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  1. Getting a Japanese Mega Drive as a kid and thinking I was the best thing ever. I loved going to those tiny indie shops that seemed to spring up all over Sheffield and buying random Japanese games. My number one wow moment on the Mega Drive was that first level of Strider. It felt like the coolest game ever. Having no money as a kid meant I only played games on hard and never continued to make them last longer. I never finished Strider. I was an idiot.
  2. I am really torn. It looks amazing, I love a good JRPG. However, I am not sure I have the time or money at the moment. The voice acting did irritate me somewhat in the trailer. I still have Dragon's Dogma sat unplayed on my Switch.
  3. If folks want to visit my rather average island then feel free. Only got K.K here. code - kk4jm @vSmall
  4. Hello, you will need to add friends and then they will let you visit their towns. Look at the beginning of this thread for people's friend codes and then send off some friend requests. I will open my island later on today and send you a dodo code so you can visit.
  5. Thank your for the money tree tips. I stupidly just thought they would continue to 'fruit'. Time to chop down some money trees. I have eight doing nothing at all.
  6. Bit of bbq lamb kebabs, flatbreads, padron peppers and a simple bit of salad.
  7. That looks ace. I love tofu and eating outside makes food taste so much better.
  8. I need it to stop raining! It is like being on the set of Seven. It hasn’t stopped in days.
  9. Stuffed pepper with roast veg cous cous was what my girlfriend demanded today.
  10. Slightly gutted, I have been collecting three of each insect for when Flick comes to visit. I have made a sort of nature walk and I wanted the bigs on stone plinths. Flick is here, but will only do one commission at a time. This will take me months to complete.
  11. Do you go for a real fine dice of the veg?
  12. Cheers, I already have the panko ready to go (was going to make some prawns, but never did). I have a few hit and miss Simon Rimmer recipes, but will give this one ago. Looks decent.
  13. Jumping Jack was quick and bold. Something something this story will unfold.
  14. Has anyone got a really good one they can share with me? My girlfriend has never had it and I want to make her this week. Only made it once before and I can't remember where I got the recipe from. Some of the ones I have seen look awful.
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