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  1. Was listening to the latest The Weeknd song and went on an 80s pixel art bender! Rendered at the original PS1 resolution then scaled up! Hope you guys like it!
  2. Hi All! Just started playing this recently on PC and I am absolutely loving it! Thanks for the write ups, and hope I get a chance to play with you guys soon! Many thanks! Adam
  3. I have an SD2Vita adapter too which I will throw In. Firmware is 3.68 I believe! Thanks Treble!
  4. There are some absolute gems here! I am a sucker for the Alundra intro too! Some fantastic animation in that bad lad!
  5. Had a long discussion at work about why Video Game Intros are just not the same anymore! This includes the company logo intros, and the music/imagery on display I mean remember the fantastic starting chimes to Contra, or the Music Box at the start of Donkey Kong Country 3... This is my personal favorite video game intro! Donkey Kong Country 2 - What are your guys favorite retro intros
  6. Not really retro but my goodness Fight Night Round 3 was incredible! I played the Demo at least 20 times!. Easy 1000 Gamerscore too.... Forgive me....
  7. Dragon Quest is the best! I smashed VIII again on the 3ds recently. Love it!
  8. So I have been going nuts for nostalgia again lately, and was speaking to a guy at work who worked on Conkers Bad Fur Day, and he gave me this sealed Conkers soundtrack a couple of days back. Safe to say my mind was blown! Going to get this displayed with the N64 collection. Have you guys been given something recently that's just came as a surprise and blew your minds?
  9. As Camel says, Retro Gaming Cables are brilliant
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