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  1. Yeah after investing over 10 mins of my time into that and having to quit I think I'll come back to this!
  2. Great game so far, although half way through the goliath race the grip on my car just went to poo. That's the last time I'll turn on the simulation setting for car damage. I don't know what I was thinking putting it on in the first place.
  3. Can someone send me an invite please Mintsauc3y. Ta
  4. I managed to order through very today and it's saying the same. This is the second series x I've purchased through very and last time it was delivered within 2-3 days from placing the original order. I'm hoping for a similar turn around this time! I shouldn't have sold the last purchase as halo infinite looked horrible on my series s. edit - to answer you q I think you will be fine and just wait for a text message from dpd out of the blue.
  5. I've just had another go this morning after changing a few settings on the TV. From what I've read it's running at 120fps so it would be good if they could offer the option to run at 60fps with a better resolution on the series s (if that's how it works). The game itself is great and the bots are a welcome addition although sniping doesn't feel right to me (comparing this to halo 3). I don't care for all the armour upgrades and destiny rubbish but a battle royal mode or something new to appeal to the masses would be welcome. I'll no doubt be upgrading to a series x a bit sooner than anticipated.
  6. Hmmm, for me it's really blurry on the series s to the point it's quite off putting. I don't think I can fiddle with any of the settings to make it better. Will have to wait for the DF comparison stuff.
  7. Yeah enjoying the gameplay in this, but it's a ugly game on the series s.
  8. I've had about 7 or 8 games before it kicked me out. I'm playing on a bit of an unusual set up (series s connected to a decent 4k TV) and it doesn't look great if I'm honest. Probably not the best qualified to comment on this but it seems really low Res. I sold the series x for a tent to use this summer but I'll probably be looking to upgrade once again as it looks horrible on my setup. It would be interesting to see what it looks like on the Xbox one. The gun play and everything else I'm happy with so that's the main thing. It will no doubt be a game that the pros will dominate as you only need to drop a couple of shots from the pistol and you have to reload.
  9. Not a great start as waypoint is down. I know this happens every time but it really shouldn't.
  10. I don't know if you can team up on this preview but GT is 'mintsauc3y'. Hoping to send my kids to granny's for some of the weekend but I'll no doubt be on in the evenings.
  11. I had to search my inbox for insider as it wasnt immediately obvious that I had an invite. I would have been pi55ed if I didn't get in on this as halo is the only game I play online - albeit a few hours per month. Woooooo
  12. Yeah I was hoping for a dispatch email in time for the weekend.
  13. Finally managed to get a series x from very thanks to telegram alerts. Has anyone received a dispatch email yet? The order was processed and packed as of the 8th but nothing since. I'm being very impatient but what else is there to get excited about! Selling a series s if anyone is looking for one.
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