking delighted they're doing best of 5 sets. At least two more to come! I never want this to end, has become the signature start to my weekend and the perfect tonic to clear my mind after watching the latest clusterfuck of a Discovery episode.
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