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  1. Saves doing the presentation again next week I guess.
  2. Do they still go to adverts during the race? If not I may switch over.
  3. That's where you can lick the stamp and post the letter but the post office is closed. I thought Martin Brundle was once upon a time a good commentator.
  4. Absolute horseshit. Sorry, but the show was clearly designed to get people talking about these issues, not to preach the gospel truth which will end the debate once and for all. The fact I'm agreeing with you about who was in the wrong but you're still insisting I've missed the point is bizarre. I'm not trying to give my 'hot take', I'm interested to see what conclusions others have formed from the show and compare them to my own. My immediate reaction was that the girl completely overreacted and Kwame had done little wrong. This thread has changed my mind on that. As a healthy debate is capable of doing. Shutting down any counter arguments with 'you're white and male so you can't have a view' is really counterproductive.
  5. Being straight, white and male doesn't stop me having an opinion on something that may only happen to black men or gay men or white women or black women or old women any more than not being a politician doesn't stop me having an opinion on politics. I am capable of empathy and understanding emotions outside of my immediate experience. I've no Jewish relatives but that doesn't mean I'm about say 'yeah but Hitler had a point didn't he'. By watching the show we HAVE listened, we're not just spouting our opinion as important straight white males thinking that we know best. The very fact that there's a debate going on about this shows that the show achieved its objectives in getting people talking about consent and sexuality in general. That doesn't mean we should all sit back and say 'well that's what happened in the show so it must be the correct interpretation of events'. That said, and as I mentioned at the beginning of all this, I agree Kwame was in the wrong. But there IS a debate to be had and it fucks me off when I'm told I'm not allowed to have an opinion on something.
  6. You compare it to concealing that you're married, which is a legally binding agreement to monogamy. This was a consenting sexual act between two single people. They're not the same. Sexuality is a broad spectrum, I don't feel it necessary to list the genders of everyone I've previously slept with before a new partner can give informed consent. Kwame undoubtedly made a mistake but I think his intentions were good and you're making him out to be a gung ho rapist. Regardless of any of the above, it's just a bit of a dick move to wade into a civilised debate and shout there's no debate to be had, I'm right and you're all dickheads.
  7. I mean, that's not exactly what happened in the show is it. It was a lot more nuanced than that. But I can see this topic clearly touches a nerve so there's not much point debating it further. Though there is a debate to be had. No matter how loudly you say otherwise. As the many previous responses before you waded in dishing out insults demonstrate.
  8. Not really. The whole series covered grey areas around consent. I'm inclined to agree with you that it's predatory behaviour but it's hardly black and white. And certainly not bizarre or fucking weird to suggest there's a debate to be had.
  9. This ain't a Star Trek show. This will not matter to Kurtzman.
  10. Seems you were right! As voted for by fans on the taskmaster twitter account. I'm happy for potato hole in one to win but there were some bizarre choices in there. Bob's mask and Vine's hook going out in the first round is criminal.
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