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  1. I can’t see me ever owning a thermomix , but I love this thread and people’s passion for good food. Keep posting please.
  2. Hmmm. Just done the combat tutorial and then given an error message and told to close the software. Anyway else have this? Might lower the difficulty level after reading the above comments.
  3. I needed a game to keep me occupied on my flight to Tenerife this weekend and this thread reminded me about the game, so I approve of this new thread. It arrives tomorrow.
  4. American Gangster 3.5/5 Usual rise and fall gangster film, but Washington is always watchable. Decent way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  5. Collection of Mans is £23.44 in the same. Do I just have my rose tinted nostalgia glasses on or is it worth another play through? I have never played Trials of Mana but Secret holds many great memories.
  6. Awful game at Hillsborough yesterday but we got the win. We lacked any tempo or quality on the ball and only playing one striker at home against Wigan is a baffling decision.
  7. Road to Perdition 3/5 Not sure why it took me so long to see this, but it never really hooked me. It was enjoyable, but just drifted by. i was left wanting more.
  8. Thanks to my dad loving all things Welsh and all things lower league football my second team is Cefn Druids. Today their match away at Cardiff Met was called off due to a clash of kits.Druids home kit is black and white, yet they they only took their away kit with them and the ref said it was too much of a clash.
  9. Thanks to traffic it was a five hour drive to Sheffield from London to see The Wednesday. Fulham are a strange team - all that quality and they had to resort to some appalling time wasting after they took the lead. The ref was genuinely incompetent but even though we were poor for long periods of the game justice was served with an equaliser in the 93rd minute. We had no real shape and I am not a fan of us playing 4-5-1 at home. Going to see what Monk does with the side in the next few weeks.
  10. Koopa all the way for me. Dabbled with a bit of Yoshi but he wasn’t a patch on Mr Troopa.
  11. Slightly strange feeling watching Wednesday play at Huddersfield today as I wanted their new manager! Still, three points is always good even if we looked a little slow at times. Have missed the last two hone games due to holidays so looking forward to travelling back up to Sheffield next weekend. Hopefully Monk will prove me wrong.
  12. Kieran

    Cricket Thread

    TMS was a joy to listen to by the pool in Italy. Strange looks from the Germans next to me as I repeatedly punched the air.
  13. Hope they don’t sack him before we play them on the 21st September.
  14. Wednesday top of the league and our free gift from Colin bags his second goal of the season. So good to see a Wednesday side with some pace.
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