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  1. I agree there is much to love about the game but I loath forced standby doors whilst the unskippable comms occur. I hate the cheap damage even more. The amount of times I get sprung something an lose a couple of notches of health is infuriating. It's not like I can load up a checkpoint to avoid that in the future, as the checkpointing is incredibly ungenerous. I am still having a good time, but it is rather frustrating at times.
  2. This is my Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg of this Generation.
  3. Really interested to see how this all opens up, but so far the style has me in 100%. Now I just need to survive work for another two days before a whole weekend of Dead Space and Hi Fi Rush.
  4. I hope Microsoft have more of these Hi Fi Rush style projects in the pipeline. It's these games that get me excited these days, rather than the likes of Redfall or other dry open world games. Excited for Forza though, and we have no shortage of monsters this year. Resident Evil 4 alone is enough. Everything else is just a bonus!
  5. Took me way too long @DennyDifferent for ~25p worth of points. I had nowt else better to do though and this new rewards hobby has me excited to see what's next all the time. edit: about 30 minutes from a fresh save.
  6. Well the Stardew Valley Weekly total didn't make me want to rip my eyelids off...
  7. Whilst I am enjoying it greatly, the cinematography is the one part that lets it down for me. I think the physical sets are incredible, and sometimes the sweeping vistas are impressive. Often though the colours are saturated to within an inch of their life, and between the fast paced camera cuts are some really poorly framed takes. There are a few too many shots where the screen is divided evenly. Characters in the middle of the screen, or two characters split perfectly apart. That's not to say the whole thing is a mess. Their is a few scenes which I thought were striking, and moved really well. I am enjoying it though, and because we want more my wife and I are just going to wait and binge the whole thing. I find myself checking the time too often and being disheartened by knowing there is only 10 minutes, or 5 minutes left. I want 8 hours left!
  8. I need to get myself these Oreo cosmetics! Look ace!
  9. Man most of it is great but the inconsistent cinematography... A few shots are excellent truly, and then others are a total bummer and feel like something that was slapped together. It really gets my goat as the cinematography in Chernobyl is probably the best we have ever had in a TV show (or entertainment as a whole). Edit: it is a different DP to Chernobyl so maybe not fair to compare.
  10. @Vorgot I think your points are totally valid, but I think once the whole game comes to an end in like 2034 it will be fantastic as a collection of games. But on its own I can see it being totally bonkers.
  11. Haha I was honestly blown away! I think it was our oath to be better pirates that spawned it. We decided with the launch of Season 8 we would only fight Reapers, and those who fired at us. Otherwise we would try and form alliances. If we want to sharpen our blades now we can just dive down to the depths. Speaking of depths... this game just continues to blow my mind. Cannot wait to see where it goes next!
  12. Stumbled across the Shrouded Ghost this weekend to our absolute delight. On top of making some amazing alliances that were heavy on the Chests of Legends grind we gained great rep, did a bunch of world activities and just had a blast. I feel like we burst our years worth of luck on the Shrouded Ghost appearing, but we look even more Edge Lord now...
  13. How much are people averaging every month? I think it's remarkable that you can essentially save up and get whatever next MS console releases. I am just banking mine until then, but curious to know how much people are making each month?
  14. The correct score, as it is one of the greatest of all time. Couldn't agree more about Damon. What a movie.
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