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  1. That cloak would look awesome with loads of GS'd leaves all over it. Otherwise, looking awesome as ever JK
  2. The majority of MP in Starcraft had people just duking it out and expanding as quick as possible and then it came down to late game tactics and surprises or whoever ran out of resources.
  3. The-G


  4. The-G


    If you get in, play on Hyperion. Myself and all 30 odd somethingawful goons all play on there. So well worth going on there.
  5. Ratlings And nice job! (now get it based up, it will look even more awesome)
  6. The-G


    Such a pretty game
  7. Oh man, this is going to rape my PC with a rusty rake.
  8. Wow, that DGM track that was linked is really good. Will need to check out more of their stuff.
  9. Fuck me, that looks good. Cant wait to install it later.
  10. The-G


    I only play WoW from home really so my authenticator is just sitting beside my monitor. As far as i'm concerned i'd rather have the account 100% locked down from anything malicious with the authenticator.
  11. Since when the hell did NElfs shoot sparky things out of staves?
  12. The-G

    New blood?

    Oh man. {Sea Serpent Grotto} is an absolute joy as BST. Wondering around the 3 camps right at the start at the exit to {Yuhtunga Jungle} killing anything but Leeches as prey.Awesome
  13. I know i'd rather have the close to negative grainy BR version than the completely atrocious DVD.
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