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  1. I really, really hated the updated menu at first too. Found it annoying until it clicked that the whole thing is designed about you never needing to leave the game, pretty much anything you'll need to do can be done from the one tap menu without needing to go to the homescreen - it's just a very differently presented 'workflow' to the PS4 but once your muscle memory starts to change everything begins making a lot more sense. It's still a very jarring change regardless. With Spiderman make sure you use the 'Performance RT' graphics mode!
  2. Yeah my PS5 is completely silent on PS4/5 games and when idling aside from the few seconds it checks the disc if there is one in the drive.
  3. This dude has no idea what he’s talking about.
  4. MikeBeaver. Thanks, I had it stuffed yesterday!
  5. Craig's first movie had so much blatant product placement that @Floshenbarnical used to call it Casony Royale
  6. In the real world I don’t think most people give a shit about gamepass. I’d guess this was just a good month and we’ll get more crap sooner or later.
  7. I think you got a great deal here Mike and it must be such a fun project to work through. I am so intrigued as to what the story of this stuff is. I'd lean towards a tech collector who died (because the person who bought, owned and modded all this would know they would get so much more than the sale price) but it could easily be a bunch of people or for from an enthusiasts group as it is SO MUCH.
  8. To wind you up, Jon.
  9. I have no interest in the Xbox One S/X so can't comment on that but did replace my PS4 Pro with a PS5. It is ugly and huge but you don't notice that after a while. I initially didn't like the OS where things have been changed from PS4 seemingly 'just because' although as time goes on a lot of it makes more sense. I had an SSD in my Pro from day one so while loading is fast in PS4 games and the general OS I don't really notice any difference from what I am used to. Had three crashes using it almost daily over the past few months. I do like how it makes older games run a
  10. A big price increase is an understatement - they doubled the cost.
  11. The more you play the better it gets, cliche I know. I was ready to dump it a few hours in but by the end it was one of my favourite games of the generation.
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