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  1. Papaya Dance

    Football Kits 2018/19

    New Cambridge. I like it but not sure why they didn't shift the sponsor down a bit.
  2. Papaya Dance

    Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/19/17479734/cbs-star-trek-discovery-alex-kurtzman-five-year-deal Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear
  3. My march through TOS has really slowed up of late. All those comments above about S3 being a pile of shit are very correct. Only 5 episodes to go now though, I'm looking forward to the space hippies episode, then I can continue this spell of masochism by watching TAS. After that I can make a start on the films and finally see a bit of good Trek.
  4. Are TOS Klingons racist? A lot of them are just blacked up men with fake beards acting aggressively.
  5. I dunno, it's definitely been hit and miss but I'm quite enjoying it on the whole. The episode with Kirk becoming a god to those space red Indians was pretty good. Then there was the one with those kids who took control of the enterprise, that was shit. A mixed bag but I'm not finding it noticeably all that much worse than s1 or 2...so far.
  6. Onto season three then and SPOCKS BRAIN. I'd been looking forward to this, surely it couldn't be as bad as they say. Even if it is, at least it's got to be funny, right? Wrong. It's absolutely fucking dire. Not even so bad it's good, just really really really bad.
  7. Papaya Dance

    Cricket Thread

    Yes, they are 'rigged*' to varying degrees I guess but you'll see that from village cricket all the way up. Agnew had some interesting thoughts on it in this article https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/44215448 in the part about scrapping the toss. As for today's performance...if I were Anderson or broad I think I'd have retired about 2 years ago. They must be sick and tired of running in to dig the batsmen out of a hole, yet again. * They're not rigged, really. I just can't think of a better word.
  8. Have we done this before? Apologies if so. I regulaly go to football of various levels and test match and county cricket. Also been snooker at the crucible and dog racing once or twice. Both enjoyable and would go again. I'd like to go to a grand prix at some point, but should probably start with a trip to the speedway as there's a track just up the road from me. Golf and darts also look like fun. Not particularly interested in watching them on TV but the atmosphere looks good so they'd be good to tick off the list. Been invited to the races several times but not at all interested for some reason. Anyone care to fill me in on golf experiences? A mate of mine goes every year and has a great time, I'm just worried I'd get a bit bored after a few hours.
  9. Papaya Dance

    Cricket Thread

    Just reading about plans to scrap the toss in test cricket. Not sure if I'm for or against but I was surprised by this stat, In 150 Tests since the start of 2015, the away side has won only 45 matches, with 80 defeats and 25 draws (when taking the United Arab Emirates as the home venue for Pakistan) Despite England's best attempts to make that figure unbelievably high, doesn't that seem about right? You'd expect the away side to only win about 1 in 3 matches wouldn't you? That's what makes winning a tour so much more of an achievement than winning on home soil. I imagine less than 33% of matches are won by the away side in most sports.
  10. One episode away from finishing the 1st season of tos. It almost feels a bit masochistic to keep plugging through it, I'm not really enjoying it. Some of the stories are quite good but I just struggle to get past how dated it is and all the hammy acting. Still, less than 60 episodes to go. I'll get there.
  11. Why did they ruin TOS with shit CGI on the version that's on Netflix? It's totally out of keeping with the rest of the show. Would much rather watch with the original 60s special effects, no matter how bad they were.
  12. I'd go Chakotay for first officer. Horribly racist stereotype played by an actor who didn't even want the job. T'Pol is awful too though. Also, it'd be Wes on helm. Mayweather is a poor character but at least he's bland and inoffensive. Wes is an awful wee shite.
  13. No Kes or Neelix? Not too many arguments with this, but I definitely think Seven deserves a place. Maybe she could be The Doctor's assistant, her main function did seem to be providing nanobots for his experiments.
  14. Let's see yours then. I agree there's a potential conflict of interests here. Worf deserves his own command anyway, it'd be a wrench to lose him but he's earnt it.

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