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  1. This is how I felt about the first three seasons.
  2. Aye. The reason I don't like Discovery is I can't accept a black woman in a position of authority. That's it. Nail on head.
  3. Can't say I'm over enthusiastic about the line up for the next season. Ardal O'Hanlon is the only one I've heard of and while he was clearly great in father ted, he's never struck me as particularly funny in anything else I've seen him in. Having two ex-strictly contestants doesn't fill me with glee, I fucking despise that show. Then again I've been pleasantly surprised by loads of people I'd never heard of in previous seasons so I'll do my best to reserve judgement. I thought this year's would be a cracker and all but the last two episodes were pretty much duds so shows what I know.
  4. Been spacing out S3 to really savour it and just finished it tonight. Absolutely brilliant.
  5. Yeah I was excited by this line up when it was announced but there's not been much chemistry between them and the tasks have lacked much freedom for imagination. Sadly I'd say it's the worst series so far, probably by a distance. There have been lulls before though so hopefully the next series will pick things up again.
  6. Ah gash, I have to be up for work at 6am in the week. I know they'll attempt to make it a Cinderella game but I'm usually in bed for 10pm!
  7. Only noticed they sit in alphabetical order thanks to the prize task. Have they always done that in every series?
  8. True. And before that we've got 'Neelix - a loveable jovial teddy bear, or fire him out the airlock?'
  9. I may well do. Need to see what she makes of the Enterprise theme tune first though and we've got ds9 and voyager to work our way through yet.
  10. I've got my new girlfriend into star trek, we've watched all of TNG and now halfway through TOS. I can't wait to show her ds9 next. Anyway, for a laugh I showed her the final battle scene from the disco S2 finale on YouTube. Her immediate reaction was 'what the fuck is this'. Even a total trek n00b can immediately see that it's not trek.
  11. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Sadly I thought all the characters were really irritating, didn't warm to any of them. The writers have clearly done their trek research but it feels like an easy parody rather than Trek to me. There's the bare bones of something decent there but I can't get past the fact it constantly drags up past glories rather than creating anything new and exciting. Sure all 'proper' trek had those 'member berries slung in every now and then but in lower decks they're so on the nose. It's a no from me.
  12. Maybe try explaining rather than insisting someone who doesn't want to watch it watches it and telling someone who has watched it and thinks it's shit that it isn't shit. It's shit.
  13. I'm a star trek fan and forced myself through all of season one. It was fucking painfully shite. Just a series of shit jokes and HEY, 'MEMBER THIS? @Festoon you're doing the right thing. Avoid.
  14. Because Alex kurtzman decided what star trek needs is beheadings and eye gougings.
  15. Sigh. Got to go pick the girlfriend up from work at 5. Was looking forward to watching the grand prix first. No chance it'll be over by then is there. If it's even started.
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