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  1. Okay. Just wanted to say that same as the social club legal agreement when you register here, there's a legal agreement you have the following phone number for Colchester Garrison, (01206 816080), cos I did make a legal agreement at school to the population. Also the thing about Playstation2 having scud missile launcher chips going around gamer news was true. Someone fixed the legal issue with this, possibly David Blunkett liked Singstar or something.
  2. Posted on behalf of my friend in the French Foriegn Legion orbital helicopter department. Says she doesn't get out much to do promo anymore, and I owe her a favour.
  3. Reply from a pair of people with army-camo coloured avatars, weird. Hey, I'm not Mike from Spaced. My bad...
  4. Archive gets shadowed to Smithsonian, which is like Gringotts if Voldemort was 100 nukes pummeling from above. Think they've got the original constitution and George Washington's skeleton down there. Depends if you follow their rules about giving cultural context to kids in the future, for instance uploaded some pop music mashups that ultimately date from an obscure MTV show via Fatboy Slim. It's easy to lose track of how that came about. Also uploaded a DS synth that was widely popular on Facebook groups and then the entire pop industry, but nobody documented that either since 'toy music' became embarassing. There's various other stuff I'll probably upload. Apogee games like Secret Agent for instance - okay you can get this on Steam, but the original's configured for really old IBM keyboard buttons and actual PC speaker sound. One of the best bits of hardware integration ever done, so a conversion of this is practically fraudulent as a cultural item.
  5. That Rachet & Clank picture points to the letters 'Nark'. Seems a combination of Quark and Narc? Typically Quark refers to the MOD. "3. n. A person that turns you in for something you did wrong; specifically to any type of authority figure like parents, cops, teachers, boss, etc. " Sounds a bit Sector 7, yep.
  6. Amiga was probably the most rapid dev system I ever used; just switch it on with a straight-to-dos disk inserted, and like 1 second later you've got a prompt/text editor and typing assembler for it. We used it for the vdu-out module originally, to get RGB values of different televisions, but it then turned out cleaner and easier to distribute in east-japan, scart-blocks with variable resistors and frequency generators (christmas tree lights). Still, the A600 was really good at doing sub-magnetic scans of damage to my 3.5 disks, shot by some pesky german bloke or other on the way home. couldn't prove it without the curly fractal-shatter patterns as evidence, and then eventually we bought Maxtor before they bankrupted. Who has a use for a flippy floppy 1.4mb loser anymore they said? Oh ho ho. The lols. (it's the same material as a maxtor 160gb hdd). Oh yes, how easily we slipped through Royal Mail's icy grip of death... no sir, this one's a floppy, keep searching.
  7. Professional playworker observation: kids look like they'd enjoy messing around with an Amiga 600, hacking Robocod with new sprites or microcode. More buttons anyway, and the arcade ports are pretty good.
  8. There's no fucking way I'm paying for that game again, unless of course they flip the graphics around. Link's Aleftening? As if I can even do those puzzles or enemy patterns in speedrun the other way around though. The absolute mindfuck would break me.
  9. Scramble in HD virtual reality, like I really want to experience being a human being sitting at a commodore 64 again, using my 5 digit hands to load cassette tapes - listen to the noise using 'sound'. You get that in games now. Yes but seriously, why not a completely 3D Rez type version with twin stick control and g-sensor? Woo.
  10. Recommend putting the PS5 in the loft if a labour government get voted in. Heard something weird about Sector 7 bailiffs looking for Mexican or Korean goods that didn't pass port inspection or something. Doesn't make massive amount of sense to me, but Shadow Governments tend to be a bit eccentric lacking police information and just do random stuff that seems cool.
  11. centurion


    Fair amount of bugs, but essentially the same as walking night clubs in the world's most terrible high-heels, relatable when I was 17. End boss is like walking into a garbage truck though and took me over 150 attempts. Moral of a normal Sega game is walk away from a fight and grow up, but I didn't see why. Seemed like too much power over a person for no good reason than self satisfaction and moral superiority, at least on this occasion. They went too far. Good soundtrack though. Edit: Okay so I've figured out you're supposed to fight this boss with some sort of software robot in a future dreamcast emulator? Sorry, but that puny intellectual concept confuses my gamer brain somewhat, and besides my optical cortex currently runs at 50 x 50 with 450,000 hemisphere nodes, which is... 2500fps... times 12 for neuronal analogues... and then stuff. Lots of stuff, I think. I mean mainly, it's the additional eyeball bling of looking at cosmic background radiation mixed into the Dreamcast RF stream, that shit's real interesting jazz to understimulated ninja turtles.
  12. centurion


