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  1. He looking so good for us so far today.
  2. Forgive my naivety, but don't witches traditionally have big noses? Also, the fact that Dahl's parents were Norwegian means it is more than likely he would have characters in his books from Scandinavia. No one is doubting Dahl's antisemitism, I juts wonder if perhaps you are straining a little too hard to find things that may or may not exist.
  3. Three of my favourite dishes there @revlob and they look insanely good - especially the paneer.
  4. Gone Girl Never realised this was directed by David Fincher. Girlfriend’s pick as she had read the book years ago - I knew nothing about. Really enjoyed it, it surprised me and entertained me all the way through. Decent performances and always good to see Doogie Howser M.D 4/5 This was watched with a bottle and half of red wine in me, so my judgement could have been impaired.
  5. That looks ace. I am moving house soon and buying a load of need kitchen stuff and that could be perfect.
  6. Love the look of your burger @Dirty Harry Potter When you say griddle pan, I assume you don't mean a ridged one?
  7. Obsession (1976) Bat shit crazy melodrama noir fest from Brian De Palma released in the year of my birth. Over the top score, shades of giallo and a ton of Hitchcock. Not sure it is even worth mentioning the plot. 3/5
  8. A Wednesday legend. Took us from our lowest point in division three to a FA Cup semi final. Hearing so many good stories from ex Wednesday players today. RIP Jack.
  9. I got both books at the weekend, but seeing as I am moving in a couple of weeks I couldn't really make a vat of the base sauce. I did make the dal from volume 1. Dal recipes are two a penny, but this was really good. I used chana dal instead of red lentils and it tasted so much better the next day.
  10. I wish Flick would visit me, I have a huge backlog of insects ready for him to make into sculptures for me. I have forgotten what Redd looks like. Only 3 or 4 visits ever from him.
  11. I also took the plunge and bought both copies. Hopefully arriving today.
  12. Pacino in Glengarry Glen Ross https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCIyhUi2zBo NSFW - but that should be obvious in an insult thread.
  13. Ifollow has had massive issues with everyone logging on for the 3pm kick offs I couldn’t log in until 3:15pm.
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