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  1. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    Have a play with the position of the helmet, that can make a big difference. I find you have to position the back bar higher on the head than you'd imagine. Statik is one of the sharpest games on PSVR, the box is really detailed, so I'm surprised it's appearing blurry.
  2. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    A technique that's helped a lot of my friends play Wipeout is to turn off all comfort settings (so go to pilot view) and then lean into the corners as you go around them. Leaning your body seems to provide a bit of motion feedback that stops you feeling sick. It feels good as well, but you do look like an idiot for anyone watching.
  3. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    Scavengers Odyssey is also worth a try. It gave me a very strong Metroid Prime vibe, which is odd because it's really nothing like Metroid Prime.
  4. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    A lot of the demos in the packs don't come with their pro modes, maybe they just werent ready when the demos were released. Its interesting comparing the demos to the final releases on a Pro, often there's a huge difference.
  5. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    There's a thread about it on Reddit, but it doesn't contain any useful advice. https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/comments/5bdkd3/rez_infinite_demo_double_vision/?st=jnljynu0&sh=2d7260c5 I'm really envious of all you playing Rez without issue, it's such a fantastic game.
  6. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    No it's not the IPD (Edit. I've experimented with various levels), if that was out then I'd expect other games to cause some discomfort. And Area X, which is Rez x 1000, plays perfectly fine. Don't they use completely different engines? I seem to remember something about Rez being tweaked emulation and AreaX using the Unreal engine. I've heard the same complaints about Rez on other forums as well, but it seems quite rare. This may be down to my age. I'm nearly 50 so my old eye muscles may be struggling to converge some extreme levels of picture separation whereas you youngsters are managing it.
  7. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    I'm exactly the same, I find the game physically painful to play. This was one of the first VR conversions and I think there's something slightly wrong with the 3D. I had to play in 2D to open up area X which is fine, no discomfort at all.
  8. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    It's possible to force the helmet microphone on and adjust its sensitivity, allowing you to hear ambient sounds around you. Can't remember off the top of my head which menu it's under though, but it is there.
  9. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    I've not played the game yet, but if the guns use iron sights, and you look through them, the aim controller would obscure the lights on your helmet. So they're probably offsetting the height of the gun. Farscape got around the occlusion problem by using very large optical sights on top of the guns, allowing the aim controller position to be the same in real life and VR.
  10. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    I loved it, it's my favorite "car" racing game in VR (WipeOut just beats it). Drifting the Caterham 7 around corners never gets old.
  11. MrSpiggott

    PlayStation VR

    There's a demo of it on the store as well. I think it's part of demo pack 2.
  12. MrSpiggott

    No Man's Sky

    You don't start near your ship, you need to build a scanner to find it. A hint box should appear in the bottom right corner when you start and lists the parts you need, which will all be found locally.
  13. MrSpiggott

    Killing Of A Sacred Deer

    I wanted to enjoy this, but kept getting pulled out of the movie. The child like, stream of consciousness, affected speech pattern used by Colin Farrell just made me think of Father Dougal. I could never relax into the movie.
  14. Definitely worth reading the third if you're intrigued by the story. Somehow the author manages to tie all the surreal craziness together and answers pretty much all your questions by the end.
  15. MrSpiggott

    Demon's Souls

    Welcome to the world of panicky flailing at a crystal lizards and usually only hitting air. My early encounters were like a Benny Hill chase scene that ends in bitter disappoinment. There's a set number of times the lizards appear, whether you kill them or not. Once they're gone, they're gone and you'll never be able to upgrade that weapon you liked. Oh the stress!

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