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  1. Just watched the first episode and thought it was very poor. Maybe I'm getting too old for nob jokes. Sense I'm not the target audience perhaps. Does it get any better? First episodes are generally the weakest so I might try one more before I give up.
  2. Do all Vaughan fans have trouble spelling his name?
  3. Just watched Pontypool. Fantastic stuff. Had some great suggestions through this thread. Have got Videodrome on my watch list for later in the week after having loved Antiviral, thought I'd check out some of his Pa's work.
  4. I'll not hear a word against Moogie or Troi. The main problems with episodes about Burnham's mum is they were actually episodes about Burnham. See also - every episode of Discovery.
  5. Just watched this as it's been added to Sky Cinema. Sense I'm in the minority as I've only read good things about it but while I thought it was entirely watchable, I didn't really 'get' it and was left feeling it was very average.
  6. Yeah, I almost bailed then but pushed on through and quit not long after a joke about whether robopicard was given a bigger cock than human Picard. I love RLM when they're ripping shows to pieces, not making nob jokes.
  7. I'm sure they'd look just fine to a layman, but I guess it's whatever you're used to. We all used to think VHS tapes looked just fine! Anyway, on an entirely unrelated note, shall we do a forum whip round to buy this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/screen-used-Star-Trek-Voyager-Alien-Tuvix-costume-worn-by-actor-Tom-Wright-/184299121961
  8. In that case I'll have to do another rewatch in HD once my DVD rewatch is over. Any excuse.
  9. Alright I got it because I needed some stuff to pad out my Amazon wish list a few Christmases ago and I'd have felt guilty asking someone else to shell out extra for the Blu rays. Does it make that much difference with old films that won't have been filmed in high def anyway? Genuine question, I've only ever really been arsed about high def for watching sport. Always been slow on the uptake with new tech. Didn't even get a smart phone until about 2015.
  10. Agreed. I'm currently doing a rewatch of all the films and just have insurrection and nemesis to go. So far my unofficial order is Search for Spock Wrath of Khan First Contact Undiscovered Country The Motion Picture Generations Final Frontier The Voyage Home I'm expecting the last two will fit in somewhere below generations and above voyage home. The one with the whales gets a lot of love and I remember loving it as a child but it has not aged well.
  11. Just watched this on Sky Cinema. Really enjoyed it. Tense as fuck in places.
  12. Tbf if you enjoyed Discovery, Picard AND the last episode of Enterprise you'll probably be blown away by Voyager. In all seriousness, I found the first 3 seasons of Voyager pretty hard going. Then as Trek does it got loads better for S4, 5 and 6 then tailed off for the last season.
  13. But how else will they overcome the AI that wants to destroy humanity?
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