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  1. I've been going through some unplayed games and this one had passed me by when it came out. I think I'd largely moved on from new PSX games by then. Of course only to come back to them nearly 20 years later. First impression was, why the hell can't I stay on the track and how do I stop it sliding into donuts. But after a while getting used to the handling this one has some proper potential. Actually feels really tense because one big screw up will almost certainly ruin the race. Other thoughts, this gets really dark in places. I mean literally. I'll be driving in a shadowy area and suddenly I'm underneath another car. Didn't see him officer. I'd already pulled the curtains across. Maybe I need to play in the dead of night. The smashes are satisfying and worrying. Love seeing cars spinning about up front of me but I know when I roll it I'm stuffed. Anyhow, I'm only a little way in but it's feeling like something for the long haul. Plenty of stuff to unlock. Wondered what the games rep is. Seems to have got mixed reviews at the time. It released after PS2 was out, I think? So not the best timing. Has it aged well? Feels good to me.
  2. I'd like an excuse to give the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on NES a go. Along with any of the others up to the early 90s. They came out on a lot of systems so could be interesting.
  3. I'm getting lots of Midnight Club vibes from the trailer. I like MC:LA a lot but the Need For Speed franchise has rarely got my interest and seems so divisive and full of underbaked games. I'm gonna say I'm tentatively interested.
  4. ^ previously Haven't been completing much over the last few months. Not even played as often as I'd usually like to. And I'm very much focused on going through older games from my backlog at the mo. Just Cause 2 So it's Grand Theft Auto meets Far Cry with a touch of Assassins Creed and a tone reminiscent of No One Lives Forever. It's all very silly but I love destroying stuff so why not. The map is huge, maybe a bit sparse, but it's really impressive. Only thing against the gameplay is that it's a bit repetitive to collect power ups and capture towns. Although I found getting distracted by a cute military base to explode and reign chaos upon quite addictive. I could have finished the story quicker but it was nice to roam and of course destroy. Had a lot of fun lah. F17 Challenge Old Amiga racer. It handles nicely and I like the use of damage but it's too easy. Most opponents drive very slowly and the only challenge is getting past without hitting them. Trying to pass cars that are going a decent speed is quite fun, so if they'd just have increased the difficulty a bit this could have been a minor classic. Daytona USA Great racer. Got it on sale on PSN and it's a really good port. Not much more to say. Bright, fast, fun racer. Not a lot of tracks or modes but what it does have is done very well. War Hammer 40k: Space Marine I like this world where everything looks like an industrial sci-fi gothic cathedral covered in skulls. I like the mix of hack n slash with FPS. I kinda like the way everything has a goofy roman name. Space Crusade was my jam in the old days but I never knew the lore. Lots of the equipment and enemies are familiar favourites so that adds a lot to the atmosphere for me. The level structure and missions/story are nothing special but it doesn't need to stand out because there's simply a lot of big dumb fun here. Plenty of gung-ho madness with hordes of enemies. Can get real frantic. The ending clearly sets up a sequel that will never happen but I probably would have bought it because I like the setting and it plays pretty good.
  5. There's a huge game I forget all about. lol. Sorry Sega. Expert race proved a mission but I finally got 1st place on Arcade difficulty. Best lap was a 1.43.98. Really fun track when you get to grips with it. Got a thirst for more tracks now, shame Daytona 2 has never been ported.
  6. Tonight I beat Advanced on Arcade difficulty. Best lap was 45.73. That would have cost me a lot of coins back in the day. Still not the most impressive driving. Got a bit lucky coming into the last corner in 2nd and 1st place driver hit a backmarker and spun out. Reminds me how much I like to see good real world fantasy tracks. Aside from going along a cliff edge and having some very steep inclines and declines, advanced has a totally improbable fossil landmark that adds a bit of fun to everything.
