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  1. Yeah I was hoping for a dispatch email in time for the weekend.
  2. Finally managed to get a series x from very thanks to telegram alerts. Has anyone received a dispatch email yet? The order was processed and packed as of the 8th but nothing since. I'm being very impatient but what else is there to get excited about! Selling a series s if anyone is looking for one.
  3. Wouldn't the fact you are signing into both consoles with the same account cover it? There could be a requirement to insert the disc nto one of the consoles every X number of days. Will have to wait and see.
  4. Does anyone know if Series S owners will be able to play physical copies of games which we already own for the Xbox one? I'm going to keep my One S so will still have access to a disc drive. I'm hoping that smart delivery means that I'll be able to download a copy of the game on the series s? Edit - I'm thinking of older 360 games etc. Will they be available to play on the series S or will they require the physical version.
  5. Enjoying this so far although I think I need to team up as it’s rubbish playing solo. add me for Xbox: ‘Boggle Eye Joe’. I can usually get on for a good session Friday and Saturday nights one the kids are in bed.
  6. I think you are thinking this through a little too much. What is there to understand about music? You either feel it on you don’t. Burial is nothing like some of those artists that you just posted.
  7. 31 and have a young family so I generally only get chance to play at weekends and some evenings. Im looking for a group who play trials and pvp as the clan I’m currently in are mainly pve. Add me: mintsauc313 thanks
  8. @MDY I will add you. If you see me on and need another player then add me. Possibly a few levels behind you mind. If anyone sets up a second clan then I'll join.
  9. I'm only up to episode 3 but its a bit poo soo far. Hopefully the revenge bit will be worth it.
  10. Hi. I am indeed and I think I've already added you. When I got the PS4 I went through born2bslickers friends list and added familiar names. I had the intention of joining in but I don't think I've actually used the headset yet. Anyway next time your on destiny send me an invite if you're looking for a fire team.
  11. Looking to sign up for the PS4 clan. I'm a new member to the forum but I've been about a while and have games with some of you back on the original Xbox (rtcw/halo2). I've posted in the introduction section but I have a headset and when online I'll join in. PSN mintsauc313
  12. Yet another long time lurker. I started playing online via the good old Xbox. I've already got a few of you on my friends list but probably haven't joined you since halo 2, rainbow 6 or even rtcw on the original Xbox. 31 now with a wife and an 18 month old but now more than ever I have the urge to shoot things online! I've joined mainly to join some of you on destiny 2 but outside of this and when I'm not fishing baby poo out of the bath I also enjoy collecting record, Rochdale AFC, cycling, beer and generally moaning about life.
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