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  1. Absolutely don't bother. I returned mine and kept my slim. The pro was a buzzing noisy beast and that’s brand new. The buzzing difference from game to game but it was properly annoying. Back to the slim and the games still look amazing and that’s on a 40” 4K set!
  2. Glad it’s not just me!honestly I don’t know what they were thinking but the slim is a great machine so they can get it right!
  3. Scrap my previous post. The PS4 pro started whining and buzzing and clicking. Returned and happy I’ve hung onto my slim because because one I fired up some games the difference is actually fairy minimal and it’s quiet. Tetris effect was the worst - made it buzz like mad! thinking I’ll get back onto a one x for 4K after the new year!
  4. I picked up a pro for £250 with death stranding the other day which struck me as a good deal. Have a slim and a 4K tv and the difference in what I’ve played so far is definitely a step up. Probably not one x levels but get sport for instance looks far better than on the base model as does hitman. So far so pleased.
  5. I remember reading about the PlayStation in early edge magazines around Isis 4/5 when developers were starting to say what it was capable of. It blew my mind. Then I remember seeing a clip of ridge racer running on it in an episode of bad influence and being even more blown away. Had a pal machine on day one and basically played ridge racer non stop for months. Then tekken came out as changed the game and later on I got wipeout. I’m amazed how happy I and others would be with so few games. I can’t list all the amazing experiences I had but my favourite has to be playing resident evil with my brother and a friend. Taking it in turns room by room late into the night. It’s fair to say that games changed a lot since 1995.
  6. As someone who was lured by the 4K goodness of a one x and then sold it and went to a base ps4 I’d go ps4 any day. Once I was over FH4 I realised that the games looked lovely but I wanted to play some of the PS4 classics. I hated the Xbox user experience and the backwards compatibility I was looking forward to making use of just didn’t grab me. I don’t play online so that was a further.m nail for the one x. Im now really enjoying playing through some amazing classics and I have a lovely backlog to play through. The multi platforms are still great just not quite as shiny. I do wish I’d got a pro though.
  7. That is a great shout. The later ones lost the charm and added too much stuff. Classic Amiga (or pc) worms was just pure and such fun to play with others.
  8. A few thoughts I’ve had: Wave Race. I know there’s only been blue storm but the original felt so much better and still makes me want to go back and play today. Desert Strike. The original was just timely and great fun the sequels just didn’t hit the notes of the first. Sonic. None of the sequels could touch the levels in my view. A good example is chemical plant in 2 just sprawled and added too much slowing down. The original ridge racer. Maybe I’m just a bit rose tinted as it was THE game I wanted and drooled over when the PlayStation was announced but none of the others quite hooked me in like the basic one track masterpiece.
  9. So a while back I asked about getting a one x. I dithered for a while. Bought a PS4 slim. Realised I didn’t really enjoy some of the stacks of exclusives I bought. Realised buying shit loads of games in one go is a school boy errror (that I’ve made loads of times before so should know) Sold it. Bought a one x. Love it! What a bit of kit!
  10. My parents bollocked me when I came home jabbing dropped probably £40 on desert strike then my dad played it every evening when he got home until he competed it. I have only completed two games since - thats how scarred I am.
  11. Cancelled my pre order. As I have ps games running nicely on Retropie I’m even less fussed about this.
  12. I’m so close to pulling the trigger on a one x but there’s something bagging in my mind. Context: I sold my gaming pc a few months ago as a down sizing de cluttering mission. I have no console at the moment - used to have a 360 and a ps2 before that. I do have a 4K tv and an put off the PS4 Pro by the noise issues. Am I going to miss the Sony exclusives that much? I do love driving games and would love a crack at wipeout and gt sport but I also would love to play fh4. What to do? Help!
  13. I’m looking at that bundle too and it seems awesome. I had been looking at a PS4 Pro and although I like the thought of Sony exclusives this almost seems too good a deal to pass up on. Am I mad? (I do have a 4K tv)
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