  7. I hadn't played this since the late 90s in an arcade. I only ever had a few goes at it and did pretty lousy but remember it being loads of fun. Was so impressed by the damage and how smooth it is. I like that it's really pure racing with an aggressive bumper to bumper style. Great timing with this being really cheap on PSN right now. Jumped in and the music is so damn classic. Beginner music being all aaaaaaaaa ooooooooo aaaaaaaa oooooooo aaaaaaAAAA. Makes the congratulations scene a total joy. Can't get enough. And that GAME OVER message, and saying the letters, can't stop laughing. That guy made my day. Took a while to get into it and my drifting is really dodgy. Managed to lick Beginner on hardest difficulty and did a 17.51 lap. Advanced will probably be a lot tougher for me.
  8. ^ previously What have I been completing lately... Turrican 3 Not the best of the series but an alright platformer. Wouldn't say no to a new game. The Farlanders Short colony building game. Puzzle like in the way you manage resources and skills. Felt quite well balanced but not too hard. Could be expanded on. Midnight Club: Los Angeles - Complete Edition There's not a lot in the way of open world racers and I'm surprised I've waited so long to play this. It's loads of fun. Gets very fast. And is easy to get into the cheesy trash talk. Love the cars and when I finally tried out the Ninja bike that was even better for going round the Hollywood Hills. The only downside is with the large number of different races in such a big space it takes a long time to learn the tracks. I still don't know them all and a huge amount of my crashes and mistakes were from not knowing where to go, looking at the map too much and hitting oncoming, etc. But driving on the fly and making a real mess of the streets is half the fun, so not so much of a downside really. And when you're done and made a million everything is free which is awesome, coz there's lots of custom stuff to mess with. A sequel is overdue. Ghost Needs Sheets Just a short homebrew RPG Maker game. Silly and fun. Especially dancing with Satan. And the music in general. You Have to Win the Game This was addictive for an evening. Metroidvania with very nice retro styling and some tough platforming. Managed about 92% of collectables. It's good but so much death can get a bit gruelling after a while so I'll leave that last 8% and grab a drink instead.
  9. Just read the news. Answers my question in the worst possible way. Had a damn fine run though - 11+ years. Suspicious timing after my post... tinfoilhat.gif
  10. This could be where Steam runs into sustainability problems. I like that they accept nearly all games but that creates a lot of work with their all bells and whistles approach. And considering this below... Ouch. Having so many games on Steam must make it harder to give all of them the best service. I know some devs are unhappy with the lack of visibility they get on Steam. Something the curated smaller stores will be better placed to help them with. Devs go to Steam for its userbase but Steams size could be one of the things that works against it as more competitors eat at it's market share.
  11. No problem, thought is was a long shot. Just curious.
  12. That's a fair comment. I can see why devs have released only on Steam. The thing that will always irk me about Steam is the part it played in the gradual erosion of game ownership on PC. Something which leads to these exclusives on PC 'platforms'. I still use it, so I'm not a hard liner or anything. It just irks me. I'm irked.
  13. @CrashedAlex At the risk of taking advantage of your good nature, I have a question re: Burnout Paradise. How does it handle online multiplayer? The manual says EA has a kill switch but multiplayer still works on PS3 today, so some people think it's running fully peer 2 peer. Can you shed any light if it's being supported on dedicated servers or not? Regardless I find it amazing people are still playing together now, and had a blast with it last night. I'll be totally there for DD when I get a new Windows Box.
  14. It's interesting what marketing can do. Here we are talking Epic vs Steam when other services are pushing things just as far. Discord Nitro only takes a 10% cut from game devs. Itch has a pay what you like revenue share and allows customers to overpay for games if they want to support the devs. Will be interesting to see what Stadia and Apple Arcade offer. I imagine the Stadia cut will be more like consoles because of the infrastructure costs. Only complaining about games being exclusive to Epic feels odd when loads of games are only available on Steam. And it's not just Epic or Steam's fault. Devs and publishers decide to go exclusive. They could sell anywhere and everywhere, and sell DRM free with no launcher requirement through GOG, or heavens forbid sell it themselves from a webpage. But they don't, which I can understand just from a paperwork angle. The last game I remember buying through their own site was Game Dev Tycoon which must have been in 2013. I remember getting the download link in an email. How quaint says you. (just looked - they are still doing it, good for them) Anyway, I've no beef with Steam. I think they run things pretty well and it's the most feature rich launcher. I just barely use any of it's features.
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