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  1. That's true and does require work, but if taking a more patient approach means not giving your most threatening bowler the new ball then I'm all up for the old way.
  2. I'm willing to give them some time as they're making all the right noises about batting long, and since they've had this 'entertaining brand' of cricket drilled into them for the past decade, I'm not expecting it to happen overnight. I was confused by Silverwood's comments pre-series that we need to show more patience with bat AND ball though. To my mind there wasn't a great deal wrong with our bowling attack, other than an inability to dismiss Steve Smith. I do have concerns over Root too. I could overlooking his poor performances with the bat if he was making match winning decisions as captain but at the moment he's doing neither. Depending on how we get on over the winter is not mind seeing him step down and hand the captaincy to Buttler or Stokes.
  3. Enterprise IS good! Voyager though, is shit.
  4. Bring back the 1974 logo.
  5. What are folk's favourite lines from the Dwarf? The one that always springs to my mind is: 'You sign all your official letters "Arnold Rimmer BSc" and the BSc stands for "Bronze Swimming Certificate"'
  6. Do we know if/when the new short trek is coming to netflix? Already out in the states. It looks terrible, can't wait to watch it.
  7. I follow a lot of trek accounts on twitter, and while twitter is notoriously full of cunts, lots and lots of them are really excited about the new season and genuinely think the first two have been excellent. It baffles me completely. It's not even a particularly good space wars sci-fi show, let alone good trek. Beyond looking very pretty at times, it has nothing. I'll still be watching season three though.
  8. Dear God. It looks like they've made it even worse. The crew bravely follow hero Michael Burnham into the distant future they didn't actually need to go into since Control was dead. Michelle Yeoh's Kung Fu kicks save the day.
  9. I felt S4 dropped off slightly from S3 but was still very, very good. I think opinion is generally split as to which was the better season though so I'll be interested to hear what you make of it.
  10. 'Howdy Parker' from episode 2 still has me chuckling.
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