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  1. Sartre84

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    I think its a neat idea. We've already had one origin story in Batman 89 so why not yet another? If Phoenix is aboard then I'm gonna assume the quality of the movie will be high. Probably more in the Nolan or Burton vain. Leto was just godawful.
  2. Sartre84


    Tvshows4mobile. I pay for Netflix, Amazon Video and Now TV so you know!
  3. Sartre84


    Its a TV series BTW.
  4. Sartre84


    I've watched the first three episodes of this and while its not exactly in the prestige category alongside Homeland its still quite gripping and fairly intelligent. * I just did a topic search on this and couldn't find anything but apologies if I'm wrong. I coulda have sworn I'd seen one previously*
  5. Sartre84


    Spy/Conspiracy thriller based on the movie Three Days Of The Condor starring Robert Redford and the novel Six Days Of The Condor. After helping to foil a major terrorist attack a young CIA analyst must flee for his life when all his co workers are assassinated when he stumbles upon a conspiracy. Co starring William Hurt and Brendon Frasier.
  6. Sartre84

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    Hated the theme tune to Casino Royale, Quantum and Spectre. I didn't mind Adele's Skyfall. At least it sounds like a typical Bond theme, though its pretty far down the list of my favourites. Spy Who Loved Me, You Only Live Twice, Goldfinger and Tommorow Never Dies rank among my favourite themes. Watched Fallout last night. Probably the strongest one of the series for me. I've never had particularly strong feelings about any of them though.
  7. I bet you a tenner that bit was put there intentionally. Definitely to mislead viewers re who he was guarding. You were supposed to think for a moment it was the kids. I thought that much was pretty obvious. As to the rest I'm reaching obviously but you never know.
  8. In On Her Majesty's Secret Service Bond and Blofeld don't recognize each other despite having met in the previous film You Only Live Twice. There's nothing to indicate they've ever met. Also in Diamonds Are Forever there's not a single mention of Bond's wife who was murdered by Blofeld in the previous movie OHMSS.
  9. Sartre84


    The fact that this film was getting marketed as "A New Generation's Exorcist" is official confirmation that movie makers take modern day movie goers for morons.
  10. No it was intended to make you think that maybe it was the kids he was guarding . She had the blanket right over her like he didn't want her getting recognized. It was intended as a misdirection obviously but maybe there's more to it. His being on the train is supposed to have been all a matter of chance? Look at everything that's happened since that came as a direct consequence of that. It is only one theory out of several you could have however and yes that is what makes the show a good watch!!
  11. Well I just said that but maybe it was to stop her getting recognised or her recognizing somebody. Like I said maybe the thing on the train wasn't a coincidence. Maybe he knew it was gonna go down. Maybe it was part of a plan to get him near Home Secretary. I know its unlikely but you never know. Sorry about the underlining BTW. I'm in a rush and can't figure out how to get rid!
  12. I ve been wondering why Dave told his daughter to cover up in the opening scene. It seemed like it was to mislead viewers regarding what was gonna happen. It wasn't an action that was explained. He didn't tell her to go back to sleep he asked her to cover up. It's obvious why this might have been. Maybe the train encounter wasn't a matter of chance. It probably wasn't significant but you never know.
  13. Sartre84

    Favourite supporting / bit part actors

    Vincent D'Nfrio Full Metal Jacket Men In Black The Cell Daredevil (Netflix Jurrasic World Law And Order C.I
  14. Sartre84

    Ghost Stories - Andy Nyman, Jeremy Dyson

    Watched this last night. Its a direct nod to the Amicus horror anthology movies of the 70s. ( I'm sure that had already been mentioned) . The problem with the individual stories was that there was very little story to them at all. Just somebody going about their business and then seeing a ghost. The Amicus style tie in twist at the end worked well and was itself the strongest story. Strange that there were no women in it I thought. Apart from the woman in the audience at the fake event at the begginining . It wasn't great but enjoyable enough. I actually wouldn't mind seeing another one.
  15. Sartre84


    So I wasn't the only one who found it to be unintentionally funny? The mum's ( Toni Collete wasn't it?) facial expressions were hilarious. The bit when the son dives through the window after he sees the people was indeed hysterical. Also the bit when the son starts freaking out in class and they all jump back was laughable. Best horror comedy in years!

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