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  1. That's true but Sisko had 200 years of Starfleet history behind him, and an armada of ships to call upon should the shit hit the fan. Archer's crew were out exploring thousands of light years away from any Starfleet support and having to adjust their moral compass on the fly. You see it in Voyager too, although Janeway has well established Starfleet codes to adhere to she has to bend her principles from time to time given the unprecedented isolation the crew find themselves in. Yes the writing didn't always paint Archer in a consistent way but you'll always get that to an extent when you have a huge team of writers for one show. I like the idea of Archer having to be judge and jury in difficult situations where Starfleet's embryonic code of conduct hasn't yet established rules to fit every situation. He makes some apparently bad, sometimes selfish calls and it makes him more flawed and human than future captains. You saw how he almost fucked the first contact situation because he was desperate to save his pet dog, here he's doing it for his best friend.
  2. Ah, it's been a long road since I saw the episode. I forgot that they had a potentially life extending solution for Sim. Yeah, that would probably have made more sense. The Voyager crew were more than happy to accept not-harry-kim along for the ride and never mention it again after all
  3. I took it more as a 'needs of the many' parallel. Sim had to be sacrificed to save Trip, without whom the crew couldn't complete their mission. I guess at a push it could be an animal testing/farming metaphor - is it better to live to die than to not live at all? Anyway, I agree it was a bit hamfisted in places and there should've been a bit more uproar. Archer's character is confused at times but I guess they were trying to bridge the gap between perfect morals Picard and today's less ethically minded leaders. Like many Enterprise episodes it wasn't executed fantastically well but I thought it was an interesting sci-fi plot well suited to Trek.
  4. Can't find the tweet where he links to the change.org petition but there was lots of this sort of stuff going on for several months. He was desperate to get invited back. Then they recast his character and immediately killed him off.
  5. I find it pretty funny that Manu Intiraymi, who played the original Icheb, conducted a frankly embarrassing Twitter campaign getting his followers to sign a petition for the character to appear in Picard, only to get his wish granted but not be offered the role.
  6. Look. Clearly there's enough in the show to keep me watching at least until the end of the season. It's a crying shame they executed it so badly when the general premise has some promise. How about you enlighten us with some of the things you enjoyed, something a bit deeper than 'it moved the plot along a bit'. By episode 5 that should really be a given. By episode 2 that should be a given, though not in this case.
  7. Mm hmm. Or, seeing as it's a discussion forum, we could discuss what we think of the show.
  8. I've listed things I don't like about the show. I haven't said IT ISN'T TNG OH NO GENE'S VISION HOW COULD THEY. I don't like the writing, I don't like how it's shot, the dialogue is terrible, and many more things. It's not just because it's different to how Trek was 20 years ago. As I said above. It's not just bad trek it's bad sci-fi. You've basically just replied with 'shut up it's a great show'. I know which viewpoint is more constructive. Maybe stick to the other places you speak of if you don't want to hear a negative review?
  9. Sorry but I thought it was the worst episode yet. I still really want to like this show but dear God... I'm trying to forget that it's supposed to be Star Trek, because it's definitely not Star Trek. I'm just not sure whether it's even particularly good sci-fi. Glad others are enjoying it but the only solace I can find at the moment is it isn't Discovery.
  10. That's my favourite episode of Enterprise. Not sure why as it's not a particularly innovative plot or anything. I just really enjoyed the delivery of it. Reminded me of a the Red Dwarf episode Legion.
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