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  1. I totally don't see the point in this or what it is ever going to be used for. Surely the quality would be terrible for voice chat? If so it will basically be exclusively used for DS style gimmicks. I never really saw the point is the DS4 speaker either, which I eventually just disabled.
  2. Imagine my delight when I clicked on the latest page and the first seven posts were about Neighbours I’ll also echo the sentiment that Plague Tale is a good game, loved my time with it and it looks gorgeous.
  3. I think the problem with these consoles lies with the fact that there is very little to actually shout about. The drip feed keeps people talking.
  4. Succeeding. In the real world barely anybody outside of forums gives a fuck about the Xbox, PS5 hype is always a thing. Unless something goes wrong like with the disaster that was Halo Infinite and the Craig meme, everything Xbox goes unnoticed. Even though I could never trust a Microsoft console again after the disaster the brand has endured since Kinect launched, I actually think MS have done a lot right recently (while Sony appear to be coasting) but it doesn't matter - normal people are only talking about PS5. The real delay is MS and Sony playing 'you go first' on price so the other can be reactionary. Personally, aside from the super fast loading due to the SSD I find it hard to be excited about either console right now. Nothing is making me care about getting them day one. I will get a PS5 when the free GTA Online launches on it as that is my favourite game and the only one I regularly play but otherwise I think it would be a long time until I'd have bothered. I've been buying consoles on their launch date since the Dreamcast too (DC > Xbox > 360 > PS4) but just don't feel any pressing reason to do that with these two.
  5. I'm still not convinced that this game is going to be great, but Spider-Man being a part of it makes me a lot more interested.
  6. Okay good, I was worried for a second there. You'd be shocked at how many people do that. Would strongly suggest trying to have a consistent stream time if you want regulars or to retain viewers. Good luck!
  7. Dude this is too much and a terrible idea. Are you just going to stream all weekend long? What about your family and health? If you want people to return you need to stream at the same time on days that you do so, nobody will pay attention to a schedule like this. Consistency is key, and don't fall into the 'always be streaming' trap. Also, casual reminder that you are not going to make any money beyond pocket change from this even if you dedicate more time to it than a full time job.
  8. Probably going to wait for a black PS5 because it looks so shit in white. No need to buy a Series X, could just get an Xbox One from 2013 or use my PC if I want to play any of their games. Which I don’t. Man, these new consoles are both so unexciting.
  9. This game looks fucking pathetic. What an embarrassment for Microsoft.
  10. I'm staying at my friends and he wanted to watch this live, going on about how Phil Spencer said it was going the be the best Xbox showing ever or something. Fucking awful. If this is meant to be the most powerful console in the world, why did everything look like an Xbox One/PS4 (not X/Pro) game? Where was the fucking gameplay for most of these titles? That Halo footage was a joke. Tetris Effect Connected however was the absolute highlight, I cannot fucking WAIT to play that
  11. That’s not normal.
  12. I assume you've played The Last Of Us as you're getting 2... right?
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