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  1. @Hawklord Happy Birfday! I am curious to see OW2 on this, although I fell away from OW pretty quickly... I may as well have a gander though!
  2. Love Namor so much like so extremely excited. And I have hated pretty much everything Marvel has been shitting out (with the exception of Goot and that episode where he becomes a god).
  3. This is diabolical dude. As Ravnaz has said, just get in touch with Valve. I am pretty sure they have sensational customer support and will get it sorted straight away!
  4. Anyone else had a recent one which has used EVRI to deliver it? My cousins was delivered apparently but nothing... Trying to get in touch with them is like ramming your head through a keyhole too from past experiences. Anyone that has one on the way be careful!
  5. Finally got round to this after not going to see it at the cinema. Emma is not the biggest fan of the original so it put her off big style, and I was alright to wait for a home release, where she would feel easier about telling me to turn it off and watch it without her, but she was flipping glued all the way. To the point of sighing at me needing the toilet. It really is one of the best movies I have seen in years, and Everything Everywhere All At Once is the only other. The scene with Kilmer had me welling up, infarct numerous scenes did. Both out of nostalgic bliss (even though it did not feel forced), and the emotional components. Also, you can tell the director is an artist. Some of those shots against the skyline at the start, are nothing short of sensational. 22 Fs out of 22.
  6. For me, cool new stuff aside, was how it managed to handle all of the spectacle. It was as cinematic as my child brain put together back in the day. I just cannot wait for that bombast to continue in the sequel.
  7. Haha a few of us are hype in the office. We are gonna put it on the projector. Cannot wait to have kids to do the same as you Stanley! Sounds like it will be awesome!
  8. Hopefully the mostly, means we will get some Breath of the Wild 2 footage, including a look at some themed dungeons... come on Nintendo. Leave the exploration in. I just want some giant cubes to move around, and bomb flowers to grab.
  9. I am hating how sweaty this is... I am just absolute pants in comparison to everyone else it would seem. I would usually class myself as above average at shooters, and not so terrible at platformers either, but I just get stomped by everyone... I put a fair bit of time in Splatoon 2 too with some success. How is everyone's accuracy so damn good?
  10. Our most deviously devastating plan yet! I kind of wish we had not muted them (for fear of them hearing us since we don't use Discord or Push to Talk). I bet it was quite the shock! I had to cut the audio and do some shenanigans to get it compressed enough anyway like. We decided after a rough few hours of being chased by reapers to get some much needed revenge. We were lucky enough not to sink against the reapers earlier, but they slowed down our looting efforts, and the captaincy side of things was not working leaving us unable to fight properly at all. Was a bit of a bummer. So we decided instead to do the sneaky sneak, and stack a rowboat with kegs!!! These had so many opportunities to blow me up here, but I was lucky enough to get it straight in-between the two of them, killing both, and sinking their ship in about 15 seconds. Absolute bedlam. We raised Reaper, scooped all the loot, cashed it all in for north of 100k and are delighted with the result. More sneaky pirating is absolutely on the cards after that!!! 07619ce6-771f-4954-a7f1-eba74bed1b48~2_980x550_588x330.mp4
  11. Nice Dude, that is awesome! I have tried it before aye. Work sorted me out with one, and have had others privately. Gave me some perspective but it is hard to remove my headspace from the industry if that makes sense. I should have left the industry when the salary was terrible. The benefits of working from home and other factors boosted it to the point where a career change would hurt us too much. Especially when we are hoping for kids in the near future. It is tough! I love my bosses now, but it is easy to spin down, and get stuck in a shame spiral where I feel useless so end up doing nothing and procrastinating myself into mental oblivion.
  12. I once did 15 hour days Mon-Fri, 9 hours Sat-Sun, and my mental health has not recovered since. It is weird, because you get into this obscure state where you think you are having fun. For me it is not just incredibly unhealthy physically, but when you put the breaks on and go back to some sort of normality, you feel worthless, lazy and feel a barrage of other emotionally destructive things that are hard to recover from. I feel for my wife the most. I am certainly not the man she fell in love with. Hopefully one day I will be back to the positive chap I once was! I am just so sad to see that this mindset is still a thing, and bragging about it (when he has only himself to answer too and likely makes stupid money) is just fucking gross.
  13. Absolutely. We are the same regarding sinkings. When people slay us it is great fun, and we learn from it. I mean we got Krakened in the middle of a four ship fight, and finally hit the briney deep after taking two of them out... Was salty but in all the right ways, and was memorable!
  14. Hahahaha MEDIC!!! what a shitty autocorrect that is hahaha. You know what I meant... O. O
  15. Ran into some ridiculously good players the last couple of days. One team to the point of being suspect to be honest. Team at lunch today though, had over 2500 hours in the game individually, but were surprisingly toxic for being so good at the game. Was quite disappointing. We were really nice in return, with no swears or even upset thrown their way. Rather we said we would be reporting them, for spawn camping whilst not trying to sink our ship. They were actively bailing just to kill us, and laughing shouting Baillll everything we spawned back. Was rather childish. When we did bring it up, they dropped their pants and were like "We aren't! Why are you reporting us..." And shortly after they let the boat sink. Was rather immature, and just not cool to be honest. I thought the server was going down at 1pm GMT (it was actually 2) and was actively saying to them, lads, just sell the loot you don't have long! They were clearly a cut above most, and they could have just wiped quickly and took the loot, but the trolling was rather toxic to be honest and is a shame to see. Thankfully, on the flip side, a few days ago, a solo sloop with incredible cosmetics (dark wanderer set), but was just an absolute legend. He was super nice, just asking to alliance, and wanted a few bits of loot to get his reaper emissary up, and we said yup! Collectively got the barf achievement, and added each other ready to team up at somepoint. They could have easily sunk our brig, no problems, we just got that vibe from them, but they were so nice. So for every toxic pro, there are certainly others that are lovely.
  16. I have ordered this, will smash it in a couple of days and likely sell it on for those wanting some sort of discount. Not into collecting PS games, but now that I have a Disc PS5 I can buy and then resell rather than just buying everything digitally for £69.99! I cannot wait for the intro to be honest. From what I have seen, it looks real good!
  17. @BoggyB Honestly it was just a series of things going right to be honest. I mean the Ashen Winds was over in minutes due to us having tonnes of Tridents. The Reapers anchored us, but themselves too, and I just kept them from respawing whilst my friends aligned the ships to barrage them with cannons. And the Treasury was just incredible. We rocked two emissaries to five too, gold hoarders and order of souls. So we were able to get the most gold without being Reapers. Was class. We are beyond obsessed though. Put 150 hours into it since June... MEDIC!
  18. Incredible night on the Seas! Several ghost forts. A coral bottle quest. A Vault. An Ashen Winds. Most importantly... The sinking of a Reaper 5 and taking everything from them... EVERYTHING!!!!! We ended up with just over 500k, and a sensational good few hours. Absolutely knackered after it, but it was brilliant fun!!!
  19. You can buy one of each, every month 50 doubloons a piece I believe!
  20. What is even going on? Are you alright?
  21. Just to be clear, in my vote it was Kong Quest, but as a kid I read it as Kong's Quest. Regardless, correcting people is not cool!!!
  22. How did Diddy Kong's Quest not make the top 200!!! Alundra I understand as it is not for everyone... BUT DKQ is LEGENDARY!!!!!! ARGHHHHH
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