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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if that ended up in some niche category on PornHub.
  2. Agreed. See also: the borg. Voyager completely ruined them and it smacked of desperation that they kept turning back to the same antagonists in the late 90s so I'm not sure why anyone's falling for it again over 20 years later. Similarly, dalek episodes are always the worst of new Dr Who. But then if you're going to have a writer's room full of creatively bankrupt cretins who can't be arsed watching more than a handful of episodes of the series they're doing a spin off of...
  3. Yep, I'm not sure where they thought the lolz were going to come from with the maze. Decent episode though. Alex being deliberately obtuse with Jamali is going to run and run, it's great.
  4. I really like the Williams! The Haas itself is pretty awful, mind.
  5. Good looking bunch of cars this season. Wasn't sure about them in the reveals but they look damn sexy out on track. Aside from the back half of the Merc.
  6. Thanks to @Mr Combo Breakerand @DeciderVTfor recommending this in The Terror thread. Only four episodes in but I'm really enjoying it so far. My only thing is everybody is an absolute thunder cunt. Does anyone likeable turn up later on, or is the whole point that I'm supposed to hate the lot of them?
  7. Slightly off topic, but any suggestions for Jared Harris stuff to watch? I've only seen him in this and Chernobyl but he's bloody brilliant. NB I am not watching The Expanse. Tried too many times and can't get past episode 2.
  8. I can't work out if Mike is playing a character or if he's just being himself. Either way it's fantastic. The balloon dance was wonderful.
  9. Finished this tonight, watched two a night all week. Absolutely magnificent. Bleakest thing I have ever seen. I've a pretty strong stomach for this kind of thing but I had to look away when Will probably watch through again at some point as I imagine there are hints towards future events littered through the early episodes that I won't have picked up on.
  10. I'm calling dibs on "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - Alex Kurtzman can suck my baws"
  11. Booked! Wheeeeeeeeyyyyy
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