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  1. While I'd prefer it to be an ensemble show, I don't have a huge issue with it largely revolving around one character. If that character was at all well written, interesting, or well cast, rather than the most fucking awful character in the whole show, played by one of the most one dimensional actors I have ever seen. The cast of Hollyoaks look like Oscar nominees compared to her. Not that having it be an ensemble show would save it. Saru aside they're all tedious bores.
  2. Sorry for noob question, but are all the midweek fixtures on sky red button this week?
  3. You have holodecks in TOS, just never see them. They did appear in TAS so existed in that era in canon.
  4. There's not and you're absolutely right, but there is an argument to say that in a utopian starfleet future obesity would have been eradicated. But of all the things to beat this show with a stick about, one of the actresses being chubby isn't high on my list.
  5. Yeah, it was a lot better than ep 1 and the ending showed why. It was still very, very poor though.
  6. Are you all mad in the head? I'm 25 minutes in and it's just as dreadful as ever. The only blessed relief is we've not seen BURNHAM yet. I'm guessing that's why it feels like it's a better episode.
  7. Just finished it, really enjoyed but as said plenty it's fuck all to do with cuckoo's nest. Good fun though, absolutely batshit mental at times.
  8. Aye that's true, but I think the show is at its best when the contestants take it overly seriously. Think Ed Gamble and James Acaster getting genuinely annoyed at not winning tasks. As much as I like Jo Brand and David Baddiel I felt their series fell a bit flat as neither of them gave a fuck about winning. It does need a mix though I guess. You couldn't have all five contestants being uber competitive, but this time it seems none of them are particularly so.
  9. Bit of a weaker episode tonight I thought, though still more fun than 99% of things on tv at the moment. Johnny Vegas was the star of the show for me. I wish C4 would stop giving away spoilers in the week when they advertise it though, and the announcer at the end of the George Clarke show that was on beforehand gave away what one of the tasks was. Does my nut. Also if you're not able to watch live then do NOT check the Taskmaster twitter account as they upload a fucking hundred gifs from the episode as it airs. I'm gonna have to put them on mute until the season is o
  10. I envy you so much. Would love to binge the first 9 series having not seen them before
  11. She woke She walked She slept She woke She walked She slept She woke She walked YES ALRIGHT WE GET IT WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT
  12. That's not to say it's any good though. My arsehole is better star trek than this or Picard. Did the last bunch of Short Treks get picked up anywhere yet? I've still not hate watched them either and I must hate watch it all.
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