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  1. Are they putting out the full boxset on Sky?
  2. Ash vs Evil Dead - Season 3 Feb 25th

    Season 3 has been great. Dissapointed to hear its been cancelled. One of the funniest shows on currently. On the positive side there's still Stan Against Evil starring John C McGinley( Scrubs) Its not nearly as gory as Ash vs Evil Dead but it is pretty funny. Season 3 of that is currently in the works.
  3. What do you think Karl and Susan have been adopting kids for all these years. Toadie's their hotshot lawyer keeping them out of jail
  4. A Quiet Place

    Hey! You gotta treat yourself once in a while or what's the point. Moneys for spending after all.
  5. Ghosted

    Caught back up with this now. Episode 10s only just been released as the show was on a break whilst new episodes were being filmed. I've enjoyed the last 3 episodes a lot more than the previous ones. Its beginning to feel a bit more polished and less clunky. The dialogue is improving and is much funnier. Also the paranormal cases themselves are becoming more interesting and spookier.
  6. Legion - X-Men TV spin-off

    Sorry. Its hardly central to the plot anyway.
  7. Legion - X-Men TV spin-off

    So did anybody else notice the reveal with Lenny in episode 2. That kinda turns things on its head a bit!
  8. Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    The mum. It doesn't get addressed until about episode 5 though.
  9. Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    Finished this now and I enjoyed it. Its a family friendly space adventure. Enough said! Its not trying to be anything else. The season finale was particularly good with some strong special effects! I liked most of the central cast. I often find young kids to come across as obnoxious and unlikeable on TV but I'm glad to say that it wasn't the case with this, the younger cast members did a good turn. Personally loved Dr Smith, I think she's one of the main things that held the show together. Exciting set up for a second series too. I'm sure there will be one. @Sandman Smith the baddie doesn't show up til the end of episode 1. So give it a chance.
  10. Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    I dont really get peoples problem with the flashbacks. Lots of people seem to be bringing it up as an issue. For me they help ground the story in a bit of reality. Without them they'd just be a bunch of strangers in space for some reason with no reason to care about them and no means to empathise with them or identify with them.
  11. Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    Four episodes in and I'm quite enjoying so far. It's not what you'd call heavyweight sci fi but its intended as family entertainment. Don't have any problems with any of the casting and I quite like Parker Posey as a female Dr Smith. The robot is so adorable!
  12. De Niro

    Its hard to think of a more contemporary equivalent IMO. Sean Penn and Day Lewis would both definitely rank up there but neither have done so many great movies prolifically( not even put together.) Di Caprio is starting to come close just by the number of quality movies that he's starred in( not nessacarily by his acting ability) and possibly Jake Gyllenhall.( Always seems to make good choices career wise)
  13. De Niro

    Another two great movies of his .
  14. De Niro

    I loved his performance in Awakenings. He was great in Cape Fear too( a remake) Sleepers and This Boys Life are two gems that he's maybe a bit forgotten for( probably coz he's not the lead ) I can't think of a bad movie he's ever made right up til circa 2003 or so . My 5 top films of his are Taxi Driver, Heat, Cape Fear, Deer Hunter and Meet The Parents.
  15. De Niro

    There was supposed to be an upcoming True Detective style series starring him and Julianne Moore which got canned recently in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. I was dissapointed to learn this as that would have been amazing and given him a chance to return to form.

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