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  1. Sartre84

    Good new horror films

    After loving Mark Duplass' performance in the excellent 2nd series of Goliath I watched Creep 1+2 back to back on Netflix yesterday. They're pretty decent. When I'd heard people mention them previously I thought they were talking about the 2004 British horror set on the London Underground. This is a completely different pair of movies altogether. I recommend checking them out.
  2. No, not nessacarily @goose. It's looking like a strong possibility but we still don't know. I think that last scene with him was really just meant to signify that he wasn't sure anymore. Just like he's not sure about anything else. He might just be losing it. This was a very strong episode.
  3. Sartre84

    Strange Angel (Upcoming)

    Ah, I've located it now! Thanks for the heads up. Side note_ I wasn't at all familiar with Parsons or his story until about six months ago when he was mentioned in a podcast I was listening to. I did a bit of research online and thought at the time that somebody should do a show or movie about it. It does make for a great story. Not to go off topic but even more coincidentally I started researching the cold case of The Golden State Killer just a few months back and then six weeks later he got caught after 40 years! Strange how these things happen lol.
  4. Sartre84

    Strange Angel (Upcoming)

    Co starring Rupert Friend ( Peter Quinn from Homeland) There have also been various conspiracy theories concerning Parson's death in a freak laboratory accident in 1952.
  5. Sartre84

    Strange Angel (Upcoming)

    Strange Angel tells the story of Jack Parsons, a 1940s rocket scientist who was instrumental in the early achievements made by NASA. He is the subject of various books and biographies. What's particularly interesting about his story is his involvement in the occult and his connections to famous occultist Aleister Crowley as well as his close friendship with fellow occultist and fellow sci fi writer L Ron Hubbard ( Future founder of Scientology)
  6. Sartre84

    Strange Angel (Upcoming)

    I've just realised there's a brand new show airing on CBS (I think) in The States. I'm very excited coz its based on a very interesting true story .
  7. Sartre84

    Amazon Prime Video

    Just finished Goliath S2. Very strong series, maybe better than the first. Be prepared for a few genuinely spine chilling moments. This show and Startup are by far my favourite Amazon Originals. One thing I would say though is that this series was a lot less focused on the legal/courtroom aspect than the first. It really plays out as more of a thriller.
  8. Sartre84

    Legion - X-Men TV spin-off

    He can morph into Ben Stiller at a seconds notice!
  9. Yeah, but instead exactly the same thing as we,ve already gone through a million times except with a new character. Wow! A robot becoming self aware. Just wow! @Camel. The only distinctive thing about the character or his storyline was that he was Indian. BTW I thought that last weeks brilliant episode was good precisely because the storylines and dialogue were extremely strong as I already mentioned. We didn't learn anything new and the premise was nothing new. It wasn't the worst episode of the season but it was far from the strongest for me. If the character wasn't Indian and was just some random ranch hand type host in a cowboy hat than the episode wouldn't have felt anywhere near as distinctive coz it would have seemed like you'd already heard the story before.
  10. Sartre84

    Corporate (New US Sitcom)

    Has anybody else been watching this? Its over on Comedy Central. The first six episodes are out now. Its pretty funny and satirical. Its about these two junior executives who work at the headquarters of a large multinational corporation and all the office politics and shady business dealings of the company. Its really pretty hilarious, a bit surreal like Scrubs , Parks And Recreation or I.T Crowd.
  11. I didn't think it was all that stand outish either. Especially compared to the previous weeks.
  12. Sartre84

    Amazon Prime Video

    Goliath S2 is up now. First series was superb! * Actually its up on the 15th in UK.*
  13. No, she definitely isn't his sister in this. That's part of the reason for ignoring all the sequels. The Director said he was pushing to get his way with that from the beginning. He said he felt having Michael targeting Laurie coz of a family tie made him less scary than him just going after her coz he's just a deranged killer. Also it makes him less of a threat to others if he's only killing people who get in his way. " I had no reason to be scared of Michael coz I'm not his fucking brother" is what he actually said. @Cat I do get his point actually. Also remember Laurie wasn't his sister in the original movie anyway.
  14. Hmm, so that's confirmed then. Michael isn't Laurie's brother in this version. Just looks like another cookie cutter retread of all the others. I know I'll be watching anyway. Michael would be in his sixties by now. I did read in an interview with the director that becomes a focus of the movie. That he's less an indestructible boogey man and more vulnerable . This could be good but I'm not getting my hopes up too high. I think they should have gone with a version where he actually did escape at the end of the original and has been hiding out in society and maybe you got introduced to characters in the movie who may or may not be him. That would have been a fresh angle for the franchise at least.

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