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  1. Controversial Opinion: The best ever Sega game is... Space Slalom. Subtle design genius. Edit: I learned something interesting from watching this player. They're using some kind of industry-standard exploit as to where shooter objects tend to go, and then get stuck when it doesn't conform to this. Instead, you need Actual Astronaught Skills to make really tight moves in time, and the level design is like I say, a strange form of subtle genius. Edit2: The player gets to grips with reacting to objects and not doing Britney Spears dance moves, but starts to get demotivated and a little confused, that in order to make most of these gates you need to see your bow-and-arrow shot in advance, up to 4 seconds, via adrenal gland systems. Wellllll good luck space cadet, slalom away. One day you make Commander Slalom I promise, badge and stuff?
  2. That sounds exactly like NGE and makes me want to play it now. Currently playing Final Fantasy Legends on the Wonderswan. Game is amazingly dark and accurately predicts Boko Haram from the year 1989, but Zoolander doesn't really have any ideas for what to do about this intel, much like Number 2 in Austen Powers. Can raise themes but has no real answers for humanity. Petrol fight anyone?
  3. Gravity Rush ?/? ... really not sure how to classify this game, but anyone that enjoyed the demo at all will probably download the full game and go on to complete it, regardless of anything I might say. Well the maps are quite good, and the thing I like to do post-completion is a game called Buffy The Bench Slayer, in which I patrol from district to disctrict and kick the shit out of suspect looking wooden seats that didn't listen to the ass-kicking I gave them last time. "FIRE BAD TREE PRETTY" - Buffy Proteus >>> 9/10 Some kind of odd cross between a classic Odeon movie such as Jurassic Park 2 and a psychological rat-maze experiment. Loses a point for being £1 too expensive for a cinema ticket and basically says 'thou shalt not enter my house without a fee of ice cream 99 with a flake, and extra rasberry sauce'. Fuck you Eric Cartman, nobody has rasberry sauce with a flake. ARGH. Okay, so subtle details in this experience are highly intertexual include: Taz Mania 'blah blah blah yackety smackety', Columbine shooting Doom level, weird house from Lost, energy fence from Lost, the Sun being slightly distorted like End of Evangelion Rei destruction, and also the Moon has a hole punched into it slightly, which is Scott Pilgrim character Todd IIRC. Oh and btw the cleaning lady... she dusts...
  4. Microsoft had the Fast Show sketch that mocks Flight Sim 98 removed, for supposed copyright reasons I guess? Well that's really quite an ignorant thing to do, since the audience understand this as nerdcore irony and thought it awesome, not a pisstake. Argh... the vanity of old bald men.
  5. My unit's been dog trained by Sony not to even talk over USB, so I can't put MP3 files on it for instance. I've decided for no particular reason that if the PSN store stops supporting the machien and I get bored of it, I'll smash it up with a hammer as some sort of Pagan cult ritual, and leave it on the road to get run over by cars. My mate Starscream did much the same thing with his macbook when one of the mouse keys broke and just snapped it in half over his leg, like smacking a kid. Bad baby! No but thus far I probably won't give my Vita the hammer of Thor treatment, and would have to be amazingly more bored than I already am.
  6. Vita prices are okay to me thus far. Somewhere between Android poundshop and 3DS Scrooge Mcduck.
  7. Went back and played Flight Sim 98 (in Virtual PC on my Emac of all things) but... without the supercool psychological experience of holding my mates giant joystick perfectly still (hmmm) the flight model doesn't really conform to for instance, a paper areoplane thrown past a radiator. If you ever get bored, try doing this with your mates as a contest and learn some thermodynamic physics things, or possibly don't if that sounds like boring shit. Well, I did like all the very complex panel and procedure information the FS98 comes with, but without the giant joystick I couldn't get very far before the illusion broke. Impressed myself however, that I managed not to stall these planes with qwerty keyboard control. Hmmm, well I was supposed to be in the Red Arrows originally (after bombing some random people).
  8. This set has a lot of weird politics and drama going on, but probably more important is that the final track is a granular synthesis remix of Diddy Kong Racing, for no other reason than I respect anything with a badger in it. That may in turn be a reference to Bodger and Badger, since the products of granular synth are the audio equivalent of mashed potato. Anyone that sits through more than ten episodes of Bodger automatically gets a GCSE in Social Work, but this show had a point. One of the episodes has Bodger convince Badger to eat a bannana without headbutting to death into similarly styled mash. The meaning of this is research shows right hemisphere 'evil twins' are much more conformist and subject to peer pressure, so while the performer came to terms with their own homosexuality, their hemisphere twin was stuck in past culture and would literally punch him in the face live on television for bringing up this subject. Disney does an analysis of right-hemisphere content using the AI tools, and explore this subject matter via the character Zaphod in their own remake of Hitch-Hiker's Guide. One of the songs in this is an extraction of information found in one of my compositions, including lyrics and attempts to use a singing voice. Unlike myself, the twin has a rather hardcore addiction to 4Chan trolling due to the fact that Youtube Poop is also the psychological equivalent of mashed potato. The stuff they say isn't true, but merely the standard cult language found on the main 4Chan forum, which I never spent more than 5 minutes occasionally reading due to the somewhat repetitve mashed potato stylings. Disney like to bring this up to show how much effort is sometimes required to not be anti-social, that this doesn't just happen like magic and get delivered to you by Twitter or Snapchat, but you have to actually reflect on the nature of society and decide who you want to be, and why that is. People make the same sort of choice to be villains though, so really this whole 'self improvement' lark is some kinf of 90's civil war, that a lot of kids don't need any more. Sorry about that.
