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  1. Just watched this, film was the very definition of bland and generic.
  2. I can only assume you're being funny or something because there is no way in a million years any actual human would ever say that
  3. Some real 'genuine concerns' in here, had to check it wasn't JPL or Rafaqat doing their usual budget Louis Theroux style faux-innocence. Reminds me of Apple threads the way people come in making stuff up that clearly isn't true. Not that the service is great, obviously the UI is as shit as you'd expect from modern Sony and as someone who doesn't care about playing games I've already finished I think Premium (lol) is useless and seemingly still is for the time being even if you do like old titles due to the NTSC issue. All PS4/5/1/2/P games can be downloaded though, it's only PS3 games that you have to stream. I've not played any of the PS5 games added so that is great, otherwise it seems pretty much the same as Now - I do think Extra is a pretty good offer though. Will blast through this stuff and stay on the essential package once renewal time is up in November though as I am past the 'needing to play everything' part of my gaming life and have settled into one main 'comfort' game I absolutely love with everything else being the occasional distraction. I'd give the new service 7/10. It's aight but not for me, as with any gaming subscription service.
  4. For a noted fiddler (tech wise at least) and someone struggling as much as I am financially why don’t you find out and if it’s still working do this all the time? So long as it ain’t a Crypto style drain on humanity I’d be running whatever it is on ‘Da Deck’ whenever I can, put the thing in low power mode and get on it so you can surround yourself with those fabled £75 notes man.
  5. For what is essentially a nine year old game, GTA V (PS5 version here) can still often be gorgeous.
  6. I would never watch a Halo TV series, but it's been so long since I last saw The Wire that I thought Nick Sobotka was this dude, Frank. He really would have been a surprising choice for Master Chief.
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