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  1. The xenoblade artbooks are sensational! This is a 200 pager too, so will likely also be banging.
  2. I have never played Out Run 2 before, but loved the original. I feel like I am missing oot. Also, my only major gripe... SWEATIEST HANDS EVER. Fucking stupid summer. All these people... I wish it was summer... UK weather is shite. Flipping shitters. Our cat is miserable, got our fan pointed at her trying to make her better bless her little socks. My hands feel like they are gonna put me close to lethal dehydration. Bring on sub 10 Celsius temperatures!!!!!
  3. Aye thats what I mean, it should be its own tab! I am having a blast with some of the playable only games. The ones where it is just a start up launcher and you need to mouse input to start. VALVE! THIS IS NOSTALGIA, NOT A PROBLEM!
  4. Totally agree, I think they are doing proton a disservice by ignoring them entirely in the main UI, and not having an option for verified and playable. It really is some wizardry this proton malarkey.
  5. Been playing Batman Arkham Asylum today (used protontricks to get it working), and it is sublime. Runs at 60 easily, but knocked it down to 40 just for battery life. I really cannot feel the difference much at all. Battery life at max brightness is around 4 hours too which is phenomenal based on how it looks. As someone that always tinkers, I am having such a blast getting positive results in terms of battery and performance gain out of this little belter.
  6. The Sea Beast Might be a bit biased since I am boatin' regular like in Sea of Thieves, but had an absolute blast with The Sea Beast. Weird animation syncing aside, it is a visually beautiful journey, with a pretty heart warming tale. Writing is a bit all over, but as a whole package well worth a dive, especially if you have wee bairns. 3.5/5 shanties.
  7. Aye I was praying for some big wins and some FSR stuff to get it to 60 locked but no dice. Close, but the result is not great. I was able to get to The Bull with few issues (still stutters occasionally). I must say the most impressive thing I have seen so far is Resi 8. 60 FPS and it is just god darn gorgeous. That engine is magic, and the Steam Deck seems to love it.
  8. I haven't found any issues with 40 to be honest! I have an idea to get 60 though... Two ticks! You can get 55 to 60 using a lower resolution, and using the decks FSR upscaling, plus some lower settings. Not a compromise I would make though as image quality goes down big style unfortunately.
  9. Love the little kitty chilling with you buddy. I am having an absolute blast just tinkering away. Getting close to having it fully gaming ready from all fronts, but the beautiful thing about this is how often the community will pop up with something new to try. Going to be amazing.
  10. A few weird games aside (Binary Domain has issues) this thing is a triumph. In the winter it is going to be mint at keeping my lap warm too. As a natural born tinkerer I am loving the options it gives you. Been looking into battery life saving settings without having to lower brightness, and managed to make a few tweaks to a bunch of games, but I am sure there is plenty more to tinker with. All with fullscreen brightness: The Darkness 2 - 4 hours Tales of Symphonia - 6 hours Final Fantasy X - 4.5 hours Titanfall 2 - 2.5 hours I realise some old games in there but super impressed all the same. Especially with tales of Symphonia as I flipping love that game, and 6 hours is madness. Could get to New York on a single charge playing that beast. Will continue to tinker and feedback.
  11. Thoughts so far. Persona 4 is mint obviously! Nier Automatoes at 40 FPS is shockingly good. Sekiro and Dark Souls see above. Titanfall 2 feels like witchcraft cranked at 60 FPS. It is mind bogglingly boggletastic.
  12. How long from the netherlands to the uk for most people? I am gonna guess a few days?
  13. Aye I always switch my brain mostly off when trying to enjoy something like this, because what is the point analysing it to within an inch of its life? Nothing is perfect, and there are so many positives, to be pissed off about any one part of something is just not fun. If something hinders the experience like stuttering, or has a terrible audio mix or what have you fair enough. Friends ask me all the time how I enjoy games, working in the industry. I just don't think about work outside work, and I don't analyse things to the point of ruining it for myself. The only time I analyse things in entertainment thoroughly is when something is truly sensational. Take the water in GTA V back in 2013. That shit blew my mind! This is the same in terms of visuals and audio though. The acting ofcourse is brilliant but the audiovisual experience, and cinematography in Season 4 was nothing short of incredible. The shot when Nancy is talking to the police and the gang show up, is direction at a 10, and the chimes and synths for our ears at every beat. Chefs Kiss!!!!!
  14. I mean I have just went through the verified/playable list on my account and made a playlist... Talk about being buzzing to finally have a portable 360! Some absolute bangers in there, Condemned, Mirrors Edge, Dead Rising... But Binary Domain is just fucking incredible. Cannot wait! I am absolutely
  15. @wavey Nice buddy! I have heard around about a week from payment, but not sure! I am just going to tell myself next weekend and book Wednesday Thursday Friday off next week just on the off chance it comes in 7 days!
  16. I have a 512gb model incoming, but not too fussed about the extra storage or anti glare screen. If anyone wants to do a trade for a 64gb or a 256gb deck with the price difference, I would be happy to make a trade. Used or new. Will put this in trading if needed
  17. Does anyone find themselves parleying quite often? I find ourselves getting into tussles and often ending the fight with an alliance. This seems to be quite common, which is great to be honest. Lowers the fear of being obliterated haha. Obliteration has happened to us too mind... The scurvy dogs.
  18. @Strafe Tales of Arise I think? Fantastic game! Edit: it is Tales of Arise aye. https://youtu.be/8p-xj-ZNG_U
  19. Aces cheers all! Will be trying PS Plus too when it comes!
  20. Anyone got any experience with Gamepass on this beast? Not bothered about it being cloud based as our connection is decent, but excited to hear anyone's thoughts!
  21. For me, Mass Effect 2 and Persona 5 are the two best examples of narrative delivery. I love games that can deliver it through the gameplay sure, but if I want a story to be invested in, those two are the winners for me. Mass Effect 2, because building a team, and figuring out who they are is just brilliant, and it all interlocks into one hell of a last mission. Persona 5, because I not only want to spend time with the characters to build rapport, which in turn helps the gameplay, but because they are excellent characters. But most of the time I am just in the game purely for gameplay. I get bored super quickly if I am not having fun with the gameplay, or story. If the game can deliver both, then it's probably gonna be on my GOAT list (like the ones mentioned above!)
  22. I think the trailer they released for this at the end of last year was sensational, so not sure if the current marketing is the same or not, but if so I must just have terrible taste in trailers! Cannot wait to see it!
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