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  1. Aye it just had Sony Japan and BluePoint. Super excited to see Elden Ring, and I would bet my big toe that Bloodborne PC will be shown at the PC gaming show tomorrow, but dang... Demons Souls looking like this... TAKE MY DOLLARS!!!!!
  2. Looks incredible! Like REVII and 4 have been smashed together at high speed with some snow sprinkled on top!
  3. 5000 MB/s (read) and 4400 MB/s (write) Yeah they are not too cheap but the prices have come down significantly! I paid £200 for a 256gb Samsung NVMe a couple years back, where now you can get a 1tb Sabrent Rocket PCIe 4 NVMe for £170. Personally I do not mind paying £150ish on top of launch price of the PS5 if it will double my storage, but that might just be me! This wholly depends on Backwards compatibility too. I will likely be using the PS5 for exclusives only, so doubt they would fill the inbuilt SSD for a few years, whereas if it supports all the current PS4 exclusives I will likely need to double down pretty quickly! Like you say though it is a commodity, and not a necessity .
  4. NVMe storage is tremendously small, and the performance of even the first generation drives are excellent. I am lucky enough to have a 4th gen on a Ryzen Motherboard with Read Writes of 5kMbs, but gaming has not been optimised to utilise this yet, so I am one happy geordie idiot knowing Sony and MS are pushing these crackers speeds!
  5. It makes you feel bad ass as F doesn't it. Let me know when you hit a wall, be curious to know if its at the same point I did ha!
  6. Not sure I agree even though I would love it to happen! I reckon it will be shown next year at the earliest. 6 years between IV and V. I think with how long a title like GTA takes to develop I reckon 4 years from signed off conception to release. Conception probably got signed off just before or around Red Dead 2 release. Painting a 2022 release. I may be wrong though!
  7. Nearly coughed up a furball reading this. Bravo!
  8. Got my Cyberpunk Xbox this morning and my god it is a thing of beauty. All the line work is etched and it just looks incredible. Will still be buying it on PC as that is my platform of choice, but was lucky enough to get this for £250 so no complaints! Really lovely stuff.
  9. Hope you are correct about Bloodborne dude. Be an absolute delight!
  10. About 4 hours in and not sure I can carry on for a few days. Game is fine, just a daft bit of fun, however my incredibly irrational submechanophobia triggered and its worse than playing a horror game fresh. Honestly, I was shocked at how easily I was handling it and then boom, I was sweating! Combat and camera are a pain but its good dumb fun. If you are like me and are fascinated by the deep blue then it may be worth the dollar dollar, but if you also have a wee fear of metal/man-made structures underwater or are a touch thalasyphobic you may went to swim well clear. (F You Clankers Cavern and Rusty Bucket Bay for making me an anxious irrational idiot 20 years later)
  11. Yeah no filters unfortunately. Also having some framerate issues but it isn't hindering my enjoyment too much. Coming from Persona 5 Royal to this is a welcome change of pace, but it certainly is nothing more than Crackdown as a Shark.
  12. Aye for me this is a 70plus on MC then I will sink the dimes on it. Otherwise I can wait for it to be cheap/gamepass.
  13. I have 0 and Kiwami on Steam, tempted to just buy the whole series on PS4 as its in the sale. Is it worth putting the 200+ hours into it all or just select titles? May be a daft question! Bang into my obscure titles at the minute!
  14. Yeah I think his character needs a proper arc in the sequel. I think he is one of my least favourite characters in this unfortunately. He softens up towards the end but I want to see more of that side. I just cannot wait to see more of the directors. They are all nuts!
  15. I totally understand! For me I am definitely affected by Nostalgia in my opinions no doubt at all! As I have been saying to my colleagues, I give it two scores, a nostalgia score and a removed bias score. With removed bias being me really taking into account all of the negatives, which there are plenty. As an artist I can see from a development point of view where some of the issues stem using the base PS4 as a pretty limited piece of hardware these days, but things like the bloody aircon units being 6 polys is just not really acceptable! The forced walking sections and the hold forward to cross this beam, is just a pain in my bum and really grinds some of the pacing down, as does some of the environment re-use but I appreciate they are relatively short sections so it doesn't lose too many points! Combat is also a mixed bag but could whinge about that all day. It is the mini games and the world that even without any FF bias are just a joy, and something missing from many games these days! Nostalgia - 6/6 eggs Removed Bias - 4/6 eggs (With my surname being Capon, and a love for all things egg related this is how I write my reviews for my colleagues... Like I say I am an opinionated nutter and share that with all of them all the time xD)
  16. Anytime dude! I am sorry you were not so happy with many aspects of this I will say it is nice as a relatively new member to have these discussions with you guys as I said above!
