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  1. This is only £24.99 atm on all formats from 365games.co.uk
  2. Has anyone else not got there subscriber issue as of today for issue 376?
  3. Still not arrived will buy in the shops as I do every month subs a total waste of time in my experience.
  4. So nice and refreshing to get my subs copy on release day for a change then I woke up to reality lol.
  5. Subs copy stilll not arrived glad I bought it yesterday. Arrive for anyone else today?
  6. I am going to cancel my subscription should have done it ages ago to be fair.
  7. Finally got it in the shops despite the best efforts of my subscription for it not to arrive lol
  8. No thanks do not want to wait any longer.
  9. I give up and will buy in the shops this afternoon!
  10. I mean at least on the same day it is in the shops sound unreasonable?
  11. Maybe we should just be thankful that they arrive at all?
  12. If I failed like the distribution company I would get sacked plain and simple.
  13. Yes very close to cancelling mine to be honest. Should we not as a subsriber get priority over the shops gets me very very annoyed.
  14. Wow what a surprise who ever has the job for distribution are not fit for purpose.
  15. Yes very would be more understanding if I lived in the back of beyond but live in London so no excuses as far as I am concerned.
  16. Would not mind now and then but for me every month often a week later than the shops.
  17. Anyone had there latest subs issue yet issue 366?
  18. Again with issue 366 as usual as a subscriber I get the magazine later than the shops not good enough!
  19. Again nearly every month it is late gave up waiting as I do most month's and bought it locally defeats the point of a subscription though.
  20. Thanks for letting us know as you say hopefully Monday.
  21. 1st time this has happened for me wonder what has gone wrong?
  22. Mine has still not turned up. :(
  23. Has anyone had there sub copy today?
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