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  1. I'm also enjoying season 2. Only up to episode 9, so the Marquis haven't turned up yet, but Bashir is substantially less creepy than he was in Season 1 and Quark is really coming in to his own. I do wonder about the episode order a bit though, we seemed to have two 'evacuate the station' episodes in a row at the beginning, and a couple of Quark episodes a bit later on. Could've been mixed up a little bit more. Also, I know they've been persecuted for many years and everything but do the Bajorans have to KEEP GOING ON ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME. Jeez.
  2. Inside No.9

  3. It's just weird how Dax tolerates it, I'd be straight to Sisko and getting him sacked for sexual harassment. Were they trying to get a will they/won't they sub-plot going on? Other than that, I'm enjoying it so far. Particularly while watching it alongside Discovery, which is fucking awful but I'm committed now.
  4. Started watching Ds9 from the beginning, having previously just seen odd episodes here and there in no particular order. How long does Bashir remain a sex pest for? I don't remember that being part of his character so I'm hoping they dropped it fairly swiftly.
  5. What do they do with all the mugs? Whenever Picard orders an Earl Grey he gets a new mug replicated. You never see him put an old one in and ask the computer for a refill. Very wasteful.
  6. 32 bit is the only option. It doesn't matter, wondered if there was a quick and easy way to get it on retropie but it would appear not.
  7. Yeah, I tried that but it still won't run, something to do with Windows 10 having too many colours. I am not at all tech knowledgeable so this is where I was stumped and gave up.
  8. Possibly a dumb question, but I've been itching to play the old PC game, Grand Prix World https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Prix_World I previously downloaded a PC Version but can't get it to work on Windows 10 as it's so old. Can I run PC games on Retropie? If so, how...and where can I find a ROM for this game? Have had a cursory google but come up short.
  9. Yeah, the acting was terrible throughout but that's not out of the ordinary for any Trek series. Aside from Picard and Data they're all pretty wooden in TNG, for example. Agree about Archer, T'Pol and Tucker - dreadful. Mayweather and Sato both pretty awful too but they weren't helped by being given nothing storylines until the last few episodes.Phlox and Trip were both good though, think Phlox should have had far more screen time as he was an excellent character. Despite all that, I really fell in love with it. Even the theme tune grew on me.
  10. Just finished working through Enterprise on Netflix. Series 1&2 were hard work, but fuck me Series 3&4 were good (aside from the final episode, of course). Gutted there's no more to watch. I read that Braga had thought about bringing it back as Netflix Only before Discovery was announced. This would've been a much better option for me, Discovery is a pile of horse shit. I got the 10 DVD box set of the films for Christmas so will start working through those next. I'm sure I've seen them all before at some point but it'll be good to go through them in order. Exciting times.
  11. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    All the Klingon guff was already explained in Enterprise though.
  12. Aye, I've downloaded a few individual for now, will wait 48 hours for the big one to download as the idea of having hundreds of games on there to discover is most appealing. Saying that, Amazon Prime are lying bastards and it hasn't arrived today anyway so I'll be waiting anyway!
  13. Should have one of these arriving at some point today. Getting all the stuff downloaded first so I'm ready to go when it gets here. Have got the Retropie software from their website and the gizmos to mount it onto the raspberry, just worried I've not done the right thing with the ROMs. I followed the advice in OP and currently downloading the big old file from archive.com, but it's 36gb and due to take 1-2 days to download...apologies for being rather tech illiterate but is this right and I've just got a shit internet connection, or am I trying to download the wrong file?
  14. Good Christmas specials

    What sitcoms have had proper good Christmas specials? They tend to be a 6/10 at best for me but wanting to have a festive evening tonight and can only think of the League Of Gentlemen where the chrimbo episode actually stands up to the rest of the series. Thoughts?
  15. I've taken the plunge and started watching Enterprise. I watched bits of the first series at the time and decided it was crap so left it at that. Maybe it's just because Discovery has been so disappointing, but I've really been enjoying it this time. Halfway through s2 now and although there are a few misses, most of the episodes have been good. I still can't bring myself to like Malcolm as a character or actor, and T'Pol was so blatantly cast to keep the Dads interested it's beyond belief, even for a stoney faced vulcan the acting is terrible. I really like archer, trip and flox though, and from what I've read it improves through series 3 and 4. Glad I went back to it.

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