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  1. I've got a feeling the SCART is only wired for composite, which was quite common on lower price TVs. (Can't find the specs online) If that's the case you can mod it to accept RGB, but it's not a simple job.
  2. Split Second. Racing in first person with all that destruction going on around you would be fantastic.
  3. I've read the discussions in this thread about the quality differences between RGB, S-video and composite and dvdx2 is absolutely right, there are some very large differences. I thought it would be really easy to get some objective evidence showing the differences between the systems by connecting a broadcast spec video generator outputting various sweep patterns into a PVM and showing at what point video information is lost (filtered) and obscured with interference. The differences are really apparent on the screen, but trying to capture that on a camera without moira fringing corrupting everything has been a bugger! Here's the best I could come up with, it shows the differences between RGB and composite. You can see the point at which luminance information is lost and the chrominance portion of the signal starts to cause colour interference. I also wanted to show how S-Video retains luminance resolution, but has problems with colour, but just couldn't get a good enough photo. What I wanted to highlight is that if you are only using composite or S-video then I wouldn't recommend paying extra for a PVM. It's a brilliant monitor, but can't work miracles.
  4. One bit of buyers advice. Avoid the early ones, you can identify them by the manual 75ohm terminator switches under each of the BNCs. They seemed to suffer from a lot of image problems. Try to look for newer ones with serial interfaces, or that have the cut out where the serial BNC would go. Or if you can't see the back, they usually have a large indicator lamp right at the top of the screen. I use a few or these that are still going strong after 20 years.
  5. There are some pretty nasty ones out there, I’ve been working with them for 30 years and have seen just about every fault possible. They are brilliant monitors, I’ve got a couple at home, but buyer beware. Just because it’s a PVM doesn’t mean it’s going to look good.
  6. Usually I’m surrounded by more than a dozen PVM’s and BVM’s, all different sizes, some 16x9, others 4x3. If I was to plug a calibrated, broadcast spec RGB input into them, they’d all look a little bit different. They’re all over 20 years old and somewhere along the line to decrepitness. Now if you saw one in isolation, you’d think it looked fantastic, but there are degrees of fantastic. What I’m trying to say is if your current display looks good, is sharp, no dot crawl, no cross talk or ghosting then keep it. Don’t gamble on a PVM that might not be as good.
  7. You're right, I've just looked it up, it's a medical monitor. I've gone through the schematics as well and it has a different tube and control board to PVMs of that era. £100 seems like a lot of money for something that's going to need quite a lot of work to get RGB enabled neatly. I suppose it depends on how much scart enabled 14" Sony TV's are going for today. .
  8. I doubt it has proper pvr internals. It’s a composite monitor really, used for cameras and such, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this has a consumer tube and electronics. Still good quality though, as all Sony TVs were at that time.
  9. Your plasma has a maximum VGA input resolution of 640x480. Whatever you're plugging into it is outputting something higher.
  10. I thought that might be the case. This is going to be a settings or video card thing. It may be cheaper to buy a few phono to BNC adapters, if you've got plenty of phono leads. Something like this.
  11. I've been trying to think of a way for you to test your monitor without access to an RGB or YUV source. One quick and dirty option is to use a composite signal. (Often camera's come with those horrible little yellow cables, that's composite). Plug that into the 'G/Y' input of your monitor, select component input and ensure you have external sync turned off. Now depending on your version of monitor you'll either get the luminance portion of the video shown, or luminance with scrolling chrominance noise (some revisions of monitor filter this noise out). It doesn't matter, the luminance will be stable and that's all you need to see that your monitor is okay. Just tried it on various monitors and it works. It's been a long time since I've had to think about analogue video!
  12. I think the rolling is too slow to be a missing reference problem, but it's definitely not locked. Could be a mismatched frame rate thing. I've got a couple of BVMs, but they're connected to old consoles rather than emulators. I'm not familiar with Emudriver, I'll have to look into it, the closest I've got to your setup is an original xbox I modded to also run Mame and that runs fine on a BVM. Are those scan lines artificial? Is this an interlaced image that's pretending to be a single field? I'd really recommend trying to connect a genuine SD bit of kit to rule out any hardware problems with the monitor. Do you have a SCART to R,G,B,Sync phono adapter?
  13. If some games look fine and others blurry, then it's unlikely to be your monitor. As I understand it you are using an emulator, converting to SD interlaced and then onto the the BVM? If so then this is probably a scaling issue. Not all arcade and console games ran at full SD resolutions (see the difference between SNES and Megadrive for example), but always outputted at SD frequency rates; so one pixel in the game was one pixel on the monitor, there would just be little borders or less overscan. Your emulator is probably trying to scale these sub SD resolutions to full SD which results in one game pixel equalling maybe 1.1 monitor pixels for example. Is there an option in your emulator to disable scaling and display in a 1to1 window? As for your rolling. Is your monitor set to sync on green or external syncs? Not all emulators can output sync on green. If you are using external syncs then what are you using as a sync? I recommend the composite signal, it has the correct 300mv negative sync pulse, the video portion will be ignored. Edit. Ah I see you say some games are stable and others roll. This is going to be down to your emulator settings again. Could be a frame rate thing. Maybe the emulator is set to output at one frequency, but some games are at different frequency. Do you have anything that outputs native SD? A SNES console, PS1, that sort of thing? That would test the quality of your monitor and whether it's going soft.
  14. Brilliant game, but that video is so annoying to watch. Whoever was playing it, for the love of Clive Sinclair, will you please pull back on the bloody joystick before hitting a jump
  15. My adventures in CRT land.... Finally got my monitors setup as I'd like them. I've got a Sony BVM connected to various consoles through an active SCART switcher, most set to RGB with the PS2 set to YUV component so the DVD player output works correctly. The 3DO and N64 have to fight over the solitary SVHS connector. The JVC DT-V1710CG I'm using to display a PS3 and a XBOX360 at 720p. I wanted to keep the picture quality a high as possible so decided on keeping the video digital and letting the JVC's higher quality DtoA handle the rest, the XBOX was simple, but the PS3 caused a bit of a problem with its constantly enabled HDCP. In the end I used a HDMI splitter that had the side effect of stripped off the HDCP, then just a simple HDMI to SDI converter and onto the JVC's SDI input. The picture quality is amazing, games like Daytona have never looked better, couldn't be happier. I could connect the PS2 and original XBOX to the JVC and experience the small number of progressive resolution games, if I spent £50 on a component plug in card, but I don't think I'll bother. They look really good on the Sony and the scan lines bring back happy memories.
  16. I’m pretty sure the sword deflects bullets if you get the timing right, not sure if it works on all colours though .
  17. I’m finding this getting better and better with each episode and definitely has a breaking bad feeling about it. Don’t want to spoil anything, but I think it has a very original way of showing someone’s coping mechanism and pretending to be happy in public.
  18. Wish this had a PSVR conversion. Driving around in an open top car with all that destruction going on around you would have been amazing.
  19. Not sure I should post this as it seems a bit cruel in a “look at what you can’t have way”, but these and many more are probably going to be thrown in the bin. They are BVMs, so one step up from PVMs in quality, and the best sets Sony ever made. Sorry, had to vent. Makes you sick!
  20. Bloody auto spell. I've got 99% UV blocking glass and they're being hung in a area out of direct sunlight.
  21. Little update. I got a couple of the cells framed in a similar style to erhgiez’s.
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