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  1. As much as I loved it I can agree with Harristowns comments on combat and set piece moments. I think the combat is pretty standard at best, but the world and story had me throughout. I would have liked to see more god Vs god vibes like the intro, but hopefully we will see more of that in the sequel. Regardless, I still love it. The god trying to be human take was my favourite string. It is what makes the intro so powerful I think. I am just pleased more people can now experience it via PC! Bloodborne please Sony man howay!
  2. @Marvin Morris I think they should keep the press conferences, as I agree, pure Christmas, but I just cannot see live booths being viable anymore. Especially when early access and other episodic methods are super successful. Even playtests like the Elden Ring one which was an enormous hit.
  3. @mushashi Oh for the event runners it can be worth it absolutely. The Devs? Maybe not so much.
  4. So long as the presentations (digital) still happen, I would rather the studio's invested the money back into the projects. I just struggle to see the demo booth benefits in 2022. I was incredibly fortunate to go to E3 and Gamescom in 2018, and they were an absolute blast, but outside of the presentations I cannot see the tangible benefits of hands on controllers. The hype was real, but I think if someone was standing in a four hour queue for a game demo they will buy the full game anyway.
  5. Oh for sure it seems legit, I have only played 2, but have 3 ready to go, but tempted to buy the first game with DLC, the DLC for 2 and the Season Pass for 3. So the extra content is good? I think for me to have everything it is gonna set me back £34, plus the £20 I paid for 3. I feel like the time I have had with 2 so far is worth the £54 by itself, so it seems like a no brainer if I am honest!
  6. Finally figured out an efficient sneaky way to Florida and it just blew my mind. The level designers are sensational at IO. The game gives me the same dopamine hit that the Soulsborne, or Returnal gave me. Make me feel like I am getting better with every minute played, only to start a new level and have to do it all again! Apart from not playing these years ago, I regret not starting them at the start of the Christmas holidays! Thankfully I have a couple weeks off in Feb!! (One dedicated to Elden Ring ofcourse... What? I may aswell have gaming holidays since actual holidays at the minute are an absolute nightmare!)
  7. I have just started with H2 (in H3, confusing!) And my god is this incredible! The opening mission sets you up so nicely, but Florida is quite overwhelming at first, but once you start to pick away it all comes together. I love that you can just point blank blow someone's face clean off, and then still shuffle away switching disguises etc. I feel like I have been missing out for the last 6 years.
  8. I am sorry, but review scores have been questionable at best lately. And if we were to go off that system over the last 10 years, Sony has absolutely obliterated Microsoft. This year with Horizon and God of War alone, they are going to be miles ahead, bar maybe Starfield, but even if Starfield is the same game Bethesda in-house always release, it will likely be praised to the high heaven's regardless, hence my comment on review scores being questionable. I miss the days when Microsoft actually got good exclusive deals, the 360 era was sensational, with Dead Rising, Mass Effect 1, Tales of Vesperia and more, not to mention Halo 3, Gears of War, and Forza 2/3. Like I say, I love gamepass for trying games I would not usually buy, and the value is downright nuts, but the first party offerings have not hooked me in like the first party offerings from Sony. Returnal and Demon's Souls Remake are just masterclass. You could say that I enjoyed them more out of desperation for paying for them, but I absolutely loathed Deathloop. Even a discount, and a few old school classics will make me happy enough with their new service. I am personally happy to keep buying their first party lineup, if the quality continues.
  9. I think Sony would be smart to include first party discounts in the subscription rather than giving the games away day 1. At least this would lower that £70 tag people hate so much. I think whilst gamepass is amazing value, I use it mainly for trying new smaller games. Sony's first party offerings are considerably higher in quality than what MS have been producing (bar FH maybe and Flight SIM) that paying for them is not a problem for me personally. I just hope we get a decent list of games that are emulated well on the console. Dragon Quest VIII please.
  10. I would have to say the original Xbox One pad. Hear me out! It was nigh on perfect, but the RB/LB buttons were an absolute disaster for index finger gamers. Especially if you have small hands. I am 6ft3 but my hands are frighteningly small. I wouldn't care I love my elite1 controller too but those damn bumpers! The new Series revision for the pad is a revelation bumping this pad back to the top!
  11. I spat my pork Scratchings out laughing at this. What? Is that not a normal nighttime snack? I need help. But not as much help as this needs. It is a real shame. I am not BOTWs biggest fan, but it does have experimentation built into the loop, yet I feel this is missing that. Honestly though, I could be wrong and it might be just what the Pokémon fan community are after. Reading the YouTube comments is interesting. They are filled with people explaining how, in the Pokémon world there would not be many trainers and it would be vast landscapes filled with Pokémon. Which is cool I guess. I think MHW nailed what Pokémon should be doing, and built levels that were not too open, had a tonne of verticality, and the game has pathways that they were interesting to navigate. Saying that, if the world is as big as breath of the wild, has caves/dungeons with secret Pokémon... Could be a very cool experience. I don't have high hopes, but I am still holding out hope it has those kind of moments, which may make it very cool! Sorry for waffling!
  12. I just cannot wait to see what Housemarque do next. I loved Nex Machina, Super Stardust etc but let's just keep giving them big budgets please!
  13. Dear lord this looks... worrying. I hope I am wrong. But I don't even care about the visual makeup, it is the gameplay. And this looks like a mobile game. Some navigation, couple of buttons needed, done.
  14. I actually just started this grind after putting loads of time in at launch. It's great to play it again, thankfully, as I get the feeling this will take a while!
  15. What was the elation like when you beat them? I'm going to guess, EPIC! This game really is something else. What are all of your favourite moments? Mine has to be without a shadow of a doubt:
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