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  1. Dude Enjoy, it’s my favourite podcast by far.
  2. “Ooh looks like some activity in the Marvel thread! I wonder what big news there is to tal....oh...it’s a whiney old man”
  3. The childish playground shit linked to throughout this thread is blowing my mind at how pathetic it is, and I am a fucking Twitch streamer.
  4. Poor confused OAP deKay seems to constantly revel in his ignorance, he definitely thinks he’s too cool for the modern world. Don’t think he has a clue how badly he consistently comes across on the forum. On topic, I have ironically (considering the above) never actually never heard of this dude but it’s certainly interesting to see that Microsoft are not just going for the huge headline grabbing guys. I just wish the chat experience was better on Mixer, it’s very underdeveloped and bland to look at right now and doesn’t appear to have changed since the service launched.
  5. £17,000 as AM and £21,000 as SM in 2007. Surprisingly similar, respect to Muir! Apple do NOT have this level of pay consistency
  6. Back in the day I would have been ashamed to have that pathetic ‘display’ in my store. Wow.
  7. 01412 just brought back a flood of memories, you bastard
  8. Can we ban people like Boozy from this thread? There is no point in allowing someone in a thread where they are only here to troll, he’s literally been doing this for 7 years and is the reason I stayed away from threads like this here for a long time. I used to be like him and learnt my lesson, now I literally don’t even think about Xbox or Switch so just stay away from their threads because I don’t care. Anyway some more information here - interesting article https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-playstation-5/
  9. I’m interested to see what @Meh thinks of this latest trailer.
  10. I remember covering at your store and nearly dying from carrying the delivery upstairs
  11. Aside from financially, I genuinely believe that I will never have a job as good as working at Gamestation again. Nothing has come close - pretty sure @Floshenbarnical will be with me on that one. I miss managing that store, I miss my staff, the stock, the strange variety of customers, the events, the success we all made of the place, our area manager (who knew the shit we all got up to but turned a blind eye cos he liked us because we were as fucking good at our jobs as he was at his) and I miss the culture which the company fostered. I count myself lucky that I left just as Game took over so didn’t get to see the decline first hand.
  12. I get that this is likely a 'me' issue but I can't stand 2. I think it is really cheesy and hate Jessie, especially her shit song which even as a kid I found to be blatantly emotionally manipulative to a hilarious degree. I might rewatch it with adult eyes to see if I am just being insane because I have avoided it for at least a decade.
  13. The bullshit written in this thread relating to TLOU is so depressing.
  14. This was better than I expected. 3 > 1 > 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2
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