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  1. My vote would be for software, low resale value but it's hard to think of anything easier to start on than FL Studio for £76, £150 if you'd like some decent instruments with it. Reason is available on a £20 per month description too. Both of these have a lot of the immediate fun of putting values in a step sequencer and pressing play, Reason has simply incredible instruments in it too. The bad news is both suffer from the joy crushing headache that is 20+ years of crap from updates dumped on top of a great fundamental idea. That's part of the reason why you hear so much about the hardware revival, as much as the hardware itself getting better. All software suffers from this though, and coming in cold it's no steeper a learning curve than something like an Elektron box. FL Studio still fundamentally works around a step sequencer like hardware, and Reason can too though you will have to engage with its godawful sequencer at some point to finish a song (it may have improved since I last used it). You could try both and get change from £100, personally I wouldn't even bother with a MIDI controller if your synth pop is quite rigid, robotic 4/4 and you get FL Studio as it's keyboard note editor is peerless. I'd go along with the Novation Circuit as the recommendation for hardware. That thing is really smartly designed and pretty cheap.
  2. Trackers are awesome eh? Bought Renoise years ago and bounced off the initial steep learning curve, but I'd encourage you to give it a whirl. It's the least "softwarey" music software I've ever used as the keyboard is a fantastic control interface for many of the most important features, just need to make sure you've got a comfortable, old school keyboard with numpad and function keys. Plus maybe an old synth or drum machine to sample and splice, though I'm sure the Polyend does the same job there.
  3. If you're making a trip o'er the border the bottle shop in Kelso is great, recommend Traquair Jacobite and Tempest for local brews. However it's 40 miles away so you'd need to be heading that way, the town and Floors castle are nice.
  4. I'm terrible at Souls/combat games and didn't do much inventory management after about 1/3 of the way in, playing at one below hardest difficulty and allowing me to cheese my way through almost any encounter. I'd put this down to: Hammering the side quests and map markers early on in White Orchard/Velen, keeping on top of side quests can easily put you 1-4 levels ahead of the main quests, helps you find recipes for some important potions and gave me enough alcohol to last pretty much the entire duration of the game. Concentrating on passive abilities and potions with broad buffs to vitatlity/damage. Upgrading Quen and Aard. Not the most varied playstyle but that micromanagement can kill the joy of the game for me.
  5. Nice one, was a bit overwhelmed by the tutorial and felt odd not getting straight into a grind mentality. But as someone who's spent plenty on MTG cards just to play draft on the holidays with pals the economy really isn't that off putting provided I get my head around the game. This introduction from the Artifact Reddit was pretty useful in explaining some things the tutorial didn't.
  6. That Twitter guy was in central Edinburgh during the festival, so for a brief spell each year can probably out-hipster everywhere on earth. Manchester/Liverpool ones are fine every time I've been in. Their Elvis Juice, black lager and Electric India saison are all a cut above and at least you can get half way decent beer in the corner shop thanks to Dead Pony and the IPA.
  7. Magoo

    The Valve Thread

    I'm relying on my shonky memory of a months old video but I think the idea is that you get all the cards included. Certainly they were looking to avoid 'pay to win' advantages. Saying it now that does sound a bit nuts given Valve + Hearthstone would equal megabucks, they'd monetise it in other ways however.
  8. Changed days when people think Jay Rayner is pompous, compared to Gill or Meades he's quite considered and earnest. Although you could argue their invective filled take downs better fit an era when food media (all media) wasn't long past the point of parody. Hard to beat the time Meades reviewed a Planet Hollywood, slagging off the staff, customers, decor and everything else only devoting a single line to... "The food, incidentally, is crap."
  9. Genuine question, I have no idea about movie economics. But does that still work the same way now? Thought with the astronomical budgets and so many films on the slate if something doesn't take off hugely in at least one territory then it's likely a flop. Went to our community cinema and paid the princely sum of £2.50 for a ticket. Screen was good, thought the rear surrounds were very loud but that actually made the city sections enjoyable with the bustle going on around you. Seriously one of the best films I've seen in ages, a beautiful, tense experience that left plenty of space and room for the imagination.
  10. Difference between occupation and wiping out their armies I'd imagine. Always took the North to being analogous to Scotland with sheer distance and the terrain making it difficult to hold. The other option might have been a harrowing of the North, that doesn't come without consequences though.
  11. Was tempted to make a little hardware setup based around the Elektron Digitakt and a couple of simple synths or simply to get an Analog 4 while they're cheap. Always had more fun tweaking stuff with knob per parameter rigs but not sure it would quite be the same with menu diving on the Elektrons and went with a cheaper option of updating to Komplete 11 Ultimate in the recent sale. Molekular, Reaktor 6, Polyplex and Prism are all fantastic but really the CPU and latency get on my nerves on laptop. So after all that I'm down to a couple of ancient Waldorf plugins, AIR Hybrid and Uhe's Ace which I'm finding much more fun. Using native effects and simple instruments with barely any latency in Renoise is pretty close to a hardware setup. If anyone fancies update from Ultimate 2-9 for the same price it was in the last summer sale let me know.
  12. Magoo

