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  1. I picked up a WiiU back around April and absolutely love it. 8 games: BOTW, wind waker, super mario 3d world, bayonetta 2, splatoon, MK8, Pikmin 3 and paper mario are keeping me going and are all superb, cheap to get and cost far less that a switch that I couldn't buy at the time. I too paid no attention to it when it came out and ab glad I did to a certain extent as it's brought some good old fashioned fun back into playing games.
  2. Daytbona USA navigate redneck race meetings seeking future life partners but careful you don’t get over stimulated - watch your stimulation meter to avoid an embarrassing situation. Has 4 slickly changing views.
  3. Sony have just gone for the treat them mean keep them keen approach.
  4. Spot on I’ve got a massive pile of PS4 shame, yakuza 0, Kiwami, HZD, Spider-Man, death stranding stacks more all of which look amazing and play brilliantly and at a shiny ps5 would just play these better and make me want to buy more games so I’m staying out for the time being.
  5. Microsoft has put out a release about their own stores. John Gruber who is. Firmly pro Apple but also a realist has done some amusing analysis of Microsoft’s press release Daring fireball
  6. But wow that is a lovely box. Look at that hinge! (No I’m not being sarcastic either.)
  7. Am I the only who thinks that looks a bit just same old and not as nice as Forza Horizon 4?
  8. I only learnt this a few years ago when it appeared on an a level exam specification and I thought what the hell is this then got on google. Every day is a school day even when you’re teaching this stuff!
  9. You’re welcome. Not saying it is current gen - I’m just very late to the wii u party! I’ll probably get a switch in 2022.
  10. I don’t own a switch so for me ps4 hands down. It’s got a game on it I actually completed (UC4) ams although a remaster I’m getting there with TLOU. I’ve also played a shed load of Tetris effect and gt sport. All that said my best buy this generation is a wii u where I’ve played all the switch games - BOTW, MK8, Batonetta 2 and evening ones the switch doesn’t have yet like super Mario 3D world. So I guess I’d I did have a switch it would be switch!
  11. Trust me being married to a lawyer I doubt lawyers ever went anywhere near these press releases and news drips.
  12. This is absolutely me. After being stuck in work, jobs at home, more work at home, time with my family I then work out what to do and games is at the bottom of the list but I still can't get enough of reading about them, catching up with industry news, watching videos about them. I actually think this may have always been me - my list of completed games in 30+ years of playing them is so slim yet I have spent so much time and so much money. I shudder to think what my time/cost ratio is on games!
  13. Was it modded at all?
  14. As Gigawat says, most jets back is slow, forward is fast. IN jets they are called thrust levers not throttles. In Airbus aircraft the first 50% or so is manual thrust, then it has detents (clicks) for automated settings. where it is left almost all flight and it just stays there. Boeing aircraft have a moving autothrust so when it is engaged the levers are always moving (not a lot in cruise). Where you set the lever is how much thrust you get - there is no nudging it or anything like that. Light aircraft it is more of shaft that comes out of the front panel that you push in -
  15. Unless you were Japanese in which case It’s spot on and better than an American unboxer unboxing an empty plastic shel. It’s like the good old days with magazines showing a scan of famitsu with one image of a console and a ton of incompressible text. Relish in the retro feel!
  16. Really only since YouTube. Back in the magazine day it wasn’t until the console actually came out that you got to see UI etc. I remember pouring b over edge issue 11 when the first actual PlayStation shots came out but there was still only scant news on how it worked and more importantly played. of course consoles came out months or years earlier in Japan or the States before the UK.
  17. This is delightful and everything I remember from x wing. I’m on base PS4 and graphics looks lush and all plays really nicely. I need to get throttle on triggers so rolling doesn’t cause me to speed up or slow down. I had a CH flight stick pro in the 90s and had roll on buttons on top of the stick. Very weird looking back. my only issue is there is so much going on it’s really hard to slot things. The 90s games were so much easier as it was just space with some space ships flying around. Done the prologue missions and can’t wait to carry on. It just oozes Star War
  18. The thing that I guess I just don't really get about this reveal via influencer thing is look at all the xbox series videos. Firs you had the droves and their unboxing videos of plastic shells. All identical videos - "we have lots to talk about, let's get into it...." where they show some plastic. Then they have the embargo lifting for backwards compatible titles which are very impressive but... they are all the same "we have lots to talk about, let's get into it....". Is this what people actually want with a console launch? To be fair I remember buying a playstation after seein
  19. As an X wing and tie fighter [layer in the 90s I can't wait for this and have just pre ordered it - it's under £30 on ebay with game collection and a code right now. I can't wait to get balancing my shields - I just hope the single player is good as I just don't do online.
  20. I am glad I am in good company. I am sure there are other games I have "completed" - I have done everything there is in pilot wings 64 - does that count? The list of close but no cigar games where I have put a lot of time in and almost finished is far bigger - I think that is worse somehow! Zelda - almost all of them hours and hours and never finished, LTTP, OOT, Majora's mask, Wind Waker - that is pretty impressively pathetic! I just couldn't stay the course. Half life 1 and 2 ( is the most over rated game I have ever played) All the Monkey Island game FFS
  21. In all my years of playing games since the zx81 to the present day I can count The number of games so have completed on my hands: Altered beast Desert strike Super Mario World Doom Day of the tentacle Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis Rez Modern Warfare Uncharted 4 Honestly it is several decades of shame where I have owned countless consoles, hundreds of games and I’m still not sure I have the sticking power to go more than a couple hours into most games. That I have slowly got over half way in TLOU remastered and
  22. There will be plenty of expansion aircraft. I used the aerosoft a320 in fsx which was fantastic and they are working on one for fs2020 Check it out. PMDG also make great commercial aircraft add ons. I had their 737 which was awesome. It will be interesting to see what happens as developers get used to the new sim. The built in aircraft have always been less than accurate in flight sim but it looks like they are the most accurate so far but still a fair way off what is around in the add on market.
  23. The A320 autopilot is totally broken at the moment from what I have heard and seen. Speed management is completely broken which means the aircraft accelerates far too fast under 10000 feet.
  24. Uncharted 4 was the only game I completed in the past goodness in how long. It was super fun not too long and looked simply gorgeous. Totally stupid but it was enough to get me to the end which is quite something.
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