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  1. The A320 autopilot is totally broken at the moment from what I have heard and seen. Speed management is completely broken which means the aircraft accelerates far too fast under 10000 feet.
  2. Uncharted 4 was the only game I completed in the past goodness in how long. It was super fun not too long and looked simply gorgeous. Totally stupid but it was enough to get me to the end which is quite something.
  3. Loads of games that look the same as what I already have sitting un completed on my PS4. I think i will wait. A long time. I’ve only just got a WiiU!
  4. I’ve only just seen this and I’m really late to the modern day Nintendo party - I bought a wii u a few months ago and don’t own a switch yet. So I’m probably insane to want to buy this despite owning all 3 games already right?
  5. VOR and ILS aren’t autopilot specific they are both different aids for instrument flying. Both are radio frequencies gig can tune in to. VOR are radio beacons that you can to and from and have radials like spokes on a wheel. ILS is for landing and the radio signal has a vertical and horizontal cross. Your instruments show your deviation from that cross. An airline autopilot can fly to VORs and fly along an ILS once you have intercepted it but only when programmed into the flight management computer. The airliners have a panel where you can set flight levels speed heading etc and enga
  6. On an a320 and most other airbus it’s three high pitches beeps fairly quickly one after the other. Boing is more of a low pitched siren/klaxon sound. I Pilots do need to do auto lands as well to ensure the systems work and to keep themselves current with flying a cat 3 auto land. Obviously the pilot flying has hands on controls ready to take over. The last one I remember on auto that I knew was auto was flying in to a very foggy Heathrow.
  7. And just to add on this I’m baffled this has been promoted as much as it is. I mean I read the guardian article about having the whole world to fly around like it’s new when every single Microsoft flight sim has had this. FSX didn’t have this level of promotion yet basically did exactly the same thing just didn’t look as pretty. Weird.
  8. Commercial jets use a flight management computer (fmc) that is programmed with the whole flight including flight levels, way points, departure and arrival patterns . In say the a320 and most jets it’s the smaller screens in the lower part of the flight deck with lots of keys underneath. The autopilot followed this and is switched on after a few thousand feet and left on until the last 1-2000 feet or just left on completely for an auto land. The flight can be changed while I’m flight at any time and can also me overridden if taking direct arc instructions on busy airspace like around the s
  9. I don't even know where to start with this one - all previous flight sim versions allowed you to do what happened in this video and completely miss the run way, slew it along the ground and get away with it. I guess if people are having fun then that's great but that isn't how you fly an airbus bless him!
  10. A 14 year old flight sim looks and sounds as good and in some ways better better than this apart from the scenery.
  11. The scenery looks lush but this has all sorts of wonk that using me fsx with mods blows away. For example I watched a trailer today with an a320 and the sound was all wrong and when it landed the landing physics were way off. What was a thumper if a landing had now bounce, floating or even any give just a slam. Even landing heat suspension which has been modelled and animated in fsx just didn’t budge. I’ve gone back and sound some of the nicest fsx videos and to be honest the scenery in this is lush but a much older game still gets pretty close with add ins. Still if developers get o
  12. I work in a school with a specialist asd unit and I spent the last 4 years as assistant head In charge of pastoral, well being and mental health. My issue isn’t with kids playing games. I played games after all but not when I was 5 and I’m really surprised and shocked by the number of very young kids (<5) who are plonked in front of games, phones and tablets as it is easy. I have spent many hours with asd students playing minecraft, programming, designing games etc. I’ve also sat in a room with families of very able students who are up playing fortnight until 4am and who have blow
  13. I think bullshit is possibly a bit strong but maybe so is my "all the research" as there has been very very little actual academic research to date. The most recent study that has been published was by the University of Calgary in January 29 draws a link between development and screen time in 2-5 year olds. At the moment there are more studies looking at the same thing to follow up on this as while there are links they can't be tied to screen time directly. As an experienced teacher I can see the impact of screen time on children every day which covers a multitude of issues but
  14. I have a five year old. Has about 2 hours screen time a week self chosen never asks to watch anything let alone play games. She has no interest in them and long may that last. I’d also say I have no interest in playing video games with her, much happier hearing her read, reading to her, drawing, playing etc Hearing about 6 year olds playing fortnight and the like really worries me - as a teacher I see y7s join us each year who completely hooked and the impact it often has is massive. All the research shows that screen time has a massive detrimental affect on developmen
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