    Titanfall 2

    Yeah anyone who can run and gun with the Kraber has my undying respect. I took a fancy to the Double Take banner and spent hours being woeful, but great fun on slow moving games when it gives you the edge at middle distance with the stock sights.
  13. Magoo

    Titanfall 2

    Struggle to see how snipers are viable as a class for whole games, it simply moves too fast. Handy to have a loadout for counter sniping campers though, funny how long people think they can stay still for.
  14. Yeha I'm going with the idea that they take Casterly Rock in some kind of epic pyrrhic victory, only for Cersei to go 'meh, the gold mines are empty guys". A blow for sure but not enough for any real leverage.
  15. Magoo

    Euro 2016 thread

    I never even suggested you should support them. Just maybe don't feel too sore about them celebrating was all. Anyway we can all get behind Iceland now, at least until the miracle occurs and we get Wales vs Iceland in the final.
  16. Magoo

    Euro 2016 thread

    Meh it was a short clip so I didn't see it as being a great deal more than what you've described. They had effectively just progressed in a major tournament further than their nearest rival, worth celebrating I'd say and I'd be doing the same if it was Scotland. No danger of that happening any time soon though.
  17. Magoo

    Euro 2016 thread

    I'm surprised Wales celebrating England losing is any kind of a revelation to anyone, but then I'm Scottish. Most Welshies I know are just as anti-England FC as us. Would you expect them to politely clap while looking disappointed? How would you expect fans of Liverpool to react if Man U got knocked out of the Champions League?
  18. Magoo

    Euro 2016 thread

    While Lawro and Rio can burn in the lesser hells for dismissing them too. Exactly what from England's group performances made anyone think this would be a cakewalk I don't know.
  19. Yeah after adjusting to a few of the changes I was finding it too easy on Veteran, slipping straight back into my play style from the previous game. Going to restart on Commander now I'm 5 hours in, the early game forging my super squad is the best bit anyway. Bit disappointed that a squad of Grenadiers and Rangers is still such an easy, lazy formula and there's not much to encourage a more balanced squad. Although adding the pistol with free shots has made snipers more fun.
  20. Anyone interested in getting into the Ohm Force plugins? I've got Ohmicide, Ohmboyz and Symptohm but I've not used them for years. They don't have a formal transfer system but would happily sign over my account details for a fairly nominal sum. Also selling Uhe Bazille, as good as it is I'm just not getting the use out of it either. Been hugely enjoying the Trigger Finger Pro though, 64 tracks of step sequencing and sample weirdness going into Renoise.
  21. Unless I've set it up wrong it's not all that great, if there's a fast cutting action scene the encoder shits the bed. The resolution doesn't seem great either but it's mainly the inability to handle anything other than slow moving, static shows that's the problem. Don't know if it affects movies and sport so much, the Champions League live stream looked pretty spiffing.
  22. 2 out of 6 and didn't select 128 for any on my swanky Shure cans plugged into my computer. MP3s are ingenious but really things should have moved onto lossless or a better lossy encoder years ago, given the amount of bandwidth devoted to things like video content. Even 320 can't handle flamenco, dynamic classical pieces or Autechre for shit and lord knows don't we all just love kicking back to them in the evenings.
  23. Spent a great couple of hours picking my team and completing the starting area, loved getting stuck into all the numbers and little details. Unfortunately I've had two BSODs in as many hours, one on trying to run from a raider random encounter and another reloading. Good to know they've been completely faithful to recreating the Fallout 2 v1.0 experience and at least this time I won't have to go round to my mates to download the patch on dialup and burn a CDR.
  24. It's wicked, stupidly good fun once you get to grips with it. That video does a reasonable job of demonstrating what I like about it most, you can just start of with the most basic kick pattern and go from there. The basic sounds are so good you can't help but feel a little inspired then with the FX you can get a little more glitchy or use Shuffle or Scale to make the whole rhythm loosen up and change. The only real downsides are the effects are very supplementary and basic, things sound a bit cheap when turned fully wet. Also while classic drum machines are great it would be nice to have a little raw sound design potential. The MIDI specs are about good enough that you could chain another drum synth and open things up more though, personally I preferred getting messy with synced guitar FX.
  25. Have effectively conceded that I don't have the creative ability or willpower to actually finish a decent track, recently been concentrating on making samples and playing with gear for it's own sake.
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