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  1. How about split second? I loved the drifty handling, it just felt right. A simple PSVR conversion would be fantastic with all the destruction going on around you.
  2. Noise makers are the most useful gadget in the game. Any chasing horde will immediately forget you and go after the sound, when the mountain of bodies gets large enough just lob in a napalm.
  3. Are they trying to bait the BBC? Didn't they just do something they're not allowed to do?
  4. What a fantastic collection of joyous, clever and well written reviews. The writing makes me grin like a loon and laugh out loud, they are the "Astro Bot" of game reviews. Well done to everybody involved.
  5. You don't have to reach all the way down to the floor to pick up an object. Just pointing at it is good enough for it to jump into your hand.
  6. It's the same as the drift problems you get with moves. The same fixes apply. It's a case of checking your distance from the camera and any interfering light sources.
  7. Apparently. Here's an old digital foundry article on the improvements to launch VR games when played on a pro https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/digitalfoundry-2016-how-does-ps4-pro-improve-the-psvr-experience It contains a link to a Rushy tweet saying there are slight improvements on a pro.
  8. This thread on Resetera lists all the differences between Pro and regular VR games. https://www.resetera.com/threads/all-games-with-ps4-pro-enhancements.3101/#post-360706
  9. It's amazing what the feeling of being there can do when playing even just an average game. When one of the big armoured ones chargers at you and you wait and wait, you can feel the fear rising in your stomach, but still you wait, bidding your time until the very least moment before thrusting your shotgun into is dripping, fanged maw and emptying the clip, killing it instantly. I get that fear feeling every time and it's wonderful.
  10. Yes the scale is something that really has to be experienced. Some of the "big things" coming towards me in Astro bot brought on a few moments of real fear, which is astonishing considering how colourful and friendly the game is, and I'm nearly 50.
  11. Wipeout in VR is much easier to play, my lap times plummeted. Judging when to turn in to hit the apexes on corners becomes far simpler.
  12. Although VR has a true stereoscopic image it also has a fixed focal length, about 2 metres through the lenses. Which means the ciliary muscles in your eyes, that control the shape of your lenses, never have to move. There is a worry that for children under 12, who are still developing their visual system, this disconnect between focus and distance may cause problems in the future. Edit Sorry, I didn't see that Uncle Mike had already answered. I'm obviously playing too much VR.
  13. Have a play with the position of the helmet, that can make a big difference. I find you have to position the back bar higher on the head than you'd imagine. Statik is one of the sharpest games on PSVR, the box is really detailed, so I'm surprised it's appearing blurry.
  14. A technique that's helped a lot of my friends play Wipeout is to turn off all comfort settings (so go to pilot view) and then lean into the corners as you go around them. Leaning your body seems to provide a bit of motion feedback that stops you feeling sick. It feels good as well, but you do look like an idiot for anyone watching.
  15. Scavengers Odyssey is also worth a try. It gave me a very strong Metroid Prime vibe, which is odd because it's really nothing like Metroid Prime.
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