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  1. He's pulling the same face I'd pull if someone bought me one of these. Is that really the best, most inspiring Tilly quote they could find?
  2. It objectively wasn't. The exposed concrete interiors went way too far! The outside was beautiful though.
  3. What do you mean? Black-lass-at-helm-who-can-hold-her-breath-for-ten-minutes has had some amazing character work. She's always exchanging tension-filled glances with metal-eyed-woman. And she can hold her breath for ten minutes! What more do you need to know.
  4. The amount of actual substance to the plot of Picard wouldn't have even warranted a two parter. It'd be a one and done.
  5. Have you heard of Star Trek: The Next Generation? That's on there. Worth a watch.
  6. It really is. I didn't have the energy to review it as I watched. Was looking forward to your take. It wasn't THE dumbest episode of the series. That's the only positive I can give it. Lordy lord it was fucking dumb though.
  7. I still imagine they'd have something like bulkhead doors that shut to seal off the section rather than blasting its entire contents, living or not, into space.
  8. It's also mad that St. Burnham knew that would happen too, given that in the last episode Tilly wasn't 100% sure whether or not the ship has a cloaking device.
  9. That episode would've been vastly improved if they'd inadvertently depressurised the cargo bay tbf.
  10. No wonder they had those no smoking signs on the enterprise if this is what the fire suppression system does.
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