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  1. I will check on the Ultima games. I bought 6 naively thinking it was a point and click tumble affair then skipped 7 and bought 8. Both parts of 7 were so highly praised and the underworld spin-offs seemed so far ahead of their time but these days hardly a mention anywhere.
  2. Can’t stand halo. Almost as over rated as half life 2. There - I said it
  3. Yep you really don’t need the digital io board at all. I. Fact you don’t really need any of the io boards. Im still running mine with just the RAM, a heat sink and an Amazon OTG USB hub.
  4. For me it is quicker to list the games I have completed as far as I can remember than those I haven’t but love. Sonic 1 Desert strike Super Mario world COD modern warfare Uncharted 4 The Last Of Us that is it. I have owned almost all major consoles and most classic games. The ones I really regret not finishing so far are: I’ve still never completed a Zelda game despite putting hours in. Mario 3, 64, sunshine, galaxy 1&2 all played for hours and not finished. Some of the PlayStation’s classics - ico, SOTC owned in ps2 and 4! Spiderman, the last guardian. Super Metroid, Metroid prime. And lastly final fantasy 3/6 and chrono trigger. Sometimes I think I prefer the idea of games rather than playing them!
  5. And that is forza horizon.
  6. Virtual racing. This is simply ace and one of my favourite games of all time and I am so pleased that this is a reality. My mister just gets better and better!
  7. The original wipeout was a spectacular total game changing pile of annoying. Looked great and changed the way we saw music in games but was just too hard to play and I love racing games.
  8. As an aside I can now as Rez to my list of “why did I sell it for £15” or whatever it went for 15 years ago!
  9. I’d be interested. I only have the board a heat sync and the ram module.
  10. I ordered mine from digikey with a wait time of months. Then I got a confirmation of billing and shipping a few weeks later. It’s well worth the wait trust me!
  11. So I got a Retro-Bit tribute wireless controller this weekend. I’ve not gone the RGB route so being able to sit far enough away to enjoy the AV glory is a much better experience. It’s taking a bit of getting used to though. Im still on original carts but am seriously considering and EverDrive for my N64.
  12. Looking at that video the usual scanline and shadowmask settings all appear to still be there. Is this not the case? @Phantoon that interface is one of the reasons I love my mister. No box art, now faff, no animations or videos just some settings and game lists. Great stuff.
  13. I am glad this thread has turned into your most valuable item you sold ages ago for peanuts! Hindsight is useless and annoying!
  14. I stupidly sold almost all my prized retro possessions when I moved house around 4 years ago. Mint boxed n64 game collection - gone. US SNES with chrono trigger, FF3, Metroid, DKC and loads of other classics - gone. Game boy pocket, GBA, DS, all gone along with now super expensive games all gone. Long before then I sold my modded Saturn with ram pack, all the fighters, stacks of games - gone. so I guess I now have a bunch of mega drive carts so my prized one is a battered old n64 and growing cart only collection and my Mister. Far fewer boxes kicking around I guess!
  15. Quick update - this thing is amazing! I decided to grab a £5 OTG hub from Amazon to see what the deal is and I am blown away. So far I have sert it up, run installall, transferred a select bunch of megadrive and pcengine games and set up integer scaling. It is so immediate, really does feel like the real thing and is so slick and clean. After faffling with the bloat of retropie and trying out ready made images this is just what I need. Once I have the RAM and IO board I think this combined with my rejuvenated N64 is childhood retrogaming done. I now need to get the various computer cores up and running particularly DOS and Amiga. Amazing!
  16. Roger that! I’m thinking a select few for each console. I’m really looking forward to getting the Amiga and Atari st running as well as the 486 core. We always had a pc growing up but loads of friends had amigas and a few STs and always really wanted them. I may even try to get some midi running out of Cubase for the ST. Good times ahoy!
  17. Ok I’m convinced. I’m about to order all the gubbins. I sold all my prized games in boxes a few years back for what now seem crazy prices. uS NTSC FF III, hoagies island, Zelda, chrono trigger (chrono trigger!!!) al for a few pence. Whole boxed mint n64 collection. Loads of mega drive games. I can’t lament the past but a mister will help get the original experience back.
  18. I know where you are coming from. I have a DE10 nano, sat in a box and I am trying to figure out if I want to keep it and get all the bits or just flog it for what I paid. I have a Retropie setup on a Pi 4 which I am fairly happy with but have almost too many games on it - in fact not almost - by far too many games. I have a stack of PS4 and Wii U games unplayed, a SNES mini in its box, am N64 waiting for a new PSU and even an old switched mega drive kicking around. I hardly play any of them and think I like the idea of games more than that actual games themselves. I thought a Mister may being the love back - I had a US RGB SNES, fully modded Saturn with all the ram expansion etc. I was quite the game collector but now am mid 40s, demanding job and a 6 year old who isn't massively interested in games at all. Now I am not so sure. I guess I could grab a usb tog hub off amazon and try the mega drive and pc engine cores along with whatever else works and see how I like it?
  19. Well, I placed an order at digikey at the beginning of the month and it was shipped today so... woohoo! Now I guess I need to order some of the other gubbins. Is misterfpga.co.uk a good shout for boards etc?
  20. I’ll join in. The pc games that I spent far too much time of my teenage years playing are in no particular order: Indycar - for some reason I preferred this to Geoff Crammonds F1 and the texturing seemed from the future All lucasart scumm games but most importantly day of the tentacle and Indy and the fate of Atlantis. Flight Sim 3, 5, 95… Falcon 3 and 4 just flying around The original gunship sim city 2009 some game called Doom. On a school network (we were seriously lucky at my school) Wing Commander privateer Age of empires (2 really - bit later on) ah….happy simpler days.
  21. Well I have an order in - let's see how long it takes - proper excited about this coming in...
  22. And I’m so annoyed the de10 is out of stock everywhere. Cack!
  23. Yep I decided to finally bite the bullet and there’s no stock. Rubbish.
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