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  1. Well I played Demon Souls and the spatial sound, actually the sound in general is excellent. I could clearly hear enemies above and below me. (something I wanted to test out) I think its a good move by Sony to have a standard audio solution on their hardware and would have preferred Microsoft to soley use something like Atmos to standardise it on their platform. (so that developers only need one set of tools for audio)
  2. Having played this now for several hours i'd like to give kudos to Bluepoint. Completing a project like this in around two years is a great accomplishment, especially on new hardware. I'd love to see them doing Demon Souls 2 as their 1st original project but i doubt Fromsoft would allow it. I can dream though.
  3. I thought that, but then how does that work with home cinema systems? You can't have speakers below you? Is there any games you can think of that represent a good example?
  4. My understanding it that you can use any headphones, although the type and quality of the experience will depend a lot on how well those headphones are suited to the job. If you want to go down the rabbit hole have look here:https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-10-27-2020-drop-x-hifiman-he-5xx-review-added.534479/ A monster thread on various headphones and headsets used for gaming. Don't forget to enable the sound setting in the PS5 menu, i'm not sure its on my default.
  5. Sure, so the idea is to simulate sound as it is in the real world. I play competitive games online (not that i'm very good) and good quality simulated surround sound really helps me to pinpoint the direction and distance of enemy gunfire. Even in single player games, horror for instance, if you hear sounds coming from behind you, or a wall to your left/right it really adds to the atmosphere. There's also material based sounds, walking on a steel or wooden floor for instance but i wouldn't say that is 3d sound, maybe how sound deflects/reverberates from these different materials
  6. There's plenty of information already out there, not to be rude, but have you looked? https://www.tomsguide.com/features/ps5-and-3d-audio-everything-you-need-to-know https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/11/hands_on_does_ps5s_3d_audio_live_up_to_the_hype Took seconds.
  7. It would be a beautiful thing if the gpu power was there for ray tracing, 4k and 60fps but it isn't. For me it has to 60fps all day, the novelty of shiny things wears of fast.
  8. I eventually got my 7x from Steelseries, I won't go into the palaver that was. Regardless, i'm very impressed, the sound is excellent on Series X especially when combined with Dolby Atmos. They're comfortable, no signal drop outs and the app is fairly easy to setup. I say fairly as there were no instructions and I foolishly thought that if I connected the headset directly by usb to my PC it would be recognised. Heads up, it wasn't, I first had to connect the dongle to the PC before it would work. I have owned a lot of great headsets, Astro TR, Sennheiser Gam
  9. The Elite Series 2 is by far the best controller i've ever used. If i was being picky, the only niggle would be that the D-pad isn't quite as good as the new Series controllers.
  10. Argos have failed me (or maybe DPD has) Not completely, but mine won't get delivered until Friday. (apparently) How difficult can it be to have these things shipped to the nearest distribution centre prior to launch? I guess Demon Souls will have to wait a little longer.
  11. These might help. Certainly the best pre-sets i've used. https://sites.google.com/view/zeference/home/audio/astro-eqs https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_uiJsNiRZJzIOri_827v3KHeEgUzAG6e
  12. He was just lucky the power wasn't on.
  13. I think you can turn off the sound to your TV via the audio options, you need to set the hdmi audio output to off. I could boot up my Sx to confirm it but im feeling way to lazy this evening.
  14. The whole battery thing is very strange to me. Explanation, if you put in a play and charge kit, Voilà you now have your built in battery. Also, the official Series X play and charge kit battery holds a charge of 1400mah, the Dual Sense 1560mah, 2 eneloops rechargeables hold 4000+mah Options are good. The only thing i would say is that Xbox game pads should include a play and charge kit as standard, at £54.99 it seems very overpriced compared to the Dual Sense.
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