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  1. Hey did you get the digital edition link still not got mine yet and am a long time subscriber grrrrrr
  2. Where did everyone get there's from? Right bugger to find one in stock but hoping John Lewis have a restock sooner than later.
  3. Dan chambers

    Edge #346

    No not in my spam either
  4. Dan chambers

    Edge #346

    Is it just the oversees subscribers getting this email with the digital link or all subscribers? As I have not had such an email. Can someone give me the flavour of the Resident Evil 3 review please very interested.
  5. Order from Amazon Japan arrived with me only 3 days or so later and only £10 more than the uk price with shipping taxes etc
  6. I have ordered the the uk version from Amazon Japan yesterday but says it will not arrive till the 21st of April, is that an accurate time how long did it take to arrive for anyone else ordering from Amazon Japan?
  7. Anyone know when the review embargo lifts?
  8. Has anyone played the switch version bit worried about it hitting 60 fps does it dip much? And has it been patched since the Jap release?
  9. Thanks for your help never played it before but seems the Switch is the ideal platform.
  10. How is the Switch version does it run ok now after I presume it has been patched?
  11. This is out tomorrow in retail never played before is it really as bad as the reviews say? Still kinda tempted though any opinions?
  12. Dan chambers

    The Surge II

    Anyone know where the review embargo lifts?
  13. He prob had it digitally I am guessing?
  14. So no one has there subs copy as of today? Does anyone know whats up? Is it out in the shops yet even?
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