    IND-SNEAK: * Macro-Induction loop format, no recursive simulation issues via electro-photonics * Alternate Universe base entropic format, cross-compatibility with legacy universe * High level hurricane and cyclone prediction and negation, in conjuction with shaman mainframes * Cyclonic data embed, compatible with MIDI, OpenGL, compiled consciousness division transferral * Long-range diplomatic bio-noid array via Hubble Space Telescope, 16 civilisation races * First-Contact compatible for Android, Silverskin, Bio-Metal, Bio-Organic utilising 'Fed-Hed' * Loki-Mask compound integration for over 200 bio-droids, immune to human inspection, reasoning * Bio-droid self-ecosystem management, recursive sim feedback switch-looping via super-mobius * Self-Pointing bio-causality fed to Sonic Adventure Darwin-complete super-bio-noid * Self-repair of jet parts via high-focus plasma pulse-beam connect, ie. domestic rocket launcher attack * Beam-connect compatible up to 'Lost Smoke Monster' * Security function for 'the-poison-frog' metal compound 5D dust direction, enacts 'Dementor' format * In-built Dementor Format syncronisation with Asimov alloy-embedding within domestic power-arrays * Utilises Globalisation-America compatible World-Trade and Treasury mission token 'Bowser Coins' * Rated for 1000 years US Navy service, Entropic age-18 threshold 400 years * Best friends with native Bison, referred to as 'furby friend' * Social-worker rated for farm girls and rare toads * Post WWIII thermal-beam projector, 5D earth-diffractional format in 'toddler red' * Omni-directional projector range up to Earth's horizon, visible as white-red, 'pink kryptonite' * Dreamcast hardware and usability IO, internal recursion-sim for Hitachi motherboard parts * Internal recursion-sim for bio-mapped legacy developer, development system, time-space-environment * Capacity to self-develop future hardware extensions, USB devices, drivers, Windows XP operating system * Import-Export for XP DLL modules, power supply regulator designhood Bonus Features for Governor Arnold: * Available on free prescription via DC, 'bad to the bones' red-lense glasses suitable for ages 1-12 months * Obtainable via tax-relief subject to criminal background check, adult glasses with Arnold engraving * Glasses compatible with neuro-facial programming methodology used in relation to unisex baby harnesses Famous Instances of Bio-Droid format: * Every previous american president dressed as a circus clown * Dick Cheney as Ronald Mcdonald with 'Rimmer M' on forehead, plus lurching forward like Wacky Races * George Bush as a white/blue alien Ace Rimmer, except with olympic javelin through his head * Some kind of gerbil on an excercise bike connected to the cockpit control array via coathanger rods * Zombie Sonic * Banshee Sonic * Arkham Asylum Tails * La-Forge Amy Rose, missing fundamentals of eyeballs * Hellraiser Jim Carrey with multi-stage censorship system. first mode rubber and strawberry syrup * Hellraiser-Liar-Liar Jim Carrey Notable Appearances of IND-Sneak: * Katy Perry Firework - card trick man * Katy Perry Teenage Dream - various editional formats * Katy Perry This is how we do (this) - internal motherboard visualiser, annual village fete movie screening * 'Twerky' - Lady Gaga, Katy perry friendship and neuro-creativity simulation, legacy FBI site-survey data * Katy Perry Movie / droid-ascii convention - Anime girl gang * Neo-Transformers - EF3_FMercury1000, Soundwave, Sector-7 * Iron Man 2 - Supernanny Guy * Defiance - Various, hot-swapped * Sonic 2020 Sneak Creative Output: Adult Ash Ketchum
  13. centurion


    [neon-icer vr plc. 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Microsoft Rei 5.0 (MR5) [BL8++] Microsoft Monkeytale (MR5-sp) Microsoft ICE (MR5) (I just do eyes!) Microsoft MSG (MR5) ('Bill Gates is a lovely cunt') Microsoft Swinewater (MR5) ["don't drink the water..."] SONY SpockWangle (MR5) NINTENDO Recall (MR5) ('Two weeks!') MISTER-1 (Statue of Liberty, Rollerworld Colchester, FBI) Short-Orbit (3/16 x_X) [Nihon, Tokyo, Kremlin, Moscow] ([v]peppy,[v]fox,[x]slippy,[x]falco,[x]amy,[x]tails,[x]ranger-pink,[x]green [x]blue,[x]black,[x]yellow,[x]red,[x]gold,[v]white,[x]brock,[x]togepi) Mission Impossible__ mi1: constitution, education mi2: interace, robin hood mi3: mail, poisons mi4: japan, guy fawkes mi5: brewerys, scotland mi6: telecoms, cars mi7: jfk, america (Sector7!) mi8: arpanet, nuclear reactors [x]mi9: wardroids, national grid miX: Triads, NKPR (Hyuna/Grit) Apple Dictionary: facile - easily achieved; effortless origin - late 15th cent.(in the sense [easily accomplished] from French, or from Latin facilis Ôeasy,Õ from facere Ôdo, make.Õ fascinate - draw irresistibly the attention and interest of origin - late 16th cent.(in the sense [bewitch, put under a spell] from Latin fascinat- Ôbewitched,Õ from the verb fascinare, from fascinum Ôspell, witchcraft.Õ Definition of fascism: Victorian Inventor (Doc Brown, Farnsworth, Wernstrum, Hanso, Clive Sinclair) Perfectionist arts & craft (Chloe Sullivan, Cordilia, Sex Pistols, Merzbow) Fascism Fail (2002): Working scorpinok mega-mecha (Ash)(Witness, Too shy) Tesseract brained first-gen Android (Ash) Magnetic induction-loop generated conciousness (Ash) Human paralysis sonic beams (Ash) Dark-matter inverse ICBM negator (Ash) National Grid tesla coil generator (Ash) Infinite computation calculator (Ash-Farnsworth, Wernstrum)(Settle Down) Recursive dynamics electron simulation (Ash)(Somebody Else) Anti-laser Kirk force-fields (Darkwing) Cybertech chips for health impaired grandmas (Sony-Wernstrum)(hotdog) Technomage Part 2 (Ash, Edge) (2017) Ionic-chain anti-battleship rucksack (Ash) (2017) Adure (Ash) (2020) Psychronetic Dialing Timer (Ash) (2020) Topcat Molecule (Ash) (2020) Personal Small-object Teleporter Type-1 (Ash) (2020) Unlimited Load Levitation Transportion (Ash) (2020) Pentonic Geo-Fixed Harmonisor (Ash, Patlabor)(NGE3.0) +[x]= Vogue New Scientist [Dark-Knight > Nottingham] [Bill Gates > Dirty Vibe] [Walace Wells > Polynesia] [Father Jack > Hawaii] [EF2-* > NKPR] [EF2-Italia > Macross Plus] [Claw-Doctor > Africa][Thundercracker: Rainmaker] [RD8 > Sandcrawler]
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