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  1. He prob had it digitally I am guessing?
  2. So no one has there subs copy as of today? Does anyone know whats up? Is it out in the shops yet even?
  3. Any one get there subs copy today?
  4. Dan chambers

    PES 2020

    Anyone else having the gameplay stutter like mad during matches playing on a ps4 pro?
  5. I am torn on getting this for the Switch where it seems the natural home but heard there are performance issues or on ps4 any advice for those have played either would be much appreciated?
  6. Sorry if this is a stupid question can you play a first run through on hard difficulty?
  7. Review embargo lifts at 2pm uk time on Friday
  8. Curious how this one will be any good or not optimistic though
  9. Out in a few days look really promising?
  10. Cancelled my preorder and went with Simply Games as they are shipping today spoke to Shopto and are dispatching tomorrow.
  11. In a good or bad way?
  12. Any one hyped at all for this?
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