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  1. Having ordered an Odroid Go Advance around 6 weeks ago after a significant period beforehand of pondering; pointless pontification; and research (where I briefly considered the RG350 but was charmed by the ramshackle, build-it-yourself nature of the Odroid) I obviously then more or less totally forgot all about it and moved on to whatever the next thing to endlessly research and consider was (a MISTer probably, which I've yet to pull the trigger on - but it provides lots of distraction during the long, working from home days as my productivity scrapes along the floor. But anyway). As such, I was surprised when it arrived today, as while I basically knew it was due to arrive at some point in June, the endless stretch of every day being essentially exactly the same had me lose track of all sense of time. Equally surprising was when I opened it up and it was actually a *new* model. Who knew? Certainly not me. The differences are minimal, but nonetheless interesting. L2 and R2 buttons seem like a sensible, welcome addition and apparently the motherboard now comes with wifi built in (and some say bluetooth, but opinions differ); and it now charges with USB-C. Oh - and it's black now! Obviously the new additions seem only sporadically supported by the various distros already available for it right now, but I'm sure that'll change in the coming weeks. Thankfully, despite the fear I had after reading previous posts on here about my giant, clumsy hands smashing the delicate screen to smithereens, it was a surprisingly hassle free build (doubtless helped by the fact they seem to have revised the instructions to now say "Look, just bend the case so the screen fits and it'll probably be fine") and it feels both pleasingly amateurish (The cheap clicky buttons! The slightly crap speaker! The case looking like it's been 3D printed!) and professional (The excellent screen! The fact it seems to run everything you throw at it! The bewildering configurability and slight depression of myriad slightly different, deficient in differing way OSs!) at the same time.
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