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  1. Dark Souls 3

    Mercenary. I am dumb.
  2. Dark Souls 3

    Dying at every turn. First boss impossible. Hate this game. Standard From styling then.
  3. Dark Souls 3

    I went deluxe too boss. Don't know the difference, don't care. +10 Beastknacker and I'm away.
  4. Bloodborne

    One day chief, you'll be summoned to bail someone out with Rom. And you will. Onward!
  5. Dark Souls 3

    Full Balboa training montage this end. Belting along the surf, crop top and shield. Probably a mace. Going to die like never before praise be.
  6. Dark Souls 3

    Downloading now chief. The big kick-off Tues/Weds night I reckon. Never played 2 so hopefully that's not a hiccup. Might chronicle the blind journey here - bore the lot of you.
  7. Dark Souls Remastered

    Not to mention some games that would have huge additional charges on menu screens.
  8. Dark Souls 3

    Might have to dip in on the strength of such big words. Nice.
  9. Dark Souls 3

    Big words these. Do you rate it over DS and BB?
  10. Gaming Podcasts

    The only gaming podcast I listen to is Designer Notes. More often than not very good.
  11. Bloodborne

    Not bad that. I did something similar but with the wooden shield instead of BoM. I was a bit quicker about it and never got hit but still. Funny session that actually. After I was done Maria, Adella, Annalise, Arianna, Iosefka, Eileen and Amelia all showed up wanting a piece of the big dog but I shrugged them all off. Hunters gonna hunt. (Oh and Amy. And Rom.)
  12. I think this code your own cardboard made madness has me sold.
  13. Game Maker's Toolkit: A Series on Video Game Design

    Yeah cheers blud I did it I did it all.
  14. Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    Unchecked for me, thankfully. Shithousery.
  15. Roguelikes / Roguelites

    Console Dead Cells in summer. Seriously hoping it reaches Vita.

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