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  1. Also good for anyone that enjoys Soul Calibur is the versus mode in Sword Art Online Lost Song (9). Couldn't beat the bots in this actually, because Arbiter type constructs are a total bastard when flipped around as enemies. Seriously though, restecpa to anyone who masters this mode, from now on you shall be called Neeeeeil. *fist pump*
  2. Battle Arena Toshinden on DMG is a 10 for me. True fact, but I used to let the 4 year old barbarian kids down my street sit quietly and watch me complete this as random-bitch character. They really loved the kawaii graphics and the skeletor samurai boss, which they cheered me on to beat like hissing Indiana Jones snakes, and then thankfully I felt it didn't inspire these kids to throw cutlery at their mom during dinner - I actually got thanked for a change this was reasonable babysitting whatever? You can in terms of late 90's standards attribute this game as being Misato from Evangelion, but
  3. Of the original beat-em-up players, a lot of lads got depressed at virtually destroying their girlfriend or sister, and it thus became a sort of communal promise to destroy their own evil ways. I did however manage to get diplomatic immunity for Killer Instinct, saying the combo system is like Tai Chi, and one day we might make a VR version of this: Fulgore's Tai Chi Morning -- you can theoretically do this with Kinect! Anyone with a family lawyer should contact Capcom to find out who owns Street Fighter II, but let's just say as Team America (Darkwing) states, Pearl Harbour sucks,
  4. Sounds like something my dad would do, meh. Did you know that Captain Picard's a Ferenghi? Think it out and the entire show changes quite radically, but how does this help one rollerblade better? Sounds a lot like demonic infection Shinobi from our own game. Can't remember why, but the avatar gets drawn to a fountain in town center with his beautiful narcissus face, rippling with power, and the water glows neon blood red. Drink it in order to become Super Sonic equivalent for Shinobi, but then the character automatically does Killer Instinct combos, like onto other player
  5. Is the external drive professionally defragmented and magnetically cleaned after you reboot the PS5? Could be an EMP thing that dates from 90's electrical infrastructure. Relavant info, but most people said Toshiba lacked electron quarantine needed to make EmotionEngine, yet they did somehow.
  6. Sony just Punked you. Lylat Wars was £70 and overly eager kids traded in their entire Snes collection to EB, much to the chargrin of angry moms. EB had to add an age limit of 16. Anyone here seen Wolf of Wallstreet? *sigh*
  7. Sounds like this game offers the audience a lot more freedom and cerebral room to exist than what Edge called the 'videogame industry'. Vin Diesel's original Riddick game tried to do this back in 2004, but got dragged down in Industy peer pressure. Think the ruleset for this reminded me of White Wolf titles; possibly a mix of Vampire & Mage? Anyway, this also tells you something of peer pressuere too, since he's a famous D&D player. Is it like changing football teams or something? And this thus makes me wonder if anyone even completed Tomb Raider, cos I never met anyone, wait... Joseph
  8. Seems the devs didn't read all the original Munda lore, which is fragmented, intentionally so like rumours across the empire that fell apart into conflicting testemony - but actually makes sense if you courtroom the evidence back together. Hiveworlds are the size of Earth's moon and originally did uh, mushroom farming. Really rare ones to keep the Emperor more alive, you know - on Quorn or somesuch? It was what the devs were eating in their Nottingham flat or something. Except one kid had a massive argument with me it mined Frosties, so in the end so weren't banned from Workshop everyone offic
  9. LG monitors come recommended. Some of these were sold at a massive loss like x10, and we don't even know where this company came from. It just showed up one day with no reputation or history? Nobody bought this stuff for ages. Some rumour about a failed civil war in Japan? Lots of x-files gossip at the time.
  10. One of the best games journalists the UK ever produced was Mr T from Digitiser; this guy taught me a great deal about the value of messing with bins. Don't think Mr Biffo paid him though, might class as slavery. True story right but I have the same accent as Maggie from Transformers, slightly more legit claim since her voice sounds like Clacton beach in Essex, which is obscure -- this voice is way annoying for technical language like 'ten billion floating point triangles per second', and starts to hurt after a while of nerdcoring mates, hence the use of web forums, but at meets did
  11. Oh, random fact about the cart and other debug type devices, but I have a well preserved Edge from 1999. Ads in the back from sellers are quite interesting, and reminded me of how much hacker shit you could buy for the original Playstation. It was literally pulling in hackers from proper crime or warfare amd sucking them into an Egon toy like a complete bastard. And btw, Playstation hackers were intimidating, like people sitting around dealing crack-cocaine like Chappie times 100, evil guard dogs that eat your ankle or whatever, but then someone boots Crash bandicoot racing and they all turn i
  12. There's an Action Replay cart for the Saturn which essentially lets you reprogram games. Think Sega were feeling suicidal one console too early or something? Anyway, there's a controller remap api which works due to all the chips on the console being autonomous. Change the up and down and it still works while the power is on.
  13. Chris Morris. Just from the description, 10. Sword of Hope - 10. "Talk to the Jamaican" - Shadowrun, Snes
  14. Don't do that. Egon safety tip, but if you value the life of people in nearby rooms then stick to 640*480. You know, people died trying to be Tony Hawks and stuff, didn't get the limits of a concrete halfpipe. The exact same kids bought those monitors. Interesting status symbol though.
  15. The tubes on those are a bit Nexus 6 in nature. So like, enjoy the good times while they last.
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