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  1. I had the same issue since it launched, but then noticed the extra games were showing as "Available 17/02/21" despite it, well, being long past that. After rebooting to no avail, I figured perhaps something was awry with the date and time so went into settings and turned off the "Automatically set time" (or whatever it is) setting and then turned it back on to encourage a resync or something. It made sense at the time. Starting the game back up then showed the packs finally! Or there was a problem with the eShop and it coincidentally fixed at the same point, I dunno. It all seemed a bit unlikely (both as a fix or as a coincidence), but I relate it on the off chance it helps.
  2. Yep and he didn't even hold it against me when I completely forgot one of the most expensive boxes (and we weren't able to check them all at the time due to aforementioned distancing) and had to courier it down a few days later! Thankfully it showed up! My own incompetence aside, it was definitely much less hassle than selling it all separately. Everyone will be different in terms of how much they're prepared to accept for the bulk option (or "lose" as you may think of it compared to selling separately - not that you're losing anything really if you're not using it and it's languishing in boxes, but you get my point) but I was just glad to shift it for a mutually acceptable amount.
  3. This is exactly where I feel like I'm getting to, hence the action. Outstanding advice about the sorting by price on ebay (and CEX) also.
  4. Yeah, I use the hacked firmware for GG games on the Mega SG (or rather, I have done so twice and marvelled at zooming the minuscule resolution up to 4K and it looking utterly ludicrous) but I already had the Everdrive and it lets me play the now-underwhelming, but still-impressive-to-teenage-me MD version of Virtua Racing. Likewise with the SD2SNES and the various chip games. But definitely good advice for anyone else considering picking one up.
  5. While I grew up with a Master System (after a Spectrum, natch), it sadly was part of the original 1993 purge (along with my Megadrive and SNES). I've regretted it since, even though I fully accept I'd now just be gratefully shovelling them in your direction after they'd languished in a box for 3 decades. Anyway, no Master System, apologies.
  6. I've got one (a Rhea. Or a Phoebe. Whichever one it is that fits the 21 pin Saturn) and one for the Dreamcast (DCEmu) that I - shamefully - have failed to fit to either machine. Enthusiasm tempered by eventual indifference seems to be the way it goes, hence the need for rationalisation.
  7. Sadly, that's (perhaps bizarrely) the one system I got rid of a few years back as I had a friend who was oddly enthusiastic about the Lynx. I'm 99% certain I didn't have any rarities or anything interesting anyway - a Lynx 2 with Roadblasters, Blue Lightning, APB, Chip's Challenge, Electrocop and maybe 1 or 2 others was as far as it went. Apologies.
  8. Sound advice, I think from all - and appreciated. I don't think I have the time or inclination to check the value of everything (and I'm fairly certain that the majority of, for example, the 360 stuff will go for buttons), but I'll certainly have a look at the older things and the more obvious rarities. I think if someone had come up to me a few days ago and said something like "£1500 (or whatever) and I'll take it all", I'd have been letting off fireworks in celebration as I handed them the keys to the garage - but I'm sure I can spend a day or so at least seeing what's there. It'll be an interesting battle between apathy and avarice either way. As regards Everdrives and the like - I think that's the way I'm increasingly going for the stuff I still want to play. I already have a Super NT and Mega SG and while I used to care about ensuring everything was RGB and geometry correct and 60hz and etc. - there's just too much to keep up with to care that much about all of that stuff and the experience with the Analogue devices (for example) and an Everdrive-y device is more than close enough for my purposes. I'd love a similar thing for Saturn/PS1/N64, but the truth is that emulation is probably enough as well for now - as I can't remember the last time I actually played a Saturn game (other than things like Guardian Heroes on XBLA). Age, eh?
