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  1. The accounts were actually due yesterday but they'll obviously delay filing as long as possible just like they did last year.
  2. Not necessarily. The vast majority of backers would appear to have either forgotten about this, or have put it down as a bad investment. Levy could simply refund the relatively few people who threaten court action and carry on as before. Better to pay out £10,000 than be investigated for $500,000.
  3. That's his problem. If the receivers get involved then he's risking prison.
  4. No need for that. If Levy doesn't pay up he risks the company being forced into bankruptcy and the official receivers being called in to look at where the money went. That's the last thing he wants.
  5. PP = Private Planet, Janko's other company.
  6. Those cases were heard last year - he lost them as they were "uncontested" because he failed to submit evidence in time.
  7. Of course, he's been given a prototype Vega+ and he's been promised royalties for all of his games that appear on the finished device. He also lives a mere ten minutes away from Mr Fogarty. He is certainly not an unbiased source.
  8. That's Paul Fogarty in that group; completely unrelated to Lee Fogarty.
  9. "Multiple projects" being two - Every Child Can Code and Retro Computers Ltd.
  10. The Gemini pda is allegedly being made in China, it's the Spectrum Next that's being made at SMS.
  11. Chris Smith wrote the firmware on the original Vega - which RCL didn't pay him for - which led to Cornerstone terminating their distribution agreement over the "ip dispute". He also wrote the original ZX Vega+ firmware which he took with him because he was owed around £100K from RCL. RCL paid him £10K of that money and said it was for the firmware. Smith disagreed with RCL choosing which part of the debt they were paying, which forced RCL to used the fuse emulator in the prototypes.
  12. Andrews has already revealed that RCL paid £15000 to their lawyers in May 2016 so that is presumably the approximate going rate for each court appearance.
  13. Clive wanted Levy in because he had "experience in manufacturing" apparently.
  14. Not when he says he's willing to accept payment in cash to avoid paying tax.

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