  9. I remember this game having some kind of weird post-240fps, like they basically pushed the cathode ray tube so hard it started going backwards in physics or something, and sucked photons out of the room. No seriously, the edges of the screen and rendered objects started to go really black in gradient contrasts - I believe this is where Top Gear got the idea for their fuzzy black camera filter. Most of this game uses an inverse performance technique for immersion reasons. The framerate never drops to remind the players they're in a game, rather it adheres to simulation principles like the Boeing flight sim that was featured in the Krypton Factor gameshow. Halo has masses of data going on in certain sections, like in the beginning of Silent Cartographer with the big skirmish going on, trajectory of every bullet is cross-referenced to check wether they deflect off each other in mid air, and you can check this actually happens by watching slow motion replays of your game. Basic techniques for this are loosely derived from air traffic control, so for instance the amount of flying objects in an area automatically determines it to be a 'fly zone', otherwise if you shoot rifles in the air they would be calculated for collisions going across space and into the opposite ring segment, which eventually stops the game due to CPU overload of a few hundred thousand minature jets. Yeah so the frame-rate is actually about 12fps as with movies, but a Direct-X overlay makes it look faster. The rock solid 'tick rate' of the underlying engine is what helps massively with immersion, which in turn makes the scenario and monsters more intimidating. Most players have a World War 2 style freak-out when they're cut off by Covenant in various underground sections - this apparently being a base human instinct. Probably why Dungeons and Dragons was so popular. A lot of the abstraction hides that a lot of these weapons are pseudo-realistic, for example the needler rounds are actually feasible as minature smart missiles. Politics of this are odd, but by presenting what could become military technology as a kids toy, whoever poses as an enemy state to your state then sacrifces one of their own things as a kids toy, and generally this is how or why weapons don't keep developing into for instance, laser tanks or magnetic rail-gun fighter jets. I'm not even sure what the framerate is. Defies conventional classification and seems to be a Doc Brown madness invention. I'm not entirely sure Mister is an FPGA since the primary component is an Arduino, but correct me if I'm being ignorant of something. I'm fairly sure that an IBM G4 processor has micro-fpga in it however, which is something you can't really buy for yourself since DARPA stole most of the contracts in recent years for something or other. A nice pinball machine maybe? The Intel emulator I wrote years back had a patch to include compilations from a Pascal research compiler. It was supposed to advertise how good the paid version of this compiler would be, and had thus had really good performance, debugging and educational features, like it literally labelled every op-code with a tutorial so totaly noobs would understand what the futuristic shit-hot product did exactly. Well I then did some tinkering and had it compile library files which the emulator then loads in cellular fashion. This highly cyberpunk software did a bunch of weird and 'out there' things, like running a section of Doom to render a marine, and then applying the Quake wavey water effect, and could do so very slowly in mainframe fashion on a half-speed 186 CGA machine. Essentially I lied to the code about the host platform it was running on, or that Doom and Quake were now a wrestling tag-team and not generational rivals. Ports? The Master System Streets of Rage is interesting for having the exact same AI code to the Megadrive, and arguably plays better due to tighter design. Super Mario DX was also considered better due to improvements in physics.
  10. I like how the PSX5 devkit looks like part of a Gundam's head that fell off on a scouting mission to Siberian oil fields. Random ^ __ ^
  11. No, it doesn't do actual time travel. Yes, it probably does regulate testosterone in Sony offspring. (maybe, this robot already exists)
  12. Okay, I'm trying to find this particular Mac sim for you which appears to be have been made by an actual World War II veteran, and it's really good. https://www.macintoshrepository.org/3834-dogfight-city Think it's this one? There's a video below of an earlier version I think, and it initially doesn't seem all that wow or mindblowing - but you control the flightstick using your mouse to simulate essentially, the top end of where it would be in a real plane - and the air / wind dynamics are very authentic too, so it's very close to flying an actual plane.
  13. The ocean dynamics and skeletal animation (of Waverace64) are way in advance of other games industry stuff, so probably like the codebase for Pilotwings64 it came from a professional simulator, probably used by the coast guard? Well I noticed anyhow that in order to fit to the N64 spec, it's been pre-cached much like a sprite animation system for the SNES and then put through a permutation routine (Rubix's Cube) ie. ScenarioFactors:AnimationOutput type thing. Now it's easy to assume the professional sim is some sort of perfect far-future thing, but my Xbox 360 approaches the level of power that it seems to have originally run on, we just minaturised it too much in respect to overheating and haven't spent the needed -- since 1950's mainframe coding... that would be... 47 years needed to develop the engine/middleware/api and soforth. This is in my opinion a somewhat dark technology for many people, since more realistic robot ragdolls are something you can endlessly torture, although people with a thing for this sort of thing tend to get bored and want more, like 'Where's his internal organs? This blood on the floor doesn't coagulate properly, and his hair sets on fire too easily, please make my barbie doll more realistic thanx.' The best game in this regard might be the original dos version of Liero https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liero set to maximum destruction (nuke it to the ground... ). Worth booting a laptop into actual DOS to get the right type of animation performance. There's also some decent flight sim software on the old macintosh https://macintoshgarden.org/ or another DOS game which is highly realistic but weirdo in a Bowie type way is Corncob3D https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pie_in_the_Sky_(game_engine). I heart that game, and it's also way more difficult than actual RAF stuff which is why I completed around 3 missions ever : (
  14. They should have a Gouranga stamp with the Hari Krishna all squashed from your thumb *sarcasm*. No but seriously, Robocod.
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