  9. (Coughs theatrically as I boot closest approximate topic thread up the arse and push it stumbling into the daylight). So, what with the dawn of a new (and almost certainly underwhelming) generation of consoles - which I'll probably eventually end up buying despite myself just to coo appropriately at the latest thing for a few days before putting the pad down and going back and playing the same 5 or 6 games I always play anyway (generally 4X and roguelikes as I just want something I can *finish* at that point in time, even if I then come back for like 300 hours anyway. Getting old is weird sometimes) - I find myself looking at the piles of games I have dotted around for systems from previous decades and realising that most, if not all, of them could probably be hawked to pay for such an upgrade. As, honestly, I'd probably say 99% of them remain unplayed once I hook something new up to the TV and every time I run across anything, I'm struck with both existential angst at not having done more with it all and simmering resentment at the amount of space it all takes up. So, I'm looking for advice. As I'm appallingly lazy and can't be arsed dealing with someone on ebay arguing over the length of a slight scratch on a 25 year old game so that they can steal the pittance they paid me for it (let alone deal with actually listing, posting and all the rest of the bloody hassle), I was thinking of just shifting the majority in bulk loads. Like, list the 100 360 games, the 30 (or however many) N64 and Saturn, etc. etc. as a bulk lot, cash on collection. £100 a format (or whatever - I recognise it'll almost certainly be much less for the piles of PS3 and 360 games) to come and get what has essentially become my rubbish; much as it may have started as something of a curated collection at some point. I'm not proposing a lucky dip or anything here, I'll list the games so people know what they're getting, but I simply can't be bothered haggling over single titles. Does anyone have any experience basically shifting a big old mass of stuff like this? Is there something better or more reliable, or less likely to leave me rueing an elaborate con where I'm left with ashes (although with a refreshingly empty garage)? There's an appalling amount of stuff, including N64, Saturn, Dreamcast, Gamecube, 360, PS3, PSP, Vita, DS, GBA, GB, 3DS... I just want it all gone. There's hardware as well - some of it modded, or with ODEs; as well as arcade sticks, twin sticks, steering wheels... loads. I'll keep the previous generation, but I think that - emulation devices or similar aside - that'll be my limit for my own sanity. NB. Despite my willingness to get rid of it all (or just chuck it in a big fire for the catharsis), I'm not *completely* insane. I'm aware that certain games (Panzer Dragoon Saga; Street Fighter Collection; etc.) routinely go for baffling, eye-watering amounts - and I'll probably sell them separately (although again, any suggestions for shifting them are welcome. I think I'd honestly welcome like 60% of the standard going prices on such things just to save myself some hassle). In summary - and to avoid you having to read all of the above - I have a shitload of old games to sell. Any suggestions as to the best, laziest, least likely to leave me in penury way to do it?
  10. Having ordered an Odroid Go Advance around 6 weeks ago after a significant period beforehand of pondering; pointless pontification; and research (where I briefly considered the RG350 but was charmed by the ramshackle, build-it-yourself nature of the Odroid) I obviously then more or less totally forgot all about it and moved on to whatever the next thing to endlessly research and consider was (a MISTer probably, which I've yet to pull the trigger on - but it provides lots of distraction during the long, working from home days as my productivity scrapes along the floor. But anyway). As such, I was surprised when it arrived today, as while I basically knew it was due to arrive at some point in June, the endless stretch of every day being essentially exactly the same had me lose track of all sense of time. Equally surprising was when I opened it up and it was actually a *new* model. Who knew? Certainly not me. The differences are minimal, but nonetheless interesting. L2 and R2 buttons seem like a sensible, welcome addition and apparently the motherboard now comes with wifi built in (and some say bluetooth, but opinions differ); and it now charges with USB-C. Oh - and it's black now! Obviously the new additions seem only sporadically supported by the various distros already available for it right now, but I'm sure that'll change in the coming weeks. Thankfully, despite the fear I had after reading previous posts on here about my giant, clumsy hands smashing the delicate screen to smithereens, it was a surprisingly hassle free build (doubtless helped by the fact they seem to have revised the instructions to now say "Look, just bend the case so the screen fits and it'll probably be fine") and it feels both pleasingly amateurish (The cheap clicky buttons! The slightly crap speaker! The case looking like it's been 3D printed!) and professional (The excellent screen! The fact it seems to run everything you throw at it! The bewildering configurability and slight depression of myriad slightly different, deficient in differing way OSs!) at the same time.
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