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  1. Let's be honest though if you actually want this deal to go through you're probably a bit short sighted in how you're seeing this anyway, it's good it looks like this isn't happening in the same way Meta/Giphy didn't. I wish the same stopped the Disney/Fox merger and other similar ones too. Aside from the fact Microsoft tend to ruin studios they purchase which should be a concern if you're a one of the TrUe GaMeRz, being in support of capitalism and big business like this just so you can get a few games a bit cheaper on a sub is a really bad look. You'd expect it from Xbox sycophants like Cryin' Rgraves but normal people here being in support of this shit? Sort yourselves out.
  2. Rolled my eyes at this part, what sort of cunt would add that to the video? Then I noticed it was uploaded by someone called 'NaziUAF' and saw their other uploads.
  3. I thought this would be better than everyone expected (figured it at least would stream games from PS+ in addition to remote play) but nope, it's even worse. WTF is that design? Zero effort shit and I bet it's expensive as fuck.
  4. This was almost as bad as an Xbox conference, just endless generic games where you kill things. Aside from a handful of titles there was not much for me at all, but joke is on you Sony - I'm completely broke so wouldn't have bought anything anyway! Hahahaha!
  5. Yeah, pretty much what everybody expected - very good (and I bet on an actual console and not super compressed 1080p YT stream it does look way better then this makes it seem) but more of the same with better graphics. I'm ok with that though as I loved both the previous games despite not really being into super heroes.
  6. Sony are too embarrassed to show the (awful) actual Gran Turismo trailer.
  7. I've never tried VR before but does floating hands not being connected to arms not feel really weird?
  8. Origins and Odyssey were both amazing so if this is similar to them I'd like to play it.
  9. Looks like LOTR, sounds like Eastenders.
  10. I've never played a MGS game.
  11. Not as good as Minecraft Come Dine with Me
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