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  1. Toy Story 2 is the most overrated movie of all time.
  2. It’s not really Criterion anymore though, most of the guys that worked on Burnout have either left or were moved to Ghost Games who worked on the last NFS games. I think the franchise has just been almost irreparably damaged by the ‘meh’ titles of the last 7/8 years.
  3. I think GTA Online is both the most flawed AND most enjoyable game I have ever played. It pisses me off, it REALLY pissed me off. But I also have more fun with it than I have anything other game, pretty much ever.
  4. @Majora It’s a problem the forum is suffering from heavily at the moment. Bitter old men angry at everything. No wonder the place is dying, there is no joy left. Of course TLOU is better written than 90% of TV shows, anybody questioning that is insane.
  5. I think the writing in GTA and RDR2 is decent, my main issue stems from the fact that the characters tend to be overwritten with far too much dialogue as in they NEVER.SHUT.UP. Get a good editor who isn’t afraid to cut down the dialogue and the actual writing works for the games atmosphere and settings, IMO.
  6. You're old and out of touch. Sorry.
  7. I’m approaching middle age, but nothing makes me feel younger than reading this forum.
  8. Disagree, I think it is a testament to quality. Both of those games are absolutely outstanding AND appeal to the mainstream. A rare combination. I have no issue with their success in ‘remastered’ form over newer titles.
  9. Nah I just forgot about it. Add Xbox to the list!
  10. Broker is fucking mental, OMG Look, if you have a PS4, Switch or PC you can’t go wrong. Each of them have more hours of games worth playing than anybody should have free in their lives. Let’s not try to tell people that are happy with what they have that they are wrong, cos that is cunty. Let others enjoy their lives, move on from this shit and close the thread.
  11. Normal people (as in non-enthusiasts) don’t game on PC, what the fuck at this thread
  12. He’s winding you up Stanley, he’s totally a farmer.
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