  17. I have been incredibly critical when discussing things like aerial combat (Mainly a camera issue), forced walking sections and the environment art (those vistas especially... shudder). I have not posted my full thoughts on those things really here, but as for the story, world and ending (Which is the discussions I have been involved in, which is cool btw! My wife listens for all of about five minutes to my knattering) I can say I loved them all. I do think the whispers were handled weirdly, especially at the end but not enough for me to go this is a poor show.
  18. I think you misunderstood my point about naming locales/events. Of course I would love to see the Dyne part play out beat for beat as it did in OG, however they were examples more of the areas and the mini tales associated with them. If they do not play out at all then so be it, but I can take some certainty from the ending "Vice President... MR PRESIDENT!" that Rufus will have an arc, be it at Junon or not. Barrett still has his background to explore, as does Red XIII. I am pretty confident they will want to explore their backgrounds for the new audience. My ultimate point is, that the environments and the characters are all going to be present as it is still Gaia, be it the same timeline or not. I went into this with so much excitement but tempered expectations. I understand that it is not for everyone, especially the ending, which is totally fine! I am incredibly critical when it comes to games, and tend not to be on the fence. With this I am on the side that regardless of the future, more of this world is a plain win to me.
  19. Loved the ending. So happy that I am going to experience something new with these characters I grew up with, and can safely assume there will be tonnes of beats kept from the originals. The Junon march with the big Rufus posters sprawled everywhere is just too much to pass up. That could look incredible! Dyne and Corel (and Gold Saucer). Mt Nibelheim and Rocket town. And ofcourse... Cosmo Canyon. I think they could safely tread through these areas in a similar fashion whilst still maybe having a new thread/order to it all. If I am being totally honest Disc 2 was mostly nonsense in the original so would love a new take on that! Ultimately to me it's always been about the world and the characters. Looking back, the over arching plot was just something to pull me along. It was everything else that kept me coming back. I think many who are angry now, will still play the sequel out of curiosity, but count me in. More time in Gaia with Red XIII? ALL IN!!!
  20. I was the same with potions, elixirs and so on and found that being frugal to be a blessing and a curse. Some fights went on longer than needed just because I was worried using a Turbo Ether would doom me later on. I cannot remember how sparse ethers were in the original, or how little MP you got so will have to back reference that bad lad! As for switching, I only got the jist of it near the end! I find myself primarily controlling Cloud, but now focus on others ATBs a tonne, and using there abilities when necessary, as some enemies are weaker to Barret's barrages, or Tifas fists! Really looking forward to playing it through once more to really utilise what I have learnt. As for the art, it really is a mixed bag, especially the vistas
  21. Aye Inferno is a mess from a speedrunning POV, but same as NG Standard As a NG+ Console runner of RE2 I upgraded my PC with the intentions of Running RE3 NG Standard, but it has some inconsistencies. I may just end up running NG+ again! Hopefully hold my records longer this time round ha! Not to worry though, love the game still, but I do think the value in it totally depends on whether people want to re-run the title several times. The cut scenes are incredible and a significant improvement over 2's. Which were already sick!
  22. Never seen this before @ravnaz! That is sick! I know what I am doing now that I have biffed FFVII R!
  23. Each to our own! I think you are expecting too much from it. And in terms of the Nier comparison above, love the game the main characters and especially the soundtrack... What a soundtrack... But the characters outside of the core 5 (and the robot lady in the trees...) Are the flattest most paper thin characters going. The world building in that game is thinner than this title, in every single way, and whilst I still think Automata a better game, I would rather spend time in FFVII. Like I say, I just think your expectations are way out. Not to say you are wrong mind, as it is totally subjective for the most part! Just interesting to discuss. For me the weakest part of the game is the combat by a mile, but it's the world and narrative that pulls me through with a big fat smile on this daft face of mine!
  24. The world building is exceptional, from the way the inhabitants talk about other sectors, the plate and what chocobo cereal they are having, to the explanations of the actions and the repercussions for almost every step you take. The characters may look like inflatable blurry messes at times, not to mention some of the NPC dialogue being wooden, but it builds a world better than many other titles. I even want to assess everything to understand the synergies between the monsters/enemies and the world. Also mentioning that it's daft about fences keeping monsters out, is a none issue, completely. At least there's a fence there? At least there's guards that are armed talking about keeping them at bay. Game has a tonne of weird issues, the world and it's inhabitants really are not the major problem. Regardless of its many issues, for me it is an absolute charmer in every sense of the word.
  25. Was listening to the latest The Weeknd song and went on an 80s pixel art bender! Rendered at the original PS1 resolution then scaled up! Hope you guys like it!
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